Monday, January 31, 2011

Chaebeol (재벌) - how to eat

   It's maybe me, but in the dramas I'm recently devouring watching, this word pops up often. I bet everyone who watched few shows knows this word. And I bet everyone can picture what chaebeol is. And what chaebeol is not (yes, Taoist wisdom speaks through me, no connotation, wild ladies!). Some may say it's the same as japanese keiretsu, but it's not true. The main difference is that chaebol companies are run by one family. And keiretsu is run by an assembly of associates. After Japanese left Korea after occupation, first chaebeol were created, both as taking over what was left of japanese companies or some started from the scratch.
When the military rule took over in 1961, they wanted to eradicate all remnants of Syngman Rhee's policy, including the corruption among the high finance world. Some were put into the prison, but military junta, I mean government, realized that the development is not possible without the cooperation, so some of those accused people had to pay huge fines and were exempted from the sentence.
Chaebeol could grow because of foreign loans and preferable treatment. From the very start, they specialised in manufacturing, trading, and heavy industries. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Park Shihu - Section TV

I recall I said once I'm a peace loving person, all benign and sweet as a fairy. I lied. Or I was joking badly, badly... on my worst sober mood. I completed all data to the article I'm working on (buahahaha) and as the award I watched Section TV. I watched, I cursed, I found my MBC account info. I believe all that in Latin would sound more profound. Anyway, back to the topic. There was an interview with Park Shihu as (hold on tight) Rising Star. Great. At the end of 2009 I remember another interview also with "Rising Star" and the name was: Kim Namgil. Do people who make the outlines for those shows understand what "rising star" means? I think it doesn't mean "an actor with at least 5 years of experience", but "a promising rookie". Damn... I can send some English Thesaurus, if the need be.
But it wasn't what irritated... no, not the right word... infuriated me. I summoned the hell's powers and crushed them in my fury. Because there was a photoshoot going on. Photoshoot as we can see on the still above, in front of the airport.
And what else? Ah well, a womanwannabie in an even more horrendous outfit than man-bra. Brrr...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Work and family dramas

    I avoided long, family dramas for some time, and when I gave one a shot, now I'm lost completely. There is  a totally different feel to those stories, usually long ones, over 30 episodes. I'm talking about primetime week/weekend dramas, not about those who air daily. I like the pace of those stories, so even though there are heart-wrenching moments and cliffhangers, it's not as condensed as in the regular 16-episodes shows (QoR is an exception - I will probably see few grey hairs next Tuesday on my stupid head). The first such drama that made me got glued to the screen was Life is Beautiful. Along with this one I watched Assorted Jewels. And now I can't stop.
I like how traditions and customs are shown in such dramas, like funeral ceremonies, marriage or different rites. For me it's like watching some kind of para-documentary on customs. Moreover, I like how they touch normal, everyday things, like marriage, work, friendship, changing of a person.

The power of Fans - JYJ

9,817 Fans have collected 158,097,228원 and created an advertising bus for boys. I do what I can by reporting the news here in the middle of Nowhere called Europe. I wanted to post the news yesterday, but few other things came in a way, so I couldn't. Info taken from here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JYJ - new interview, photoshoot and my boredom

OK, the news are: new "reality show" in 8 parts starts February 25.
New photoshoot stills are below.
Update: included Their Room photos^^. And I won't apologise for being biased *_*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

QoR: video cuts and stills

The first cut is from the show Good Day (or something). And the other is from a special that aired one day, and featured also My Princess special interviews. Since I dropped that drama already, I'm not interested, and I won't post it.
Few stills follow.
BTW. Did I mention my extremely efficient ninja skills in slicing throats? No? Oh, so I won't. For now. 4 episodes left still...
Update: 3 episodes. Please, someone kill Yongshik's brother, Director Han, and perhaps Junsu. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

JYJ - Music Essay

   Had no idea what music essay is, but now I do know. It's an album-book. It is called Their Rooms, and will feature members journal entries and six songs ("Nine", "Pierrot", "Fallen Leaves," "ID.S" "Mission," "Song Part 1." ) all of them in  Korean (yeey!!!). Thank you, thank you for Korean songs, finally! It will be released on January 24th. Hmm... that is today.
The album will also contain their not published pictures.
Oh, so we meet again, Baidu...

