Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scandal NG

   Nah, nothing serious, but I found Seongkyunkwan Scandal NG and I want to share them^^. The more I watch this drama, the more I like it and I see deeper layers to it. Sadly, it comes to an end, and the next week's episode look tense, judging from the preview. But maybe it's my idiotic look at the things, and there is nothing to it? Even when based on the book? I'm not susceptible to fluff, I realized that while watching My Girlfriend Is Gumiho. Yes, it can be light, but with layers. Like meringue layered cake. Eh... I wish I had one. I'm craving for some small meringues... And the next Monday, ekhem...
And yes, I opted out for Jaeshin. I had my share of frustrating "wild horse" in another drama last year, and I can't get any warm feelings for him. As for any of the second lead for that matters. They always do it like this in dramas, they give the second guy more colorful personality, so that every fangirl can squeal about. So yes,  you may rip off my limbs, but he started to irritate me lately. Hopefully he will make it up. Or screenwriters.

Here you can watch it:

Picture credit: SKKS DCGall thread.