Friday, July 30, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: last pics before being abducted...

Hehe. I can't sleep tonight (Travis' song just started in my head, eh...), so I went to one news website, and here we go. The continuation of his latest pics before military claimed him as hers. I don't know why I imagine Army as a Lady. It's because of Mishil, I guess, heh. No, I think it was long before it. Always like a woman. Perhaps it was because Justice, Prudence and Avarice were portrayed always like women?
On the other hand why as women? Damned mysogyns from the yore!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

김남길: '가을남자'

  Before his leave (when did he have time for this??), he did few photoshoots. One is for The Class line (he modeled for it some time ago, but he was so pretty in it I couldn't stand it), one is for a jewelry line. But, my dear, didn't I say that you have absolutely no idea what jewelry XY chromosomes should wear? Just look at Keunsuk, he/she can put you to shame with one bling of an eye (a diamond eye that is)! Ahahaha!!!
Ok, enough of mocking poor baby idiot.
Pictures are just... if I write "yummy" I will be an idiot.
No, they are with taste, classic, good clothes on a good man.
The collection was called '가을남자', Autumn Guy, I guess they were mocking Bad Guy.

Jeong Jae Young and baseball.

Whoa, Iggi has almost 2.5 millions of viewers! And JJY made an appearance yesterday at the baseball stadium. Yes it was a fundraising for some foundation.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Overseas fans

 Apparently, not us.
I have to do it, I have to state my opinion on it, because I'm in a really b*tchy mood today. Who can guess whose fault is this? (hint 1: it starts with S and ends with S, that spells SS... No? Still nothing? OK, hint 2: between SS there is only one letter left^^).
I read on KBS global that Korean stars are neglecting their Korean fans in favor of overseas fans.
Definition of overseas: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines. Good.
I have no idea why actually this topic been brought to the attention when the author (not mentioned) is focused only on Asian fans. It's a domestic market anyway.
Because from my point of view it looks slightly different.

Korean Fall Dramas

Or should it rather be Korean Dramas Fall... as I see it. At least for the next 6 months.
I have to do it. My daimonion says I have to. Ahahaha!!! Hmm... where did my wine go?
Nevermind, it's just a listing of upcoming dramas this fall.
I mean, what's left apart of watching some new, not good enough stuff and waiting? Oh, no, actually, I will be searching the net, and maybe they will release the Military Musical with Ji Hoon dongsaeng (yeah, with Junki too, screw it). If they do... I don't really care if he sings well or badly, I will have it!! Eh, Ji Hoon, one more year. Come to think of it... Jo In Sung will be released next year, Kim Rae Won probably too, but at the end of it...
Just waiting for one wonderful idot will be so sweet. Yeah, I know, I count, today it's his 13th day in the army. Like this has any meaning in 730 days of waiting... Actually, it has... that makes 717 days... Woohoo!!

Korean new movies: trailers part ??

Next year, probably January will be the time of new Ryu Seung Ryong movie. Except for "King of the Game" comedy this fall (if I remember the title I saw in I love Movies, aww...).
Lets start a new round up of movies for the second part of the year. Probably G-Love will be released around the same time as Iggi now. BTW, Iggi lost its first place to Inception. This moment, I hate Nolan.
Box office:
01. Inception (USA)
02. Moss (South Korea)
03. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (USA)
04. Hearty Paws 2 (South Korea)
05. Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky (Japan)
06. Shrek Forever After (USA)
07. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (USA)
08. Knight & Day (USA)
09. 71: Into the Fire (South Korea)
10. Man of Vendetta (South Korea)

Monday, July 26, 2010


I wrote a poem. Since writing rhyming poetry is not my strongest point, lets be frank, I just present it as the fruit of my recently troubled mind. And as I was having tons of fun writing this, be prepared for more creepy, bad, but emotional and boiling with sarcasm (he?) poetry.
<------- And this is how I felt and looked like. Maybe with better hair^^

The topic of the poem: all the current situation in Korea after all men are gone to serve their country. Eh...


