Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Infinite Interview Again

Can I haz pliz Dongwu. Boys have brainz. Omo, I'm gonna flip.
Beware, lots to read.
So far, only Dongwu and Seonggyu.

Some sunshine into your lifes^^

They eat!! Oh, they eat!! Yes, yes, Chunnie, darling, eat!

Pop Music Censorship Meets with Strong Opposition

Looks like the issue is now out of control of anybody. And I can't say I'm not enjoying that.
Article below.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


   This is exactly how I feel. Despite grim news around, despite splintering head. Sway...
I made myself new tshirt and two pins. Yup, I'm obsessed, but spontaneously decided to not care. Plus, while going back for some goodies, I came across this sign. Heh.

Note to Ministry

   Dear Ministry of Gender Bullshit and Family Don't Care!
Instead of playing stupid games of banning songs, lyrics and MVs, here, I present you the actual problem you make take under connsideration. Oh, it's not as easy as banning random songs? Well, no one ever told you life is not easy?
So please, stop turning S.Korea into your Northern counterpart and do something of any value.
Article from JoongAngIlbo below.

JYJ again

Day by day, JYJ’s international activities as Korean representatives are attracting much attention. On August 26th, ‘The 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific‘ was held at Busan’s BEXCO, and JYJ held a celebration concert for their appointment as goodwill ambassadors for UN’s affiliated organization, UNAIDS, in the Asia-Pacific region. A group of 4,000 from more than 70 countries attended the event, and listened as JYJ delivered the message to strengthen efforts in AIDS prevention and awareness. Members Jaejoong and Yoochun stated, “AIDS is becoming a big issue internationally, and we are trying to do activities for its prevention and awareness.“ Junsu continued, “Even though AIDS is a fatal disease, you can live longer through steady treatment. However, since there is no perfect treatment, we need care and effort.” Meanwhile, on September 4th, JYJ will appear as Hallyu stars and sing for the closing ceremony of the ‘2011 Daegu World Athletics Championships‘. The ‘2011 Daegu World Athletics Championships’ was organized by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAFF), which drew over 2,000 of the world’s athletes to the city of Daegu. JYJ will celebrate the successful conclusion of the 9-day competition with a charismatic performance that’s sure to entrance worldwide fans. JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, stated, “JYJ’s potential continues to grow as JYJ performs at worldwide concerts and showcases. Love calls for JYJ to attend these global events are never-ending.”
Source: Chosun + Allkpop

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Princess' Man - Ship Scene

   I'm abnormal, yes, but I do love those ship scenes. I love them so much I cut zem, joined and now I can guiltlessly watch those 11 minutes. Although the beach scene and forest run were also awesome. Should I cut them too?
Any news? Soon, Seung-yu and Seryeong will meet. And not like in ep 12, 'cause it's not the meeting. Can't believe already half of this drama has passed.
Update: video added^^

JYJ donation

Old news but whatever. I'm proud I support such men.

ZAK Corporation recently published a report regarding JYJ's donation to aid victims of the recent tsunami/earthquake disaster in Japan.
It has been decided that the proceeds from the JYJ charity concert which took place on June 7, 2011 will be donated in the form of 1,000 NukAlerts, a radiation detector, to the city of Souma in Tachiya Shigeru Kiyoshi Fukushima Prefecture. This was at the emergency request from the mayor of Souma to the Japan-Korea Economics office of the Foreign Affairs Bureau and to ZAK and as a result of discussions with JYJ's agency C-JeS Entertainment.

The city of Souma plans to distribute the radiators to the children and students in the Tamano district in case of another explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Among these, 500 were handed to the government office of the city of Souma on August 12th.

The remaining 500 detectors will be donated to children in kindergartens and nursery schools on Aug 31, 2011 in Tokyo when the representatives of each institution visit Tokyo.

Source: ZAK Corporation and Mission4JYJ

And contrast below:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bad Guy on japanese TV

As if he needed more unhinged fangirls...

