Thursday, October 28, 2010

SKKS - some goodies

  Well, call it what you want.
Episode 19 spoiler I translated on D-A, but it seems like D-A is temporary out, so I think about putting it here, although I don't remember it word for word, and I'm too lazy to go to any of 2 official websites for it. Yeah, I know...

First, I put the BTS on DA, but as we all know, links are not meant to be eternal, so I backed those up on MU.

Second, spoiler for Ep 19:
To save the wounded Jaeshin, Seonjun confessed he's in fact HBS, even though he knew that this may be a situation without an exit for him. Yunhee and Yongha are in talks with Students Board to save him, but Blinky blocks everything. Jaeshin is willing to beg his father to help Seonjun, but looks like in vain. All leads to a situation that leaves Seonjun hopeless. (transl. after the official website, not a word for word though)

Damn... So this is why Seonjun hugged Yunhee this way with this look on his face in the last seconds of ep 18...
And why oh why there is only 20 episodes??

Actually, about that, I read somewhere the details of the "possible extention" as it was very ardent topic some few days ago. I said a word on it on D-A, but since I heard nothing from that time, I have to conclude that it is not possible. Even though PD and broadcast bosses were willing to take the risk of the extending.
Plus, now that Mary Didn't Stay In Facility... oops... All Night... lined up, it is practically impossible to push it for another 2 weeks. The other reason, Park Yucheon is about to start his Asia tour with JYJ, and as we are all well aware that the shooting of the drama had to end a month ago but it didn't. So the extending would clash with everyone's schedules.
So, we can pray and hope, but I don't believe in extending anymore. The popularity of the drama on different websites, mostly on DC Inside (Gall) and Official has nothing in common with the decision. It's still all about the damned ratings, and they were below 15%, even though the drama was more popular online than Chuno, King Of Baking and IRIS combined.

 pics credits: Official Website, DC and VLC^^