 ... I feel like this. Like a stupid cat trying to catch a wild bird. Cat is adorable and fearless though. As the cat knows no sense of shame, it will try to act like this. I found this picture on some Korean website while wandering through some nonsense humor section.
It may be humor section, but honestly, this pic just gave me the power to believe in everything we want. If only we don't back off, if only we don't lose the grip and focus, everything in our reach. And with this happy thought I will go to sleep.
And dream.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first time...

   ...with subbing the video, hehe^^
It took me the whole weekend, it's not perfect, but I guess no one posted the video of his goodbye with English subs, or I just didn't look for it carefully enough. Hope it works, so you can understand why I admire him, ne?
The video has Japanese subtitles on the side, but they are a little bit irritating and I'm not that good to remove them. I based my translation on what I heard (especially nice voice over was really understandable), plus there was a Korean transcript on the screen. Letters were small, and you know how a small stroke can change it all in this beautiful, hellish language, that is why when I wasn't sure, I just skipped. That is why it took me so long. I planned to use the help of Japanese subs, but they weren't exactly the subs just reporting what's going on. As I'm inexperinced (please, be gentle), I used the same technique, because I had problems with timing and didn't want to write every line. It was a mess when I tried.
Plus, Daryn, thank you for your help^^

Imaginarium of Dr Delusion~.~

                                                           Reading on your own risk!

    Long time ago, far away from European plains and mountains, there was this land. The land was divided into many Kingdoms. Kingdoms were fighting each other over the fertile meadows and fields and its jewels, hidden deep under the feet of regular soldiers who knew nothing about them. After centuries of wars devastating this beautiful domain interlaced with times of peace, a great invention was brought to the Land of Morning Calm. A powerful invention, much more dangerous that any rifles and machine guns. And suddenly a celluloid flowers began to bloom. A mightly wave of Golden Age of Cinema swept away every country of the world. Land of Morning Calm learned fast. And when people started to breathe again with ease, a new wave rose like tsunami, covering neighboring countries. This time it was Hallyu, The Korean Wave. As every kid who learns Physics even a bit knows what is the wave. We have different waves: radio waves, acoustic waves, sea waves, Keunsuk's hair waves, oops, sorry, too early...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who is Su In?

    At last, I managed to write it.
   Lovers Vanished is a small independent movie directed by Jo Chang Ho, who gave us quiet drama about the seemingly doomed relationship and brought to the attention the problem of people with aids. Movie deals with this tentative topic in a very well-balanced way, mainly thanks to the intelligent script by the director Cho, and brilliant performance from the both leads.
  At the beginning we see Mi Ah who learns the magic trick from her lover before they perform show called The Worst Magic Show. After some time she catches him making love with his male partner. Mi Ah is not a passive woman, so she buys a gun and accidentally shots the man. Sang Byun takes the blame on himself and goes to the police station.

김남길: it's official...

... I worship him. 
This show called Goldfish (황금어장) is one of the funniest Korean shows, and I must say I watch it with pleasure. What was my surprise when I started to watch this one.
I have to admit, they did a good job in presenting his career and photos he's ashamed of (or he should, dear, some of your haircuts were just... ok, you were experimenting, good that it ended).
Other than that, what more can I say except: 2 years will pass, and we will enjoy your work the way we did until now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

김남길: 내마음...

  Just when you all thought it's all over, hahaha!!! Nope, I have some  incredible perseverance and stubborness. I will go undercover if the case demands it. But I will be reporting news. Like: what mud we crawled through today. And no, no break from magical KNG here.
But you know, JJY is not in the military, and he's making his new movie G-Love, hehe, so expect some flood of nonsense from my side about it, just like it was with Iggi (Moss, sorry ladies for the mess, heh).
This is what I read:
2012년 7월 14일까지!
That makes exactly 2 years...
Original here 

I wanna write myself...

