Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor leader

   It's my duty, I guess, to oppose every damn thread on few communities, and to state my opinion as well. Personal stories follow, so this may be uninteresting for some (and they are not THAT stories, we have msn for that).
It was reported that leader of INFINITE is afraid of dogs. And before anyone starts to suppress chuckles, think twice because I will get you. I do know what it means.

Quote from
"Group INFINITE’s leader, Sung Kyu said, “I’m afraid of dogs.”
On November 19, INFINITE and A pink will appear on KBS 2TV’s Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Birth of a Family. They will be temporary protectors for the poor abandoned dogs.

The mix blood dogs and their mother were abused, being raised for slaughter. The residents called the police and the dogs, total 8, were rescued. Three of them were taken to the members of INFINITE, and they will take care of the dogs,spending a pleasant time with them. INFINITE members are going to find good people who will love them and take care of them.
The members of INFINITE are excited about meeting the dogs and having a pleasant time with them, except the leader, Sung Kyu. Sung Kyu is afraid of dogs and worried about meeting them.
He cannot move at all even when a little puppy comes near him.
Many people are expecting him to overcome his cynophobia and to be a close friend with the dogs.

Yeah, the show is cute and all, boys and puppies, what else pedo nuna might want? Well, as for me, boys without puppies.
Fans write nonsense comments like "aww, hope he will be fine", "how cute Seonggyu with puppies" etc.
First thing, I don't know how acute poor boy's cynophobia is, but if it is bad - he will lose a lot of health and sanity just to cope with that.

People often mistake "-phobia" with fear of sth. I fear damn spiders but even more - I hate them. I truly do, I hate them with my innermost fire. But I don't have arachnophobia. Just like that. I hate clowns and I fear those creepers, but I don't have "clown-phobia". But usually people throw around words without knowing their true meaning. Like on DA sometimes. One user asked for "epic" dramas in its original meaning, and one fluffy user responded with Bury Me Mary, and Spy Myeong Wol because "that was epic drama!" I use "epic" in that sense sometimes, but I'm fully aware that this particular word has other, more deep meaning. People use "phobias" a lot. Because it makes them look cool. It makes them look vulnerable and sensitive. Looks like 99.9% of society have arachnophobia because usual people don't like spiders. But "don't like" doesn't equal "-phobia" at all.

I do have cynophobia in its slightly cured stadium (I can look at dogs without freaking out, I can even touch the smallest ones, yorks or whatever the beasts' name is), but what's more weird, I do have lycophobia. Some may say - what's the odds of meeting a wolf nowadays?
(ask my sister, or a true friend of mine, they'll tell you)
The place where my parents live has Forest Protected Areas (or something like that) and lots of forests. And in the deepest heart of this forest lives a pack of wolves. Once, only once I dared to go on bike ride. Don't ask me how I felt. I KNEW there was a wolf behind me. I just KNEW. Don't try to reason with irrational fear. I never did that again. I never rode where forests were.Or few trees clustered together. I know those hell hounds just wait to shatter me to pieces there.
I tried to be cured. I went to zoo where wolves were. Zoo staff probably remembers me up to this moment.

Every time I watch a movie where growling dogs/wolves are I barely remember the rest of the movie from shock. If someone watches it with me, I just got a pat on the back when the scene is over (I usually endure it with eyes and ears shut). I will not delve more into this topic although I could speak more about reasons and fears (catharctic feeling, yeah...), but my point is - "phobia" is a morbid fear of something. People pass out seeing the object of their fear. Women are scared of mice, but it's not a phobia anyway.

My main point is - I do know what fear of dogs is. And I do find commenst as I cited above stupid. I repeat - stupid. If you like dogs, you will never, ever understand someone who has fear of them.
If hamster leader has acute form of cynophobia, I will never forgive Woollim for what he's going through. It makes absolutely no difference if dog is 2-months old or fully grown beast from hell. It is still the object of fear.
I freaked out seeing direwolves puppies in Game of Thrones lately (plus, they had really nasty scenes with adult wolves as well, I didn't know that... my neighbors had a proof I'm not dead yet).

If this poor boy is petrified by little puppy near him, how he's going to overcome his fear?
This shouldn't have happened. This should be checked with all members. Maybe they did that also to help him, but phobia is something that can't be cured in a month.
I know I'm probably the only one saying this, as all fandom hopes he can overcome this. Hell, I'd be happy too, but at least I do know how he must feel. Unlike brainless fans who just repeat like a mantra: "cute puppy and cute leader".
Woollim made a mistake this time, in my eyes, big mistake. If he survives this, he'll be my personal hero.
But looks like it's only me who has any problem with that.

picture credit: it's on it.