Actor Kim Nam Gil (30) appears on Japanese TV this autumn.
The SBS TV series Bad Guy in which Kim Nam Gil plays the main role, and Sign in which Kim Ah Joong acted in, will be broadcasted through NHK in Japan on September and October respectively.
Good Story, the production company of Bad Guy, revealed that Bad Guy will be broadcasted in Japan for two weeks with a new title Enemy and black, every 10:00 p.m. from September 4, from Monday to Thursday.
A source from Good Story said, “Japan’s largest media NHK decided to run the TV series on 10:00 p.m. Usually, Korean TV series are aired at midnight or later. We hope that Bad Guy will become a big hit and be recognized as a great TV product.”
Bad Guy will begin to air on October once more with subtitles.
source: yahoo news through

Countdown press conference

Well, as in the title^^

The Princess' Man


   Call me Princess.
It's probably the only drama I actually managed to catch up with fairly quickly (I pay the price for it, but pay it gladly). And I have few things in mind. When did Park Shihu become even more awesome?? I mean, I still remember the guy who could barely deliver few lines in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang and now... I'm just amazed. It's probably his first such physical role, and such involving. In most of his dramas, he was just a nice-suit-full-smile guy, but here he's dark and gripping, on the verge of madness. Yet with the eyes of a beaten puppy sometimes. Damn, I love the man.
I have nothing against the drama, and if I had to nitpick (you know it's my hobby) I would say - mirror mirror in the hand. I don't know why I'm so sensitive about mirrors? Maybe it's because of my face? Well... Mirrors they have modern, and there are few scenes when blades are all covered in blood and in another - they are clean. I think I should be on the shooting sites for sageuks.

Infinitely Sunday

How anyone can not love Dongwu's face??

    Sunday morning... I remember I used to spend such time on making mocking videos of The Diva (some should still be on this blog, if you want) before he/she became a mockery hers... himself and it stopped to be fun. And now I'm just putting some sunshine multplied for those who like young talents. Those who don't care, may not click.
Mostly for Hoya fans^^

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Assassination of Empress Myeongseong

   No, it's not the post about it. I just came across the review of one book that probably could revolt thinking of this one October day in 1895. 

Korea banning songs. Again.

   It's not the first or even tenth time I read about this ever since I got into Kpop. Long time ago (ekhem, 2009), DBSK song Mirotic (yes! THIS Mirotic) was banned for using "I got you under my skin" expression as inappropriate. Funny thing is, when they had to appear on a music show, they promised they would sing something else, but the moment they had to, they reversed to the banned verse. Oh the havoc they created.
But lately the Ministry of Stupid Decrees, I mean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is more than active, banning here and there, left and right. 
Maybe, instead of banning songs, the Ministry would do something more useful, like, I don't know, make women's situation at workplace better? Or explore Korea's growing multicultural society and help those kids from such background? Prevent family violence? Or maybe admit that there are gay people in Korea? I don't know, the sky's the limit.
This reminds me of every election time in my country, instead of talking about real problems politics pick from their pockets only abortion and gays just to stuff the public opinion. Because it's easier to give something to be shattered by the mob and is reaction-prone than talk about real problems that need to be fixed. Like unemployment rate etc. 

Infinite weekend

   Their first fanmeeting was held on August 17, and when I got back, I immediately rushed to some websites to find it. Not that I'm obsessed or anything. Boys could learn to be less honest though, because their blabbering may cause some problems in the future. But for now, I just love how natural they are.
Oh, and today is Sungyeol's birthay^^ They celebrated it on that day.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another day

   Feel so drama deprived and down, and the best solution is? Give yourself an hour and troll here and there. There is always 1000% of certainty that something has happened in Kpop. And as Kpop brightens my days, some news, not news. Sorry for redundant post, have a fever. And not because of some septet or trio. Unfortunately.
PS. Anyone knows why embedding code doesn't work? Or is just my luck?
PPS. No more posts today, me iz the queen of typos and bad luck.
Au revoir.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

August dramas

   Right now I'm stuck with 6 dramas, and I pray some of them should end before September hits. Not the one that started last Saturday. It is scheduled for 50 episodes (kyaaing with happiness), but some will probably end. I have no eyes and time for more, to be honest, and there are some older ones I'd like to watch as well.
Not that anyone should care what I think about this-and-this drama, but since I started to do such short reviews and explaining why I'm watching, I decided to write again. As all reviews, be it mine or anyone else's, it is subjective. Highly subjective. Sometimes it's my personal whim why I start some dramas, sometimes plot interests me, and sometimes the names. Yes, I do watch dramas for names.