There is this artist I come back to listen even when everything else just annoys me. While walking to the store this song appeared on my playlist and I suddenly just connected this song to one of my men here. I don't know why, maybe this hypnotic music?

Vampyre: lust for... a carrot?

Me? I have an appointment on manicure...
   This struck me while writing another not kyaaa post at DA. I was sick on the slightest sight of Twilight. Yes, I hate the series. I am not afraid to say it. I hate it because it killed one of the best world myth about undeads. But, can undead be killed? This lady perhaps strangled it and buried under million tons of earth and rubbish, but she forgot to cut off the head. I believe vampire myth will reborn and all that twilight idiocy will be forgotten. What I have against it? Actually everything. From the style of the writing (yes, I managed to go through the first chapter in original), and let be frank, Stephanie Meyers is no Ursula Le Guin (yes, I cried reading Lavinia, I cried just because of words and their power), she's no Stephen King, she's not even close to Anne Rice in building luscious surroundings and evoking this overwhelming sense of nostalgy. She's even weaker than Joanne Rowling, who managed to sell the blabbering and convince everyone it's worth reading. I have no idea how promotion works, but it worked.
Vampire... as a figure as we know it, vampire exists over 100 years. Bram Stoker created someone/something, that haunts the imagination of people for over a century. It doesn't mean vampires didn't exist before. They did, they weren't just named vampires. The word comes from the same place Count Dracula comes from: Transylvania, Southeastern Europe.
In every world culture and civilization (yes, my dear readers, those two words are not interchangeable) on the border of human consciousness, pushed away in official mythology and beliefs, there is this figure of one we call now vampire. Being that feeds on blood and needs nothing beside it.
   What characterizes vampires?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Korea magazine: Hallyu

I just received my printed copy of it, but you can download it from below here.
OK, the thing is: they are talking mainly about the Hallyu. And we see who? Lee Min Ho. Yes, my dear readers, Lee Min Ho rose as the star of a new Hallyu. On the bad side: it has also 2 pics of Kim Hyun Joong. Oh, ladies, not too fast! Don't block the bandwith, let the others to download too! Buahahaa!!
This issue is very interesting.

Modern Boy

The man

   No, this time not about this movie. Since everyone state their opinions on different blogs, calling healthy people "potatoes", I think it's time for me to unfold my own thoughts on the matter. We discussed this fact on D-Addicts, sometimes jokingly, sometimes fervently, but it seems like lately we've been mocking. I'm not going to swallow up my words, I underline each and every syllable I wrote, I will not change my opinion. This post is about the general trends, so please read and try to use at least some percent of your brain capacity to differentiate between hating and simply criticizing.
First thing, what wikipedia says about the word:
The term critique derives from the Greek term kritikē (κριτική), meaning "(the art of) discerning", that is, discerning the value of persons or things. Especially in philosophical contexts it is influenced by Kant's use of the term to mean a reflective examination of the validity and limits of a human capacity or of a set of philosophical claims and has been extended in modern philosophy to mean a systematic inquiry into the conditions and consequences of a concept, theory, discipline, or approach and an attempt to understand its limitations and validity. A critical perspective, in this sense, is the opposite of a dogmatic one. 
This way, I think we have the difficult part behind us, I know lot of unknown words even in wikipedia definition, right? Fingers hurt to type in search and look around? Sheesh...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

40 seconds of pure perfection

   I mean the shirt. It was washed so well, the whiteness of it almost made me blind. This shirt... on those shoulders...
Where was I?
I'm disappointed in such short footage of it in Entertainment Weekly this time. But what can I do? It can be well edited for a nice sigi, who knows...
And yes, I have nothing better to do, I gave myself some time until July 21st, and I'm going to keep that schedule. After that day I will start working on myself again, and on other things that need to be worked on. No associations, dear readers. I have in plans a big QSD review, but most likely in a month. That is why I'm rewatching it, to see if the ceramics is properly put on the shelves this time. Yes... it's all about pottery... Damned Miindo and that bronze mirror...

