Sunday, February 27, 2011

49 Days: new stills


   The filter looks gloomy and nice. The premise is good. Oh man, 2 more weeks for the first episode. Hope it won't disappoint.

Mostly Yucheon

He saw latest JGS photoshoot...

    I know, it's always like this. The more I have to do, the less I want to do it. But after this post, I'm back to my studies, because I have some work to do. I just couldn't sit still while Yucheon is goofing around on JYJ The Beginning shooting (this is solely his part, sorry Junsu and Jaejung fans :P). Oh damn, he's such a sunshine. And NII shooting is just pure pleas... I mean pure... Oh, damn, I forgot what I meant!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

JYJ - some new videos

Ah, let's say I'm in a good mood. Yes, after a glass (metaphore) of white semi-dry wine. True.
Eh, I almost uploaded PSH pic here. Oh, damn my eyes!

About "G-Love"

Oh, me? I'm coming, coming!!

Oh no, I didn't forget about my one and only Number 1. Sometimes it's just like that, I don't write, but it doesn't mean I forgot. And I usually don't write in the heat of my admiration for someone. Because I may be ashamed after 6 months. Like with Jang The Diva Geunseok. Yes, I'm not afraid to say it - I'm ashamed I thought I could support this... this... something. It was after Beethoven Virus when I thought Diva is serious about her, ekhem... his career, fans and image projected. Nope. I was wrong. I don't care. *shrugs*
Anyway, back to the topic. G-Love is so far so good. I'm dying to see it since I see mostly positive reviews. Well, as if I cared about reviews anyway.
And some ladies are lucky cause G-Love will be screened in Germany too. Damn.

KNG: respect, admiration and love

While seraching for some stuff I came across this website (OK, I did some research on Korean NGOs and other organisations). And the first picture on the slide in the middle of it was this gem of a man.
And while PSH is involved in organisations helping Africa (actually the same that late Park Yongha belonged to), KNG is focused more on poor Asian countries.
I love my men.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

JYJ: Oh, happy day!

  The battle is not over yet, but one of the hindrances has been taken care of. Oh, a heavy lift off my chest. On February 21st. Seoul Court stated that SM Ent. hampering JYJ's activities was against the law. For those who are not familiar: in October SME demanded from broadcast stations to not show any JYJ performances, moreover, they demanded from music stores to not sell JYJ's first album. I believe visa chaos last year in US was also their doing. Today, on February 24th, court ordered SME to pay compensation 2000만원 (20 million Won) for every obstruction they caused.
Source: Nate
As I said, it's not the end though. But really good news.

Plus, JYJ will hold a fanmeeting on March 12 (White Day^^), and what's more: look here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Netizens went crazy. I went crazy too. There is a talk about possible project: Park Yucheon and Yun Eunhye. I love both of them. Eunhye is a lovely girl. Yucheon is lovely too. But definitely not a girl.
It would be a KBS drama "식모들" (Maids?). Right now it's only the casting phase, but... but...

PSH: Summer in January

You remember that cut with photoshoot I posted some time ago? First stills are out. Brr...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

49 Days

   I really have no idea why I'm so hyped up about this drama, but the word "possess" must lured me in. I do hope they won't mess things up and the drama will live up to its premises. 
Korean title: 49일
Broadcast: SBS 
Episodes: TBA
Starts: 2011-Mar-16
Time: Wednesday - Thursday
Time - 21시 55분
Cast:  Lee Yo Won, Bae Soo Bin, Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo, Choi Jung Won, Nam Gyu Ri
Plot (after Hancinema):
49 Days is about a fantasy where the lead character falls into a coma from an accident with days before her wedding and finds out she can live with tears from three people who truly love her besides her family. Lee Yo-won (Song Ee-kyeong) gets possessed by Nam Gyoo-ri's (Sin Ji-hyeon) soul. Jeong Il-woo will be playing pretty boy scheduler Song Ee-soo whose job is to send souls into the other world according to their death dates (I read he will play a Reaper, but it's probably the same thing).

Yes, me and SBS. I think majority of dramas I watched was produced by SBS, and KBS is just second.This is why there are some bad thoughts in the back of my head.
But eh, well...

Monday, February 21, 2011

More music ~.~

Espresso is known, as lot of other smooth indie, soul bands, from Coffee Prince. There are days I like them, and there are days I can't stand them. The same relationship I have with 4 Men.