Actors are freezing

   This is what I wanted to write some time ago after shivering with PSH in Queen of Reversals scenes. But I went to the gutter and forgot even about the meals, so blogging wasn't actually the first thing I had in mind. And yesterday, thanks to A^^ I had such a nice, heartbreaking and mellow gutter!
Fine, it's middle of the winter, but for their health sake, don't force them to wear just a jacket when the temperature is around 10 below freaking zero! Cause it looks nice without all those heavy, feathered winter jacket. There was this scene in QoR when both Taehee and Yongshik were sleeping in a hanok they found on the way, and early on the morning Yongshik is surrounded by the mist of his breath. It's crazy. I'm over-susceptible to cold, OK, but I was suffering along with them just by watching this. Are PDs and writers crazy? Are they not aware that the winter is harsh? It's not a breeze in the evening. It's freezing! I can't talk when I'm outside like this, so I just bow down they are able to act. Such finely act. But well, they are tough men and women. Not Princesses with precious complexion and sculpted for 3 hours ahjumma hair. But they act! And cry! Damn, I will kill all those at MBC if PSH will cry once again in that cold, freezing air!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

QoR: one cut

A cut from an entertainment show.
And upcoming episode pics^^

Saturday, January 22, 2011

QoR: pictures and videos

   I think I will knock myself down and sleep until Monday 2 pm. Last time I was watching drama live streaming was SKKS. Hmm... What do I like so much in a drama about a working housewife? I think everything. I like how the second man is becoming a leading man. This is actually a very nice move, Yongshik gets more screen time (can't say I'm complaining), romance is well paced and intense, oh how intense! I'm glad I don't have to deal with teenagers in the drama and screaming oppa-girls. But seriously honing my knife for Junsu's mother. The woman gets on my nerves with everything.

Friday, January 21, 2011

King of patterns - leoprint

There are many patterns on clothes. Stripes, florals, geometric, polka dot, abstract, image, calligraphic, and animal.
And leoprint.
We all are aware of the horror called JGS in leoprint (I don't know where the fault lies this time, ekhem, haters gonna hate, yeah, yeah). Then this pecular pattern started to appear everywhere. Secret Garden was full of it. It's even in Queen of Reversals now, but I barely see it. Well, I do, but in some scenes, ekhem...
So I did a small research and I noticed that european streets are full with clothes with leoprint. Scarves, handbags, shoes, gloves, and hats. And I took pictures to prove that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weird news

   First, the neverending saga of battle between JYJ and SM Ent. The lawsuit was delayed to March 15th. It was supposed to end on January 18th, but due to the difference in statements on both sides, the Justice Department responded that in the remaining 2 months the conclusion will be made. Hmmm...
The second news, also on JYJ is... cats.

Will Korea acknowledge the World?

   I found an interesting article, but due to some personal stuff, I didn't have much time to post it here. The article is from The Korea Times online, and the title is: Korea urged to revamp overseas PR system. Oh, finally someone realized that this country's modern culture is NOT advertised in the other part of the World (not to confuse with WORLD, that is - Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, sometimes Philippines). Arrrgh, we were so frustrated and embittered during past years over neglecting Europe, for that matters. OK, I Love You 1000 Times was sold to Bulgaria. Big whoop. US has their TVs that broadcast Korean dramas and shows, KBS has its branch KBS World that is (oh irony, irony) available for streaming in US.

The Duo - deja vu?

   According to Hancinema: Han Ji-hye will play a daughter of a village school teacher who has deep interest in education and is smart enough to influence other people in the story.
Set in the late Joseon period (1392-1910), the show, also starring actor Cheon Jeong-myeong, will tell of two boys whose identities get swapped
I think I've heard someplace similar plot. Oh, yes, it was SKKS married with The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain in the Iljimae entourage! Even though I still plan to give this drama a shot. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

QoR: continuation of eye-candies^^

Jeez, I'm biased. I know. *shrugs*

QoR: some more pics

Today QoR wasn't aired because of Asia Football Games. I love football, but let's be frank, football players are not the most attractive men in this Solar System. 
WARNING: drool inducing pictures ahead!
And thanks to some great guy yesterday, I got the same haircut as Director Han, I love it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


