Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Japanese netizens... oh boy

Fuji TV building
On July 23rd, Japanese actor Sousuke Takaoka wrote some controversial comments about Hallyu on his Twitter account. He said, "I don't really watch channel 8 (Fuji TV) anymore. It sometimes makes me wonder if it's a Korean channel. Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs", later adding, "It feels like Korean programs brainwash you, and it really makes me feel bad. Broadcasters need to realize its negative effect." Since then, hostility towards the spread of Hallyu culture has been growing in Japan.

Takaoka's comments have prompted the largely underground anti-Hallyu movement in Japan to voice their support for him, organizing a group boycott on Fuji TV. They are organizing an event on August 8th to suggest tuning out of Fuji TV during the whole day to bring about a massive drop in the channel's rating. A tweet read, "To protest Hallyu overboard, lets boycott FujiTV for one day on 8/8. If you support these views please join us. Also please spread on Twitter #nofujitv88". The date August 8th was picked because Fuji TV, the Japanese channel that broadcasts the most Korean TV shows, is on channel eight.

These netizens are saying, “No more Hallyu!” “Let’s show the power of Twitterians”, “Our goal is to make 0% TV ratings”, and “Japan is going through a tough period, and there’s no need to watch a broadcaster that supports other countries.”

Source: @tkok_sosk_8228 and @NoFujiTV88

Uhm... only few things I have on my mind on this article. 

   First, kdramas and kpop is shown on japanese TV because of demanding people. It's not any evil plan to submit the Land Of Rising Nationalism Sun. People want to watch kdramas, so TV gives them kdramas and Kpop. Deal with that.
Second, jdramas are being shown on korean TV, but this is alright? Showing japanese shows worldwide is OK, but showing foreign shows on japanese TV is not OK? Some needs to apply for a brain transplant. Brain can reject the body though, ekhem...
They want to make 0% ratings? I say - good luck!

Anti-Hallyu movement has big impact in Japan. Last year, I spent 3 months on preparing for the conference on nationalism and ethnic problems in Asia, and my topic was about nationalism in japanese popculture. See, there is even manga マンガ 嫌韓流 Manga Kenkanryū, meaning Hating The Korean Wave. Wikipedia article on it: Manga Kenkanryu and New York Times article by japanese critic. This article was even "awarded" with the most nonsense and unprofessional attitude ever - award.

Sousuke Takaoka was fired immediately, but he just resonates what lots of Japanese actually feel - that such homogenous country doesn't need any foreign inclusions. I bet if they could, they would deported all zainichi. Too bad, we are living in a globalized world, and mindless hatred based on nationalism and pseudo-historical assumptions is a straight road to getting branded and excluded.