Yucheon won^^

Ah, finally something nice in this unlucky period of mine. This walking sunshine always makes me smile^^
from hancinema:
Yahoo Korea's survey on the most popular actor in each country with the "Seoul Drama Awards 2011" coming up soon, resulted in Park Yucheon.
As a result of the survey conducted online by Yahoo Korea from the 18th of July to August 16th, in Korean, English and Japanese, 48 thousand voted for Yucheon as the most popular actor in the "2011 Seoul Drama Awards" out of 115 candidates. The total votingnumber was 130 thousand.
Following Yucheon ("Sungkyunkwan Scandal") is Jang Geun-seok ("Marry Me, Mary!"), and Kim Jae-won ("Can You Hear my Heart"). The most popular actress are Moon Geun-young "Marry Me, Mary!"), Park Min-yeong ("Sungkyunkwan Scandal") and Ha Ji-won ("Secret Garden").
The most popular Japanese actor and actress are Kamiki Ryunoske and Ashida Mana, and the most popular Taiwanese actor and actress are Woo Jeong-di and Zien Manshu.
Ziao Tong Wi and Cheong Hao from China took first place for the most popular actor and actress and Wayne Lai and Eyu Cheong and Charmaine Shei from Hong Kong.
Those who have been chosen as the most popular in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong will receive the Netizen Award at the "2011 Seoul Drama Awards". The event will take place on the 31st at KBS Hall at 5:20PM and it will be broadcasted on SBS TV.
Meanwhile, Yahoo! Korea is the official online partner for the "Seoul Drama Awards".

Yes, I voted too. And I cheated too. Sue me. Too bad there are no minus voting, because I would be more than delighted to pour a bucket of a cold water on some pompous curly head. Oh well...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Theme Performance - Flying

Title: “Flying”
Date: From Aug. 12 to Oct. 10, 2011 (60 days), twice per day, no performance on Tuesdays
Site: Performance Theatre, Expo Culture Center
Directed by: Choi Cheol-gi
No. of Performers: 12
A non-verbal performance about a Hwarang in Silla age who time travels to a modern school to catch a hobgoblin and making a whole lot of scenes!
Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, martial arts, b-boy performances are fused together so everyone from the entire world can enjoy the performance beyond the language barrier (from Culture Expo).

More pictures here.
I don't have to add that I'm already dying to see it somehow? Maybe it will be recorded and broadcasted on TV, pretty, pretty please^^ Witch cherry on top.

Clashes again

I found two nice articles on JoongAngIlbo again.

Celebrity is dating.

    "Omg, oh noez, mah fangirl heart will explode with anger!! How could he done this to me??"
That was few months back, with Jonghyeon case, poor idiot admitted he was dating and pics of him embracing his then-girlfriend created a typhoon. What a storm then followed! I have never seen such havoc about dating. True, I saw netizens rage in Jihun's case, but not the freaking dating. 
Actors/singers are not human? Do they have to stay single or lie about it and date in some bunkers just to please hormonally unbalanced 15-yo imbeciles?
How on Earth and Saturn someone else's life affect those dimwits so much? They never met and probably never will, so instead of wishing all the best with love, they are "heartbroken", "cheated", "disappointed". Disappointed with what? With the fact that your "oppa" has a girlfriend and you still prop up the wall on the school ball? Mah poor idiot bowed down in tears expressing apology (I bet SMEnt has its share in this move) just because he committed the crime worst than any canibalistic ritual - he dated. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singular or plural?