Jeong Jae Young: in a nutshell

   The only nut here it's me. I was watching another movie show Video Journey, and after some uninteresting reviews of some Hollywood flicks I saw... ahahaha!! Stop my heart, I will need you in 2012. Crap, the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012... if they did it on purpose so I can't grab KNG and run away, I will slaughter them all!! But maybe... ah, nevermind. My braincells are working now like mad. I fed them some veggie juice with lot of chilli. Yes, no alcohol, you read it right, my dear readers, I can't actually believe it either.
Back to the point, if you are unfamiliar with him, just watch the video. You will get his most noticed movies, his best performances in them, his... Oh, snap, it started... fangirl mode! No Divine Weapon in it?? Ah, schmuck!

Iggi... omg, are you not bored yet??

Noo!! And I will never be! The new interview is available for watching below as well as some snapshots from it. What differs this one from the previous interviews is that this footage actually focuses also on JJY transformation, that is shaving his head and few hours of make-up. No, not that kind of make-up The-One-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned would love to wear.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"W" new host: Kim Hye-soo

"The documentary program W has had five successful years on the air, with news anchor Choi Yun-yeong as the host. The show’s handling of risque topics, including coverage of Haitian children eating “mud cookies” (made of mud, salt and margarine) and the murder of a Korean woman by her British husband, has received both critical acclaim and public interest." (, accessed 2010-07-17).
This is this show I was talking about: World and I, apparently they changed the name. I haven't yet got the chance to watch the new episode with new anchor, but I'm waiting for it impatiently.
But you know, two movie shows are coming my way, one with Iggi cast, mehehe, so I will most likely cut it and post it here today.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: before He disappeared

Yes, I know, there is so many things to do in this world and I'm doing pretty much nothing. Since July 21st I'm going to change, I will remove wine from my flat (that is why I need to drink what's left), I will start exercise again, and I will be back to learning Korean (미안 해요, 진아씨^^). Why July 21st? It's My Own Private Anniversary. Until then, let me get drunk, let me do nothing with my days, let me sleep till 10 am...
I knew every coverage of his military entry will be different. Waiting patiently for 3 more shows. Well, waiting till Sunday is nothing. But waiting till 2012 is sweeter.
I'm talking like some teenager.

Kim Nam Gil: first videos from July 15

Dorky? Yeah, girls, you're right, a bit dorky. But he has some bespectacled pics that are everything but dorky. Maybe because I myself wear glasses I find men wearing them attractive? Now all I am left is waiting, few movies and handul of dramas. Maybe he will be involved in some projects like Joo Ji Hoon^^. That would be great. I will reaport any news that appears on the surface. But as I may say about Him, a low profile will be kept.
I mean, what's left apart waiting? I wonder how many Bidam-oriented fans will remain after that time. I should write something on QSD, I know, but Bidam puzzles me. I'm watching it now for the 4th time, this time to brace everything around him. Because the first time, when drama aired last year, I was in shock. When first subs came out, I was still in shock. Third time I watched with my heart full of love. Now I'm watching paying my attention to details.
I just... I mean... Nevermind. Love his every shape and incarnation.
Watch the TV Entertainment cut here. As always, he was joking even at this moment, hehe.
What's left.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: ...

1 pm Korean time, before the reporters. I was waiting all night, remembering the time difference, and after I got first pics, I went to sleep. Now I'm back.
김남길은 15일 오후 1시 충남 논산의 육군훈련소로 입소해 4주간의 기초 군사훈련을 받는다. 널리 알려진 대로 2년 동안 공익근무요원으로 복무하게 된다.
Two years, two years... they will pass by in a blink of an eye. I know that.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: Day Zero

김남길 15일 입대…'나쁜 남자' 17부 종영

So now it's official. Since two weeks we've had some sine wave about his military entry, but since every Korean website says the same thing...
He did get one extention, and army doesn't usually give it freely, it was just an exception. There is no second try.
And Bad Guy is cut short. I thought they will keep 20 episodes despite of the main character's demise ,(too much Chuno, too much...).
News on SBS website

Update July 14: I checked every Korean site possible: Nate, Daum, Naver, Chosun Ilbo, Asiae, JoongAngDaily, and around 20 others.  The same message: 배우 김남길이 15일 군에 입대한다.