   I remember when I was in primary school, we had some practical classes. We learned how to make screws, aprons, pickles, how to cut wood and so on. And one time we learned how to make macramé. I made a flower pot holder and it still is in my room, holding another pot with flowers. It's pretty. This is why this kind of art always appealed to me. Maybe this is why I loved Korean knots so much? First time I saw maedeup with hanbok was in some period movie, when I saw gisaeng's attire. Then I started to look for some more, but there is not a one page online with technique, only basic knots and links to books. So I started to contemplate buying a book on it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

QoR: continuation

Gutter inducing pictures.
And one small thing, I love Gu Yongshik's Secretary. The man is simply awesome.

QoR: few more tendencious stills

   If Taehee ends up with her husband again, in sake of her kid, I swear, I'm going to buy a ticket and slice the writer to pieces. Why not allowing the main character to divorce and live happily? Why divorced woman is such a taboo in Kdramas? Her mother was left by the husband, and this drama states it very clear that even marriage out of love (well, I would have lots to say about the marriage of main characters here) may grow cold and leave no space for any warm feelings like before. Taehee was desperate to get married, he was hoping for catching a wealthy lady. And then, after 5 years a serious guy appeared. All this makes me very weary about the whole marriage thingy. And unlike Secret Garden, I think I will do the profound review on this one.
For now, pictures. Yes, biased.

New Tales of Gisaeng

Just give me one of these hanbok, and I'll go easy even on The Table... Actually, no, scratch that, not even emerald stunned hanbok will do. There will be 50 episodes, and drama starts next week, after Secret Garden. One of my must-check this season.
Few more pictures follow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

QoR: few stills

Yes, I have a crush. So? Just wait till Kim Raewon will be out of the army. You will tremble with fear how my crush may look like. In such company I wouldn't mind even 3 meters of snow, electricity cut and 30 degrees below zero...

Few cuts

  As promised, one is for all Won Bin, The Cree... ehm, the guy, and Jang Hyuk lovers out there. And there are two cuts of G-Love report and interview, woohoo!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obsession is my middle name

My full name is Will Scarlet O'Hara... I just had to say it, sorry.
At first I was too obsessed with SKKS, so I had no time for any other drama (following SKKS thread on DC was really, really an achievement, I stopped 2 weeks ago though), when it ended, I immediately fell into Secret Garden trap. But then, something strange happened. SG is a great drama, very good in terms of technical things and story-wise. Don't start on actors department, because it's Hyun freaking Bin and Ha Jiwon, so it's obvious they don't mess it up. But... During Christmas I watched Ajusshi five times, and I re-watched all 7 episodes of Queen of Reversals I still had on my HD. I didn't watch SG... Don't know why. Really. And then it hit me. So right now I'm catching up like mad, stalking the official website, and thinking of going back to DC. I can't get enough. Maybe this (and promised kiss in PP) made me love this drama? I don't know. To be honest, I didn't like the first episode, because it was completely out of normal Korean drama. I was watching it with growing WTF feeling inside. Usually, when a woman meets a man, in dramas their meeting is just a beginning to the bickering road to the altar. Here we had totally different situation. They married in the first episode. And, as I didn't read the synopsis, I had mixed feelings (even though the preview for the next episode was... hot). Somehow I forgot about it. This Christmas, as I said, was a mysterious time. Maybe I switched souls with someone else? Ekhem... I'm still way behind SG, but I'm off its hook completely. Instead, I just jumped right into the net name QoR. How stupid of me.

Winter-end dramas

Even though I'm pretty busy with my current time-consumming drama (Queen of Reversals), I'm looking forward to some other dramas that start in February or March. I may also check the MBC project featuring Park Yuhwan, but still, my eyes belong to his hyeong^^. 
It's been a year since we first heard the news about the Kimi wa petto Korean project, and I remember I was expecting this. I loved the japanese drama from the first sight (still do, as the rest of jdramas, that is 2 more, keke), and had slight doubts that movie remake wouldn't be as good. And then we witnessed what we witnessed. We were cursed, we were screamed at, we were hated over on DA, but slowly, slowly we started to feel that our attention has been screwed all over. Yes, I used bad word. Yes, I may offended someone by using it. But there is no word describing what we felt in any human or animal languages known to the world. We felt exactly like that. I want my time I spent on watching some bad movies/dramas/interviews, I want it back!!
That's why I'm cautious now.
But, back to the topic, I'm waiting for few dramas now.
1. New Tales of Gisaeng
2. Midas
3. City Hunter
4. Paradise Ranch
5. The Duo