I’ve been arguing with few friends of mine over many topics, and I remember one we almost got angry at each other. We were talking about history and relativity of it, and although we all agreed that History is written by the victorious ones, we couldn’t agree on who is making the history.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Countdown until...

... my heart will burst!

Queen of Reversals

The review of this drama was postponed and postponed for over half a year and when I finally gave it a green light – I forgot to bring the series with me for my vacation break. The quick re-watch was necessary.
I remember I had huge problems with starting to watch this series last year. I like (*cough*euphemism*cough*) Park Shihu, but the topic was absolutely out of my range of tolerance. Oh, how grave mistake! When I yielded, I was glad I started on this one.
The plot is simple and highly tricky, and it reveals nothing of the real series, so those of you who didn’t have the chance to watch it or don’t like spoilers, please refrain from reading, because my reviews are full of spoilers. They are also subjective, biased, and all of the insights (I hope) are based on my own personal Idaho experience, this is why I usually do reviews only of those dramas/movies that somehow “clicked” with me. If they don’t, I drop them mercilessly, like I did with Secret Garden and City Hunter. This is why I pour so many thoughts into them and maybe this is why I over-interpret them. But, as Umberto Eco said once, if an over-interpretation can be proven, it’s not over-interpretation.
Having said that, let’s jump into the wagon.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Life of Moll Fangirl

Do not start the war with the stupid. They will drag you to their level and then defeat with experience. (unknown)

This short insight as the main aim takes one particular social group – fangirls. Scientists argued (and still do) many times whether distinguishing aforementioned group from the rest of society is valid or not, but one brilliant researcher pointed out that even sociopaths are being classified as separated group, so why not fangirls. This small research is written in his memory, because the group, he spent his entire life researching on, got him into their hands and now his relics are unable to be traced by Interpol. But probably are worshipped somewhere. Along with the part of his shoelace.

To better understand this mercury[1]-swift group, we must first understand its place in the animal kingdom, and its place in human society.
Although researchers did come across some males in the group, called “fanboys”, they do not take much responsibility in the group. It is even hard to check if they perform any procreation tasks. This led many to think that fangirls multiply by parthenogenesis. It is also possible for normal human being to transform into fangirl in an instant. The origin of such change remains unknown. It is probably due to some unidentified “fangirl inhibitor” or sudden shift in hormonal balance.

Omo, omo, omona!

   Six hours straight and I'm updated on every kdrama-llama out there. Some are pure nonsense as always, some are just repeated bullshit, but some news are just cuute. Like The Return Of The JYJ. Ohoho. And no, I didn't forget about The Diva's new drama in plans. Oh my, I think I'm gonna cry with laughter, no, joy! I meant joy! Gaiety!! I meant, nevermind... I had a lot of time to ponder during my break while indulging in mah boys performances, their stupid faces they make, and their awesomeness. Hell, I don't regret I was the (in)famous cassie, I don't regret I registered as Inspirit. Mwah! (and since the septed doesn't have anyone who is getting on my nerves or looks creepy, I'm not scared I will be kicked out like before, ekhem).
Back to the topic.
First of all - JYJ and their steady road. Oh, mah boys young men how I missed thee!
"Well met, well met, my own true love.
Well met, well met, cried he.
I've just returned from the salt, salt sea.
And it's all for the love of thee
"The House Carpenter"

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So goodbye...

... don't cry and smile^^

Kdrama-llama in a nutshell

   Few news (or un-inews, in-news?) put all into one post.
First, SHINing boys, who will sing for upcoming Korea-Japan-China produced drama Strangers 6. The drama itself depicts the story between six members of international organizations in Korea, Japan, and China, who all work together to maintain the three countries’ joint economic zone. It is not easy, because they have to overcome the bias and negative feelings towards each other. I say - good luck. Another Mother Theresa (who was really great woman, btw.) of a drama, showing us all good people united, overcoming personal and national prejudice. I bet there won't be any flag-burning or Yasukuni visiting moments. Ekhem... As much as I laugh about the title (which is stupid in my opinion), I'm well... how to put it... please don't remind me of their song for Haru, mkey? End of the story. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

More Infinite

Are you not bored yet? Oh well, like I care anyway!
I bet half of the names Woohyeon mentioned belongs to ladies. Ekhem, just sayin'...

