Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where politics meet magic

   Out of frustration that I'm unable to finish what I'm writing, lack of time to do it and lack of sugar in my blood, I decided to write some of my (hardly any) thoughts on drama that lately became kinda crack for me. Let's hope I won't have the compulsory rehab when all goes wrong, but so far, The Great Seer kicks ass. Literally. Some of the character settings remind me of Gyebaek, but it's understandable, because it all falls neatly in the pattern of "Birth of a Hero", so I'm not complaining. Can't complain about archetypes anyway.

Weapon of mass destruction

   In the previous post I gave links to 3 funny fancams. Two are of SuJu's and one BB's. And one doesn't have to be a sociologist to predict a shitstorm that followed the last one, mostly so-called "clash of cultures". Let me just explain myself. I do believe in this clash of cultures, it happened in 19th century when white man came to Pacific islanders who never saw any other people than themselves. I believe in clash of cultures in the middle of 20th century, when the whole world was recovering from WWII and Cold War started shattering old alliances and forming new ones. But I hardly believe in clash of cultures in 2012. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

S. Korea ranks 108th in gender equality: WEF report

   I read WTF report, but when I read what kind of neighbours on the list Korea has, I probably stay with WTF. Not that it's something new anyway.
But before slamming, ebbrybody, better to remember that Korea is around US in 60's right now.
The revolution will come. First harbingers of it were thrown already both at Super Junior and lately at Big Bang. So that young korean boys would know (if they haven't already) what condom is and what bra is.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Immortal Song 2 miraculous update

   Miraculous because one little gem reappeared. On October 20th, Immortal Song 2 featured Ryeowook's appearance, and if you are still unfamiliar with my close-to-obssession state over this crystal ball of talent, well, you haven't been reading my spazz for long, that's for sure.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When you're good to MAMA

MAMA's good to you.
Ever since few years I've been high-browing (is this a word or am I just in some kind of delirium?) MAMA awards, knowing they're just popularity ones. But! I'm a firm believer that even popular things can be good. I don't reject a song that is liked by half a billion people like them hipsters or other insane creatures do. Good things can be popular and popular things can be good.
Yet this list...

Little drama to defend myself

   Can't complain, we had beautiful October this year, and the sunshine "slightly" disrupted both my work and drama-watching. But since last Sunday one wheel of my bike almost exploded, I'm confined to the room, actually doing something. Not because I want to, I have to. *slurps coffee*
I'm trying to keep up with dramas that started last weeks, but will plunge more into it next week, I guess. So far, I put on the list The Great Seer and anticipating few more.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It takes a man to kill gumiho

If they don't get "Best Couple Award" of 2012 I don't know who will. But I will forgive you.

   I dare say that The Thousandth Man is one of those little gems that pass below the public attention because of not flaunting stars-studded cast, heart-wrenching revenge or well tailored suits that underline men's but... built. It's a fact, it had two idols as the main cast: Namslut Namstar and Hyomin (from T-tanic drama). And as much as I saw Namstar being a little nervous because of his first acting job, I like Hyomin and I don't care. This drama had me from the first episode. Normal characters (oh yeah, gumiho as "normal", nice standards, E.!), lots of funny situations, yet lots of bitter remarks that looked as if the writer had a beef with so called "real life".

Friday, October 19, 2012

The grim reality behind the rise of the entertainment market

   We know BTS (behind the scenes) in K-entertainment are ruthless. We know what kind of treatment actors/singers have to put up with. There are no Unions there, and one may only hope there will be a day when such organization will start to defend their rights.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October music

   I lost all hopes for a certain album this year already. Please, dear Mr. Ahn, do something crazy and release something, anything, huh? Reading recipes for a coffee can count, really. *sigh* But that doesn't mean I'm music-less. Oh no, there are old albums, and tons of new music to test.
And I still hope for KRY album, because all latest movements around them suggest it. Or I want to interpret things this way.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Junsu blocked

   Grass is green, water is wet, nothing new. So this is what his tweets were about... Now all becomes clear.
Which is kind of weird this comes from SBS, because I thought this is the broadcast that doesn't give a squirrel's tush about such issues. But maybe SBS drama and SBS music show department are different and at war. I dunno.
Fans are praising Junsu for staying positive, but in all honesty and my loving him - was he left with any other choice? He has to stay positive to not go insane. That's all.
But I guess it's the new fad to cut out some best performances lately. Yeah, MBC, you better watch your back, cause I ain't gonna forgive!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Marry in a hurry

Picture from here.

   Usually it's a shotgun marriage leading to home disputes, fights and bloody divorce. Marriage between music and politics. Whenever politics is involved in art (be it music, literature or movies) the art ceases to retain its own principles. It becomes another tool implemented to turn the masses into kneadable dough.
JoongAngIlbo posted an article about comedy gag character singing the song "Animunida". The artistic values of the song are close to zero, since the very performer of it, Gyaru described the second song as “neither rap, nor a song, nor music.” But the problem lies elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fall dramas

   This season is the answer to all of our previous wailing and complaining about too much free time. These weeks and few more to come are on the polar opposite, would be glad to have some time to sleep.
Some may say - why you complain? Then don't watch.
Those who say that never felt the powerful gravitational field of Kdramas. They are like black holes, nothing can escape. Yes, if few years ago someone said this to me, I'd laugh them off.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Dancing Cat

    This is not supposed to be another movie review. I watched Dancing Cat some time ago, both smiling and crying throughout 1.5h of this movie. If anyone expects fluffy little kitties prancing around and chasing after the dot - those aren't the droids you are looking for, move along.
Because this little film is a bitter story.
Oh, but I love sad movies, so...