Music, with nice MVs

   I wrote it last year that Koreans have their way of making MVs. And those are ones of the most creative or haunting videos I've seen. Of course it's not like every video is a masterpiece, but I count those that made an impact on me. I don't need spectacular visual effects (let's leave them for those who have to mask their lack of ability to sing, or horrible lyrics), I don't need fabulous looking singers/bands. All I need is to feel something (not disgust though) while listening to the song, and while watching the MV. And yes, first of all I listen to the song, because I mostly browse the albums through Daum Cafe. If a song interests me, I'm looking for a video. Yes, I like when a video tells some story, I like when in a video actors appear. The best in this category belong to Lee Soo Young, I posted those some time ago. In one of her videos was Jeong Jaeyoung as well, and in other Shin Hagyun. And we watched small stories, small movies, narrated by a song. Usually lyrics in her MVs and the plot of the videos are two different things.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tei - 그대를 사랑해

   Now, this is new one on my playlist. I fell in love with this song from the first... ehem, hear? I also went to look for something new, and I found that his other song was featured in A Better Tomorrow OST. In any case, I'm giving links to listen to both.

Awards fashion^^

   Some guys should just be tortured for hiding their manly bodies under ridiculous outfits. Yes, furry coats also count!
Pictures for all petto lovers, as well as some men, women and... Oh Jiho in his pants...
But since I'm biased, and all my men in the military or one is not in the drama, there are only few that are left, you know... Maybe overflowed this post with one sweet smile^^
And yes, not a one picture of either carps, tables, or gender-confused.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SM Ent another bees^^

Oh, let's see how long they last till starved to death or taken by the ambulance because they collapse. It happened before with one of them (ah, my poor heart). Yes, I do observe SHINee with care. Yes, I do like one of them. There are articles all over that they are malnourished (no way, Sherlocks, no way!), and overexploited. No, 20-hour work day is not too long, I mean, 4 hours left! They debuted in 2008, so maybe they have few years left still (thanks Aili for the info, she's a walking encyclopaedia of SHINee^^), and I think I will watch them for their sake. Not SM Ent.
Although I have to do SM Ent. justice - they really know how to make music. Whether you like it or not, they do.

G-Love: press conference pictures 2011-01-10

I wanted to form some normal sentence with as much sense as possible, but I couldn't.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

JYJ - HoMin war

   Eh, Junsu, what have you done? Don't you know that SM Ent never forgives? What were the rest of JYJ expecting? A warm: "OK, good luck, go your own way" message? I was just waiting for HoMin's single release and even more - for the reaction of SM Ent. Because even though the agency stepped down from its irrational and idiotic request (not to show any news, songs, MVs of JYJ on all 3 main broadcasts, KBS, SBS, MBC), somehow, under my skin (pun!), I felt it was preparing some blow. To be honest, I didn't pay any attention to Keep Your Head Down lyrics, because I didn't like the song. Now, I came across few articles about the war that started among Cassiopeia, and two sides. Junsu tried to reason with that, but this started  a war.
I may be biased, because in all this year-long feud I was on the trio side. I couldn't understand why the two hesitated. Were they afraid of the outcome? So now they are on the SM Ent's leash?

2010 MBC Drama Awards

A bit late, but I was distracted by some other things. Mianhae^^

Saturday, January 08, 2011

2010 - R.I.P.