Global Flashmob Day

The "Global Flashmob Day" happened on July 30th, 2011 at 3PM in every timezone across the world. The official cities/countries that participated were Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City/Guanajuato, Montreal, Cebu City/Manila, Warsaw, Malaysia, Düsseldorf, Perú, Buenos Aires, Trinidad & Tobago, Los Angeles, Indonesia, Las Vegas, and Bangkok.

The most popular songs were Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry," Girls' Generation's "Gee," SHINee's "Ring Ding Dong" and "Lucifer," f(x)'s "Nu ABO," TVXQ's "Balloons" and "Mirotic," and Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra."

Japanese netizens... oh boy

Fuji TV building
On July 23rd, Japanese actor Sousuke Takaoka wrote some controversial comments about Hallyu on his Twitter account. He said, "I don't really watch channel 8 (Fuji TV) anymore. It sometimes makes me wonder if it's a Korean channel. Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs", later adding, "It feels like Korean programs brainwash you, and it really makes me feel bad. Broadcasters need to realize its negative effect." Since then, hostility towards the spread of Hallyu culture has been growing in Japan.

Takaoka's comments have prompted the largely underground anti-Hallyu movement in Japan to voice their support for him, organizing a group boycott on Fuji TV. They are organizing an event on August 8th to suggest tuning out of Fuji TV during the whole day to bring about a massive drop in the channel's rating. A tweet read, "To protest Hallyu overboard, lets boycott FujiTV for one day on 8/8. If you support these views please join us. Also please spread on Twitter #nofujitv88". The date August 8th was picked because Fuji TV, the Japanese channel that broadcasts the most Korean TV shows, is on channel eight.

These netizens are saying, “No more Hallyu!” “Let’s show the power of Twitterians”, “Our goal is to make 0% TV ratings”, and “Japan is going through a tough period, and there’s no need to watch a broadcaster that supports other countries.”

Source: @tkok_sosk_8228 and @NoFujiTV88

Uhm... only few things I have on my mind on this article. 


   That would be every day. Ekhem... I was wondering about the excuse to post anything about talented septet, and woolliment gave me an ideal excuse - dance version of Be Mine. Fangirl ranting alert!

Monday, August 01, 2011


American Kpop fans created facebook page for that. Don't get all the commotion. In my place every day is Kpop day. August 13 will be as well.
Big whoop.

August 13th this year will be WorldWide KPOP Day!!!! Help spread the awesomeness that is KPOP by:
- Making the TVs and computers in your electronics stores play KPOP
- Post nothing but KPOP on your personal websites
- Organize large Flashmobs to perform KPOP songs/dances and load them onto Youtube with the tag "WorldWide KPOP Day"
- Have "WorldWideKPOPDay" trending on Twitter the days leading up to the BIG DAY!
- Blare KPOP in your cars with the windows down and take pictures of the reactions of others and Tweet/upload them with tags about KPOP
- Let's make this a BIG Event, all over the world, every race, nationality, gender, country!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmm, the amount of exclamation marks at the end of it somehow doesn't allow me to take this seriously. As Terry Pratchett said:

Idiot Baek Dongsu

   Oh well, I love this drama. Love it to bits. As every production it has flaws, but I'm a forgiving person as long as something keeps me entertained. I even love moron, cocky, king-of-the-world Dongsu. His attitude is damn amusing.
This scene proves that korean period clothes don't have any competition. Sorry, kimono fans, but the way how it dances around the body, or the way how it swims down the body...
Anyway, I made a cut of the fight scene by the end of ep 8. Vibrant blue colors, green trees around, and light sand make this scene beautiful. Not to mention the clothes that flow in the air.
Oh my gods...