5th Asian Film Awards Nominees

Ha Jung Woo is nominated for the Best Actor in Yellow Sea. Apart from that, Poetry, Housemaid and Unjust. Oh, and TOP as the best newcomer. Hmm... I could have ranted on this, but I'll let it slide this time.
The full list of nominees is:
The ceremony will take place on March 21st.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Korean monarchs

Gyeongju - Bulguksa

   I just gathered all tables and links and put them nicely in one place, and after that - saved it as a pdf file. I added also credits at the end of the file, and want to state that this one is only for scholar purposes. There are people who like historical drama and checking up the names all the time on the net may be tiring, so I thought one file would be useful.
I left only some hyperlinks, so in any case anyone may easily find more info on a certain historical figure.

Park Shihu - Interview

   On yesterday's Entertainment Weekly show there was this Guerilla Interview.
Plus, they had a small fragment with KNG, hehe, when he made an involuntary cameo in Personal Taste. And probably I will make subs for this. Because it's just too good.
Hmm, seeing Yucheon in SKKS attire also wasn't that bad, keke.

Spring Dramas

   Time! Time! My Kingdom for a time! Now it's quite hectic, so I don't have much time, I even put all dramas on hold, but by the mid-March I hope I can go back to my everyday routine. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NNP - A reality


   Long time ago there was a boy... I mean, OK, I'm mean. So, after having few talks here and there, I decided to post this old news here. I hesitated, I laughed and I mocked but I decided to do it anyway. On my worst sober mood.
Kimi wa petto is one of my favorite j-dramas (thank you, unni^^), not counting the other two, ekhem, I'm biased and limited, I know, *shrugs*. Anyway, after few dry months, I think I will indulge myself now, in the times to come, in some venomous baths. Because after many rumors, and line up of actresses who were "sure candidate" to the role of Sumire, it came down to Kim Haneul. Perhaps agency has some dirt on her, I don't know, maybe she was temporary insane when she signed the deal. I don't know, it's one of the biggest mysteries in 2011.
   But see, the thing is, they have to cast now a male lead to this movie. They have two female leads now, and I seriously have no idea how they are going to sort things out. Will it be the first yuri movie in Korean cinema?  For demographic consisting of ajummas and 14-years-olds? If so, well, chapeaux bas! The filming will begin in May, and soon we should see first stills.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Likes Flowers?

   I've been hovering over this topic for over a month now. We had this conversation on DA or msn not once, and after some time devoted to digesting all horrible pics and news, I decided to write what's on my mind.
Of course, some will just disagree for the sake of disagreeing, some will curse me for eternity, but I hope some just nod silently. It might not be a big deal, considering how wide K-entertainment is, but some issues keep bugging me and when I'm irritated I start to develop an anger. This is why I procrastinated. I didn't want to write in the heat of things, because it might happen I couldn't control my harshness. Now, since I'm preoccupied with usual, mundane work, I can look at the problem with a cool heart (oh, can you? Really??).
My problem? My problem is this beauty obsession in Korea. I have nothing against someone being beautiful, but we should draw a line between "famous because of the beauty" and "famous because of the talent". Talent and beauty are seldom walking together. Of course, entertainers are bound to look attractive and stand out against normal people, I understand that they are also working with their bodies. But putting the physical appearance on the worshipped altar of "popularity" is complete nonsense as for me.
I guess everyone knows the term "kkotminam" (꽃미남).

Friday, February 11, 2011

More music^^

For my all dear friends out there - 3 albums. First one is live album by Lee Seungcheol. He was even featured lately on 10Asiae as one of those few artists that were able to make a transition from 80's to 2011. I mentioned him few times. There are some of his songs that I'm unable to connect by his name. He sings differently in each one of them. For those who don't know - Lee Seungcheol was once in 80s, the vocalist in Buhwal. Still, Reflection of Sound is my favorite album of his.
10 cm is next, because my friend was talking about this album.
And the last, but not least - Varous Artists album - Save the Air Green Concert. Worth checking out.

JYJ interview 2011-02-11

    But just to add - how on earth one can be this cute?? Even Yucheon's leering is cute. Damn this lovely boy. I just hope the storm with his lyrics to the Song Without A Name will die out and won't make any more troubles for already troubled trio.