   I think I should do this beforehand, but somehow it wasn't my first thought few days ago. 2010 ended, and I'm glad. Months after March were bad and deteriorated quickly. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and bitter? I'm alive and I should be grateful for that, but partly I'm grateful to myself, because I toned down my reckless behavior, and started to, at least, act cautious every few days.
   I'm grateful for few beautiful souls out there I was given to meet. For all my Thorns and Queens of Lus... Luscious Words. I'm happy I spent so much time on many, many topics with them. That kept me sane, in a way.
As for other things: career-wise and interest-wise. My so called "research career" got accelerated. I went to few (ok, so far 2) conferences and it was nice. This year will be even busier, I can see it even now.
I started to blog. I remember myself saying that blogging is a stripping, an exhibitionistic behavior, but somehow I figured that one doesn't have to write about personal feelings and poison the world with another Weltschmerz. Stating the opinion is completely different than writing about "oh how world does hate me and I have no reason to live". So do it and stop whining, I'd say!
And I'm happy few people found this blog useful. To all readers - thank you and stay tuned^^

Thursday, January 06, 2011

G-Love: pictures

Fangirl time!
Official Website
Duration: 144 분
Release date: 2011-01-20

G-Love: cut from I Love Movies

A cut showing a bit of behind the scenes, and commentary on JJY by Director. I'm back to cutting the shows again. 
There is also small cut of moments at KBS Drama Awards, but not from the Awards Ceremony (I haven't seen it still, yess...), but pett... I mean Song Junggi acceptance speech (and his gratitude to his Grandmother), and of kors Yucheon's arrival.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


   This is how a happy woman looks like. Like me now! In January filming to JJY's new movie starts. Movie is titled tentatively Countdown ( 카운트다운 ) and is directed by Heo Jongho, will be distributed by SidusFNH.
Plot: Beautiful swindler Cha Ha-Yeon (Jeon Doyeon) is released from prison and attempts one last major score by hustling debt collector Tae Gun-Ho (Jeong Jaeyoung). Tae-Gun-Ho risks everything to catch her ... (asianmediawiki).
Those two met in their previous movie No Blood No Tears, a gritty, gangster movie in which JJY played an ex-boxer, a pimp and a gangster. Perfect. This movie was also featured in the book about Korean cinema: Seoul searching: culture and identity in contemporary Korean cinema by Frances K. Gateward.
I'm still waiting for G-Love...
Picture: hancinema

Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 SBS Drama Awards

It was obvious Mrs. Ko Hyeonjeong will win. Among younger actresses there is Kim Hyesun and her. And I'm happy for Life Is Beautiful, and Song Chang-eui. What else? No Minwu getting New Star Award... hmm... Not convinced at all. And don't get me started on Lee Seunggi. Please.

2010 KBS Drama Awards

I want to thank my sister who wrote me everything but the right list, and I was depressed SKKS won nothing. In fact, this drama won 5 awards. But I appreciate the effort, have no idea where she went to get me some info on it. Sweet^^
And I want to add here (cause D-A may turn into hell) that, in my opinion, Yu Ah-in didn't deserve the award for the newcomer. I love the boy, but he didn't.
I will wait for the next role of one nice gentleman, named Park Yucheon. Prove yourself, boy.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

G-Love: new poster and videos

As in the title.
Release date in Korea : 2011/01/20

2010 10Asia's Awards: SKKS and Chuno

Remember the table I had so much troubles to fit all letters there?
No? That's ok.
And because I love 10Asia, an article from their website.
Articles on: drama, director, actor, writer and "Thank You" list. There was also "No, Thank You" list, but I don't see it somehow, keke...

Ajusshi - Man From Nowhere

Well, if Hell has an alternative name as Nowhere, in that case, everything is in place.
During last Christmas I’ve seen this movie five times. To be honest – because I’m stupid and I can’t count. I thought I would be back sooner to my normal everyday schedule (yes, hours on msn, D-A, Nate, Asiae, why you ask?), but somehow 10 days shrank miraculously in my stupid head to a week. Fine. So I was left only with this one movie, ekhem…
Back to the topic. It’s a good movie. Don’t stone me but I will not use the adjective “great” when talking about it in general. It had great parts, like filming, but somehow, well, I don’t know. I remembered two things while watching this: Kim Namgil-nim’s saying his family was watching Baker King Kim Takgu and loving it, and second – the scene from the movie The Classic – when the young man said that Koreans love sad stories. Ajusshi (I prefer original title than the English version) is a sad movie. It’s a sad action movie to be exact.
Why sad? The protagonist's fate is unclear - ha may be transferred to prison, his military unit may claim him, and some rogue assassin may shoot him.