Monday, July 12, 2010

세계와 나 W: The World And I

   Maybe I will start like this. Fifty years back, Korea was one of those countries who got a lot of help from the others. Now, the table has turned, and it is Korea that helps a lot. Not only by financing, but also by building the infrastructure of undeveloped countries and regions. Korean medical stuff visits remote corners of the world with help. And some of known people take an active role in participating in helping programs. I mean, recording a song for a cause is nice, but for those in need building a house, school, orphanage is even better. This is the main difference about those I like and those I admire.
The show I'm talking about is 세계와 나 W. I watched today an episode from July 2nd. To my surprise, I saw Kim Namgil-nim in it. He appears on behalf of the organisations fighting the sexual abuse and poverty. He doesn't just talk. He doesn't record a song (he could, granted, he's not a professional singer, but his voice is nice, plus he sings really good), but he takes a hammer and props up a wall. This is the actor I want to follow his career the way I have been doing for all this time. This is the person I want to look up to.

Jeong Jae Young: Entertainment Weekly 1332

In a guerilla interview. 
You know, writing here or on D-Addicts actually helps a lot when my mind is occupied with some bad thoughts. But some bad thoughts cannot be chased away. Some stay, and despite all my fangirling (we know what kind of) and love, they are still here.
So, today I watched (yes, I know it's late) Entertainment Weekly from 2010-07-10 and I fell from chair seeing the guerilla interview with JJY^^.
I've been watching a lot of shows lately, trying to understand as much as I can. I like EW and other movie shows, they have Korean subtitles sometimes, so I can check it^^. And I'm also drawn into The World And I program. I'm trying now to watch as much as I can of it. Also I'm catching up with I Love Movies.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : Pictures

   Hmm... I didn't expect elevator scene will have such impact on SBS website. Also the clothes change. But maybe what's normal for me, wait... maybe it wasn't just clothes changing? I need to rewatch it. Perhaps it had something in common with their personalities and f*cked up childhood? I mean, they both were really hurt in the past, they both shared the same name, now they both share the same downfall. Changing clothes may mean changing the fate, or at least an attempt of doing so. If it was so irrelevant, it wouldn't be shown in such way. In a way they are the same person, but divided in two. The one is light, the other is dark, the one's the only desire is to be loved, the other's to be loved by no one. But as for now, I can't really say who is the bad guy in it. Of course, the obvious answer would be Gun Wook, because of his scheming and coldness, but be honest, he's not the only one. Maybe this drama should be called Nappeun Saram instead? A Bad Person, because, as I see it, there is only one who will be hurt in the end, because she's innocent. Everyone in this drama has one's own dark secrets and desires. People are just afraid of it, they are afraid of their own thoughts, of their own bad side. And sometimes someone like Gun Wook steps in and without any hesitation can strip bare from all the veils of morality, habits, restrictions. He turned the lives of those people upside down. He messed up with their world. Sometimes this kind of earthquake is good. This is how I see him.

I Love Movies, Movie World cuts

Cuts from new episodes aired this weekend. On I Love Movies there was a quite long interview with Won Bin about his upcoming movie Ajusshi, also he was asked about the movie Mother. He's nice, but what was that called, I think, jacket on him?? And yes, a video made for KNG as well. Because it's my whim today. Finally after 6 months of waiting, someone felt probably pity over my IP and decided to seed World And I from Jan. 29, so I will make a special post for it. To be honest, I really want to see Ajusshi, not because of Won Bin's good acting in Mother, but also about the story. I don't like kids, but the girl seems to be pretty good as for such small actress. Plus, a gun, a nice, half-naked guy, a chasing scene... damn, a perfect movie for me.