Park Yucheon and Marines

On some show today ( 110211 mbn 12시반에 나온 연예매거진vip 올려주세요) he was asked if he thought about enlisting in the military, specifically - Marines, "just like Hyeon Bin" (현빈처럼). And the answer was "No". (Nate)
In case you want to be updated about JYJ schedule, official website:
Not that I have something against Hyeon Bin, but let's not make a big halo around his enlistment. Ju Jihun was also accepted to Marines without making much fuss over it. And the more I read and see about Binnie, the more I grow cold. I'm afraid to open my fridge cause he might be there. I know it's all about Secret Garden and its success, but I don't feel OK with that. My personal feelings, I know there are some fans who have not enough of "the dimples" and wished there was more of them. And now two more movies with Binnie ahead of us, that means - Hyeon Bin socks, just like Oska ones. Oh, btw. a real Oska socks can be bought via YesAsia.
Below few more pics of this charming boy. On one - with his little brother.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

QoR and Park Shihu

I'm suppressing the strong need to bash something, anything. While I'm concocting the poisonous post that will ruin my already bad reputation, something gorgeous and normal. As I promised, two more cuts from a show Good Day. I love that show from the moment they aired the interview with KNG. Actually there are two similar shows (both Good Morning and Good Day respectively, but...). In the interview with PSH please pay attention to his words about marriage and the fact he's still single. Even the lady conducting the interview was amazed, hehe...

Kim Namgil and Arakira

I promised one lady that I will express my gratitude in public if the article would be published.
I'd like to thank Kim Namgil nim. If it wasn't for his volunteer work and my interest in that, I would have not wanted to participate in the conference.
But if it wasn't for Ara, I would have not written the article. Thank you, love, for keeping me away from the group, D-A and my gutter!
Love you all!
(yes, I'm happy!)

QoR: Behind the Scenes

   Actually the making of, the afterparty and PSH watching the last episode with fans. So yes, if you can't stand him, don't visit this post. I'm a real sucker for all kinds of "behind the scenes", this is why when I saw it I immediately wanted to share. Even if I'm the only one who enjoys those. *shrugs*
Update: in few hours 2 more cuts, one with QoR, the second one - with only PSH... what a loss... ekhem...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More music

While I'm on a short break, two more. One is a minialbum by... Humming Urban Stereo!! Woohoo! This jazzy lounge drowned in a smooth bossa-nova... ah... The other is a single OST for drama Sign by Whale (from W&Whale). I don't watch any medical drama for personal reasons, but the song is great. Soothing, deep, with unsettling sounds in the background.

QoR: one more reason

Hmm, the beginning credits, not shown on HANrel releases (yes, I'm that obsessed, so I went to other versions), and ending credits from the last episode. Reason why I love this drama? Several of them.  It's not a perfect drama, oh no. There is nothing like "perfect drama". But I had my reasons to like it and to feel attached. And I also cut the small interview with Im Jikyu who played Kang Wu (Yongshik's secretary). I love the man :)
I'm anticipating PSH next project, he was terrific here, and I'm really, really impressed. And I don't say those words often.


I'm scared a bit to write it here knowing that there is a person out there who shares my taste in music. That makes me shiver in awe. But anyway, I try to be more active again. I hope I sorted everything out and re-made my schedule so I can focus on everything I am supposed to focus. Well, finishing FH also helps. What a ride!
While I'm not here, try to listen to this weird, bizarre, great album. Tearliner, like most of my first music fascinations came with Coffee Prince marvelous OST. Pastel Music labeled, this unique project is worth listening to.
In 2004 Tearliner was formed as 6-member band but quickly was reduced to duo. The main axis of the band is Liner (Park Seonghun)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

KNG: antidote^^

Antidote to depression, that is. So I decided to throw some pics in here^^ No reason.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lunar New Year - 설날

Tomorrow is Lunar New Year. So to those who celebrate - Happy New Year! And congrats to one special friend!!
And a small gift for those who learn Korean^^

Park Shihu - Last Episode with Fans

And forgive me if I don't write for the next few days...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

QoR: what a ride!

                    This is how I feel after the last episode. I will come back to my senses. Eventually.

Kim Junsu's musical stills

Well,, nothing much to report. Third round of tickets just vanished, and I was that close to go to Czech Republic for it. Damn! I really wanted to see that one, especially when I liked Mozart. Eh...
This new musical is called Tears of Heaven, and I guess everyone knows already what's it about. Vietnam. Korean army was dispatched to Vietnam during the war, and if only, if only American generals had read Korean reports, maybe the war would have looked differently. Because Korean forces have cleared up their territory from Viet-Cong insurgents.

Camellia - finally!

After years, this project is finalized and labeled as "upcoming movie". I'm not that sure if this movie is appropriate for our sweet maknae out there, but few ladies I know will probably start drooling right now because of the last picture on the poster above, ekhem...
This is a joint project between three directors. 
"Camellia" was formerly known as the "Busan Project".
"Kamome" segment is directed by the Japanese director Isao Yukisada
"Iron Pussy" segment is directed by the Korean director Jang Joon-hwan
"Love For Sale" segment is directed by the Thai director Wisit Sasanatieng.