Saturday, October 16, 2010

SKKS - Behind The Scenes

    That's it. There is no way back for me. After seeing those, I'm SJ supporter all the way! His Jaeshin "wild horse" impression or YH's fainting... was just too hilarious. Damn, he's funny.
Yoo Ah-in is, as always, cute and laugh-triggering, and the shoots of his "wild horse" (remember the archery contest and short comic-strips in the library?) are just too good to be true. Man, I laughed so bad... I didn't have such great laugh lately. Even though the NGs are only over 5 minutes long, it's worth it^^.
I will probably cry when this drama ends. And even though I'm a bit nervous about the next Monday and the situation, I believe writers come up with nice and clean ending. Too bad this drama doesn't get this amount of attention as YAB in the last year. There were over 200 short clips of behind the scenes and NGs. *Sigh*

I love all Behind The Scenes stuff of every movie/drama I like. I'm a real sucker for it. Some people don't like it because it "ruins" the magic of the movie. I like to watch the "movie in the making", I like to see the interactions between actors, the crew, I like to see different concepts that are born on the filmplan.

Some stills:

And download link:
It's right here
And once more, I'm not the owner of this video, or I didn't cut it from the show. Credits go to the person who did it, but I found it as anonymous.