Korean: learning

Maybe this will help, if not the videos, so maybe normal way. I don't like flashcards in the form of a program, I hate it, because I get distracted sometimes. But I usually make myself some, or print if I find ones. Those I'm going to post here I found some months ago, but I forgot about them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strong, silent and addicted to action

This is the title of the article I found about the leading men in Wed-Thu dramas.
And the subtitle is: I’m not interested in playing a ‘nice guy.’ Who said that also, good children, who? See this love?
I don't care if JoongAng Daily has So Ji Sub as the main photo. I like him too, but, you know...
The whole interview and the article is below.
I'm in such a bad mood. 
Wine doesn't help.
I don't want to watch any of his work in this mood. Really.

Interview with Jeong Jae Young

This time I will most definitely translate it as soon as I can, because the article is so good^^. I mean, I knew he's one of the bests, and most definitely the best in Asia, but reading about it made my heart flutter. I know, a lot of pressure on Iggi, on him, on director Kang. But I believe everything turns just well. First screenings were favorable, but the general audience is what will judge the movie.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : Kim Nam Gil

Ekhem.. I will stay still, I will stay firm. As much as I can. But those eyes...
Damn it, why do you have such gaze??

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : Kim Jae Wook

Lets face it, I'm biased toward one male lead in this drama, so forgive me if the number of pictures doesn't satisfy you. I will try to dig out some more goods on this cherry^^.

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : eh well, what's left? Pictures? Part 1

I don't know what direction this drama goes at. I had such high hopes, still, I think it's not bad, but it's confusing. I like, I repeat: I like the relationship between Gun Wook and Tae Ra. I see how Gun Wook and Jae In are really good match and why he is drawn to her. Because this is probably GW's pain in the a**. Because he genuinely is drawn to her, despite all his scheming, all his hatred, all his disdain. Ok, he's the best played character, apart from Tae Ra. He's a snake, like a real snake: quiet, sometimes lazy, sometimes motionless, but he can strike. And I like his quiet mode, I like his mystery air around.
As for pictures, there are too much for one post, so I will divide them: The rest of the cast, Kim Jae Wook, and KNG-nim.
And when I say too much, I really mean too much. I had few bad days in a row, so I was not interested even in going to SBS site, that is why when I finally went there today, I had 3 days' worth in pictures. That makes almost a 100. Of ourse I will not post them all. Who cares about the detectives anyway? Except for Gun Wook, of course, mehehe.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Let's Speak Korean

   With A*.* in mind^^ . Hope that may help. Videos may not be new and the best crystal clear Full HD, but it's good. I will try to post all of the episodes, but for now, first 10.
The conversations and cultural explanations are the strong part of it.
I have somewhere similar thing but on Japanese, if anyone wants, called (if I remember it right,) Youkoso! But the bad thing is, there are not that many resources on learning Korean, and if they are any, they stop after very beginner level. Eh, well, we have to do something about this.


Something I wrote long time ago and translated much, much later as a part of the game. I'm not used to write such short texts, I have always had problems with that. But I was in the mood, that is why. Maybe I'm in the mood right now, that is why I'm posting it here.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The absynth and the doubt

Poetry is something strange. Some words put together that make totally different sense from the one they make separately. I have always liked poetry. But not contemporary. Please, everyone can be a poet in the modern sense. I don't like Baroque poetry either, with its ornaments and concepts. It was a word-play, nothing more.
I've read many poems that moved my heart back then (yes, I have that organ, despite what people say), but after some time, I came to notice how childish they were. And as almost every kid, I tried to write my own, firmly believing I'm following the path of Elders. But, eventually, the reason found its way to me and I stopped, seeing all nonsense of it. Perhaps they were good poems, but I don't think so. Now I almost regret I'm not a poetess, so I could put my words with finesse and grace just to sing an antiphone for someone.
The only words I'm left with are cursing ones... ekhem...
But I would like to present some good poetry:
Jean-Arthur Rimbaud, E.A. Poe, Rainer Maria Rilke, Lee Su Ik...

