Friday, October 15, 2010

Upcoming movies

How do I put this. A gay movie. Not my fault that lately everything started to revolve around this. The Life Is Beautiful-gate hasn't ended yet. Damn, if they marry in this drama, I guess actors will be crucified. Crap, I made a religious reference, just sue me, please. And get over with it.
And don't ask me why there is a cat as the picture anchor.
Our Happy Ending
Korean title: 사랑활동의 내구성
Release date in South Korea : 2010/11/04
Choi Moo-in As Sin-goo (신구)
Han Tae-soo 한태수
As Joon-seung (준승)
Jeon So-hyeon 전소현
As Seong-ja  (성자)
Hong Seung-ah
홍승아 As Hee-soo (희수)
Park Kyeong-ok 박경옥
As Je-ni  (제니)
Jang Moo-yeong 장무영
As Director Jeong (정실장)
Daum Cafe
Sin-goo is the owner of a car bar near Daehak-ro. His 40 years of life exist without sex because he is always so busy, but he lives on a joy of making money. Joon-seung is a 20 year-old guy who recently got together with his birth mom; even though he was hard to say ‘Mom’ to her mother, he really wants to help her out by making some money.
Joon-seung happened to work for Sin-goo as kitchen porter. Joon-Seung fell for Sin-goo who he felt he was like a thoughtful brother, and Sin-goo also fell for Joon-seung. One day, they spend the night together due to Sin-goo’s heavy drinking; Sin-goo also has relationship with his alumna, Seong-ja. He blames everything on an alcohol. But later on, the relationship between Sin-goo and Joon-seung gets more and more serious. On the other hand, Seong-ja thinks Sin-goo as her real lover, while Sin-goo is dazed by the fact that Seong-ja and Joon-seung are mother and son.
Pretty middle aged guy Sin-goo gets blind love from both Seong-ja and Joon-Seung. Will his confused sexuality and loves of his lifetime end happily? (Hancinema)

Just have to admit, this is one of the weirdest plots I have ever read. The movie will be kind of short, 80 minutes, and is from 2009, but waited a whole year for the release. I wonder why?
I wonder also how mommies will react and already reacted when in SKKS a word "gay" was spoken. I bet this drama will get its share of beating, for depraving young people and other nonsense. Jeez... stupidity annoys me lately.

참을 수 없는
Release date in South Korea : 2010/10/21
Official Website
Chu Jahyeon
Jeong Chan
Kim Heungsu
Han Suyeon
Park Seongtaek
A single professional woman in her early thirties, Ji-heun suddenly loses her job and flat. Her friend Kyung-rin helps Ji-heun again and lets her stay in her apartment for the time being. Unlike Ji-heun, Kyung-rin is a devoted housewife and lives a high class life. She seemed to have everything until she meets Dong-ju who happens to be her husband’s colleague. First hesitated, but soon Kyung-rin strongly turned on by a fatal relationship with him. Meanwhile, Ji-heun is surprised to know Kyung-rin’s husband actually has many things in common with her and they slowly open their mind to each other. Facing unexpected feelings and desire, these two begin a borderline love.
Director Kwon Chil-in's fourth feature film about the conflict between work and love. This movie is about a married couple. The wife's girl friend suddenly comes to live with them, and the wife falls in love with her husband's co-worker who she meets at the sports center.  (hancinema)

The Recipe:
Release date in South Korea : 2010/10/21
Lee Yowon
Lee Dongwuk
Ryu Seungyong^^ (ufufu, sooo heppey)
Jo Seungha
Hancinema official
Naver official
Also known as "Doenjang"
When a convict on death-row wants bean paste stew before he dies, a director becomes curious. He finds out many surprising truths.
A notorious murderer’s last words before execution are a request to have the soybean soup he had before his arrest. In the same way the reporter tried to uncover the meaning of “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane, a broadcast producer starts tracing the secret of the soup. Behind the captivating taste lies a woman’s unfortunate life and love story.
It has been twelve years since Lee Seogoon made his last film, Rub Love, and here the director wonderfully mixes two different genres-the thriller and the love story. The English title, “The Recipe” contains a lot of meaning: a record of a person’s life, a memory of taste, an experience of loss and a chronicle of hurts. In this sense, the film is a recipe for everything. With his original touch, Lee illustrates the obsession with unforgettable memories of love and a fatalistic point of view. The soybean soup recipe contains pain, longing and salvation. In a sense, the recipe is the very history of Korea’s memory and tradition. (LEE Sang-yong) (hancinema)