Sunday, October 10, 2010

Few news

   Here, because I have no idea where to put those on D-A. Looks like I just love to ramble. But I was wandering here and there, so I read few interesting facts. I forgot to mention one funny thing that was on Section TV this weekend. Actress Ha Jiwon told the reporter that she is a nagging sister to Jeon Taesu (he plays our all-time favorite Blinky, ekhem, Ha Insu in SKKS). She blurted out that as an actor he has a lot work to do ahead of him. Oh, please, he started to blink and to smile even, he's not that bad! He's better than The Carp and The Table plus few dozens of others combined. She said that it's for his own good, and she wants to see him improve (or something, can't remember clearly , source: Nate)
   Another news, Lee Minho said that "10 year age difference is not that important" in an interview. The settings of the interview reminded me of another rabid... ekhem Rabbit Year-born star - JKS's interview. But the air is totally different this time. Granted, Lee Minho is just at the beginning of his career, he's sometimes not that good, and, the same like Jeon Taesu above, needs to work hard, but it looks like he's willing to do that.
  Again, news from Nate. He said that in love, the age is not important, because what's the most crucial is the feeling itself. He added that he was in love before, bla bla bla.
Just look how he looks! The same year of birth, less movies, less dramas and CFs, huge popularity after that piece of crap BOF, and he still manages to look normal, talk normal (don't care how shallow it may seem, but I prefer shallow thoughts about love than blabbering about seriousness of one's career in other department than a pole-dancer) and behave normal. 

And I'm also pleasantly surprised by Ha Jiwon's attitude. Because nowadays we hear, even from our on families: "Oh, you are great, you are doing fabulous!",  "Nothing's wrong with wearing leather stockings in public!", "Yes, your mommy will lend you her diamond bracelet". It seems as if everyone lost their ability to look from the side and to give a constructive critique. If someone acts like a dumbass, just say: you act like a dumbass. If someone needs to improve, don't imprint in his mind that one's Marlon Brando. Vanity and conceitedness are born out of the closest relations. If one kid hears everyday that he/she's the best on this planet (hell, in the Solar System even!) from the age of 3, twenty years later one will see oneself as the king of the world (Universe?).

There is a strange relation, the more talented person, the more humble he/she appears. As I said, I judge actors by their performances, interviews, body language (hmm... and this can... oh, gutter....), attitude toward the person they are talking to, the whole bunch of small gestures that they display sometimes unwillingly. Keen observation is my middle name. Bitch is my third one.

The more someone talks about how great he/she is and then reflection comes and one has to turn it into a joke to not seem too vain, it becomes disgusting. One joke, sure, two jokes, OK, but five of them in five consecutive interviews is just a red signal that something's wrong. "Oh, yes, I stop traffic in every city I am. Ah this is a joke!" - kind of jokes. It looks like if one person wants two things to happen:
1. He/she wants the other people say it, so can feel guiltless (the others say it, not me!).
2. He/she wants to say it, but not to look like an overblown ego, so their true feelings are masked as jokes.

Again, rambling on nothing crucial for the world, but writing about one's own thought helps to sort them. It helps to see my own thoughts as if it was with someone else's eyes.

pictures from respectable Nate sites.