폭풍전야: Lovers Vanished

    This movie is known under 5 different titles: After the Storm, Last Night, Lovers Vanished and The Day Before, Lovers Vanquished. But what's more interesting is the fact that 폭풍전야 means actually "Before The Storm". I will try to be as much objective as I can while writing about it, but first I need my sleep.
As for now, some posters (there were few) and videos.
When I read that the movie will be in theatres in Korea on April 1st, I though, "It's a joke, right? Another movie his character will not see the end of"...  In Miindo he didn't, in Public Enemy he didn't. And now, in drama Bad Guy he won't.
The first man in my long life and I regret I'm not a poetess. I don't know how he does it, but his every role, his every character is so memorable. Plus the voice.
In Modern Boy he spoke like whispering, he raised his voice just once, and I was scared brainless... but more I was scared with his quiet mode. He has something dark in this calmness of his.
Lovers Vanished I find the most suitable title regardless of the original. I like the word "vanish", it has some disappearance substance in it. This "-ish" at the end reminds me of the sand. Sand and ashes. The whole movie was sand and ashes...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Music Video

I have always liked music videos. That is why I was such a sucker for some clips back in my.. erm... younger days. I never had any cable TV, no computer but I had two, maybe three music shows on TV (2 movie shows as well), so I watched it every time. I could fake illness just to stay home and watch it. Maybe it's because I like stories and movies I developed some liking for film-like MV. I like when it has a storyline. I like when professional actors appear in it. It's really hard in Europe, because actors think they are gift from gods and MV is below their  semi-divine nature. Bullsh*t, my dear Artists, you're just self-absorbed egoists with your egos bigger than our Galaxy. (Meanwhile... in the Galaxy far away, Palpatine still looks wrinkled bad, and Luke still is this retared farmboy...)
That is why discovering Korean entertainment came like heavensent. 
First: they are not afraid to experiment. Second: they have actors who appear in MV and turn it into the masterpiece. Peggy from DA pointed me to some video that was even released on DVD, it's almost 30 minutes long, it's practically a short movie itself. There are shorts shorter than this.
Do I have some fears about hmm... short things?? Nah...

JJY: interview

I'm on my way to translate it.
Article is from 2010-07-05

Edit: I will do it once a bus comes...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

내가 미쳤다고...

Yes, yes, I'm crazy... Because cutting out 40 seconds of the footage I've seen over 50 times makes me one hell of a crazy person. But, I also cut I Love Movies with the fragment of Iggi. That is why I don't really care if I'm crazy or not. I can be seen as one for all I care. Right now, right here, I'm myself, no one else. Not some nice lady on the bus (crap, I'm not a lady at all), not a normal teacher (I bet my students have their own opinions on that matter).
Plus, tomorrow I will present the review of Lovers Vanished. I hope, at least, but for that I have to watch the movie again. Since it's a bit heavy, and I finished my wine leftovers, I would vote for Queen Seon Duk re-watch. Which episode I stopped at? Hmm... 25th? I guess so...

I Love Movies

This is the title of a movie show I'm watching every week, along with Joint - Movie World, and of course Entertainment Weekly. This week's shows were sad, especially EW and I Love Movies, because of Park Yong Ha's death. Kim Hyun Joon didn't joke as always. And, what captured my heart even more, there was not so short footage on my special Angel, River in I Love Movies, showing Running On Empty, Stand By Me and My Own Private Idaho. I guess they somehow knew about the July significance to me, July 21st, to be exact. No, they couldn't know. But it was so great to see an interview with JJY, and then out of the blue, at the end of the show a beautiful part for River. Good to know somebody remembers him still.
Plus, in EW there was a short report on Kim Namgil-nim. About the military and episodes 16, 17 of the drama.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Manhwa: first try

   It's called "World's Mysteries" (세계의 미스터리). Right now, I have 13 volumes, but uploading the first one, all of them. If you like it, I can give the rest. But it's not original, only translated. I'm on my way to look for Coffee Prince. And two others KNG has mentioned once. But I lost that interview, dammit!
Damn, Im clueless about this. I read Goong once (in English), but it was sooo damn boring, and deviated from drama so much I hated it.
If you want something, maybe I can find. I'm good at finding things, I should be a detective or some dog at the airport.
Please, Mr. KNG, can you be lost in the future?
My brain's not working anymore...

Iggi: Press Conference - June 29

As if I ever stopped. Nope. Not with this guy.
Hell, I'm here, I'm still here, no chance to go for a movie premiere. Plus July 15 is another deadline. Or it will be, if military can't be persuaded with some charms. Maybe I should give my statement on this? I think they will comply with my ardent plea. Begging rather... Aishh, well, if not, what is left apart from waiting and patience? And learning Korean...
And I crave for ice-creams. Really. Vanilla flavor. I went to some nearby store and took a quick glance, but I didn't buy any... Must it be my strong will.
Or empty wallet.

'이끼' 정재영: 

Reading Korean

For those who can read Hangul, but did not experience reading a whole book in Hangul^.^
This is the whole set of novels for download.
If anyone is interested I can upload some manhwa, but since I have no idea what's hot and what's not in that department, I can choose badly. Because relying only on the number of downloads close to the file, may lead to some porn.
Actually it's really good to start reading in the language we are learning as soon as possible. I know it's tiresome, I know it's boring sometimes, but believe me, nothing builds up vocabulary better than this. You can watch drama/movie, sure, but with Korean spelling that may turn out tricky. Reading and finding new words really helps.
The whole set of those books is called 오로파. It's a fantasy genre. So it should be easy. 

Kim Jae-wook says Kim Nam-gil "like a time bomb"

Yes, finally this interview. It's very long, but I decided not to break it in two separate posts, just put the whole in one. Interview from before the premiere.
And the way he holds the mic is just...

Friday, July 02, 2010

An award for good girls^^

Yes, for you. For passing the quiz^^
OK, award is for me. Because it's KNG. I was wondering which news I should put up here and which shouldn't, but it was around March. Then my lappie decided for me and crushed. So I was left with nothing. All my precious links and bookmarks. If it did the same thing now, I would throw it through the window. OK, I live on the first floor and the earth is like 1 meter below my window. Aigoo, I was trying to be a bit dramatic. That is why I'm presenting them now.
I will report more news, well, not that new news (isn't it redundant?...) tomorrow, cause I shouldn't have open this bottle of wine on empty stomach.
But it's all your fault, sweetie!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : new pictures. Again.

 It's because although I'm not convinced to this drama, I'm very convinced to the main leads. I really do hope this will have some change. Some, I don't know, ... change. I need to re-watch all the episodes once more and then I will write some more on it. Because right now, apart from acting, I can't really tell.
See? Even Gun Wook is sceptical about it? 
KNG said that originally, they wanted to make the drama movie-like, but they had no time for editing it. If the drama started in August, it probably be put into practice, even if they shot all episodes long before this date. But, SBS played everybody around, including actors and director (not to mention us, pissed off viewers, and devoted... ekhem... you know), so we got a whirlpool of inconsistent news.
And now they are forcing everyone to push off their own limits, good, kill your players, if the only aim is not a good drama and good shape of your actors, but a profit.
SBS... damn. No wonder I had such a good time watching Handphone. The protagonist was working at SBS, and I couldn't pity him in the end. By the way... KNG had a cameo in it, and in the credits he was even separately named. This is what it means to be recognized. A hilarious, great 15 minutes.
Speaking of which... His appearance in Personal Taste is accounted on DramaWiki. I have no idea why, since his agency stated it was an accidental cameo, not planned. he was just caught on camera while they were shooting the scene in the restaurant.
Man... So this things actually happen...