Friday, September 30, 2011

Killer Girl K

   It's not actually a drama. It is classified as "TV movie", and it really is one. Truthfully, I really like series produced by Korean cable broadcasts (like CGV, tvN, E-Channel). They are more mature, brave, and not typical. Probably my first contact with such drama was Joseon X Files (yes, you have the good connotations - it is all about THEM, only better tied up, without 13th season and main actor having more than one facial expression), and I loved it from the first episode. Shot not in a typical clean-angle way, sometimes from hand, shaky, delirious and oneiric (see, my demoniac possession... I mean, demonology research pays off), captured my attention from the very start. And it broke my brain at the end. I rewatched that last week, and it still had a great impression on me.
Anyway, this is not going to be huge post with my usual blabbering (oh, I love to write, whether it makes sense or not), but just presenting what I watch, and if it's to your liking - you may try it as well.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

JYJ drama, Episode 16

   It all looked like a normal, regular Kdrama, 16 episodes and it was supposed to end with the trial, and some "happily ever after" crap. It didn't end that way. It was extended, and changed into taeha, you know, with plotting, scheming, ransacking the villages, impaling, poisoning (damn, I almost spilled Queen Seondeok plot). KBS (I love their dramas, I do, but their music policy is pure *non-existent-word-for-describing-utmost-fury*) has done that yet again. Remember Jeju concert and cancellation? Yeah, something similar came along. Apparently, letters P.S.M. in the song "Pierrot" (which is a good song) are discovered by KBS to have the ominous meaning of... taram ta tam! SMEnt President Lee Suman. Why am I not even shocked by that? Oh yes, I know why. When you're sitting in a sh*thole for so long, your nose is just numb for any new one coming at you. As the consequence - this song was banned from appearing on KBS (as if they broadast anything from the boys). About the meaning... they could have asked Jaejung who wrote that. Just sayin'

Proof that idols

... can think actually. Omo, they are not in showbiz as long as The Diva, yet they know their place and they are not "I'm-Queen King-Of-The-Universe!!". With that attitude, I'm sold.

I'm dead. Call others.

    I read the rumors about that, not believing a word, but since it's been... (*collecting words*) since it's... uhmm.. Nevermind, I forgot what I wanted to write.
Jeong Jaeyoung was in a movie with Kim Namgil, and now with Park Shihu. I call it quits, K-entertainment is seriously bound to destroy me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Korean drama OST evolution

    Some time ago (with stressing this “some” part) we had this talk with friends about how it is possible that Korean movies OST rock (most of them) and how Kdrama OST... hit the rock bottom. But since two or three years there has been a terrific improvement in that department as well. Of course, there are soundtracks more or less memorable, it is something we cannot avoid, but the improvement is visible.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blood, lot of blood.

   As we are left with only four more episodes to go, without any talk of extending (thanks for that!), the ending is still open. As I mentioned it earlier, I will accept any scenario, tragic or filled with hope. I don't think death of the character equals bad ending.
TPM hasn't lost its pace, but it slightly turned the table now. In episode 19 Seryeong cut her hair in front of her father saying heavy words that "she is unable to carry the blood relationship with him". Suyang's retaliation was merciless, at the end of episode 20 he called her Myeon's slave. 
But Seryeong is at this stage that threats no longer works on her. Gyeonghye and Seung-yu opened her eyes on her father's doings and she has chosen the path there is no going back from. She burned too many bridges now.


   Yes, I will write that publicly - FileFactory is a bunch of non-professionals. I stored there my files, because they promised to "keep your files for-eva" (say that with Latrine's accent and you'll get my point). Well, apparently "forever" means to them - until we make a change and won't inform you about that. All my files are lost now, and some of them were for my students. And some of them were Namgil-nim. So yes, I'm so pissed off nothing actually can pacify me right now. Very professional. Now their policy is - 90 days. So no, thank you, I think I'll switch to megaupload for saving me files. So if you find any link on this blog that is broken - don't blame me.
Anyway, two cuts today from weekend shows.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baking spree

   I baked this week a lot. I always bake when I have something heavy on my mind or when I want to distract myself from something.
On Tuesday I baked sunflower cookies I called Kpop cookies, and just now I finished my Infinite Sesame Player... I mean sesame cookies.
So for those who are interested, recipes.
Cookies are easy to make and yummy.

Infinite Concept

   Yes, this is another Big Dipper post. Those who don't like it, please pass this one. Those who think of me as some less than human in the evolution chart because I listen and Gods-forbid! enjoy Kpop, go and stare at some wall.
Since last week we've been teased with their new concept photos, the teaser sound of Paradise was also leaked, and today we got the MV and song and... I love it. What a surprise, really. Tsk.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Short sketch on Confucian values

            The main purpose of this short sketch is to raise the awareness of the background of certain actions. I will present 3 Rules and 5 Bonds (Relations) that are fundamental in Confucian philosophy and their reverberations in the modern society. It is shortened English version of my post-conference paper.
  1. Confucian values.
  2. Realization of those values in life.
  3. Contemporary society.
Actually, the philosophy I am referring to is not Confucianism per se but Neo-Confucianism (seongnihak) that was widely spread during Joseon period (1392 – 1910) and its features are etched subconsciously in every Korean psyche. I will call Neo-Confucianism as Confucianism to just keep it short.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fangirls, y u have no brain?

The Ceiling Cat... eeh... Celestial Being
   To answer this gripping and academically written question - because if they had, they would evolve into normal fans. You know what atrophy is? Exactly, in case of fangirls it's a brain atrophy.

TPM - another background

8 people including Kim Jil and Jong
The Princess’ Man is heavily inlaid with politics. It takes up over 50% of the time screen. Various meetings, scheming, subterfuges and traps set in such a way it’s practically impossible to avoid. What makes it even worse, is the fact it really happened, only in a more brutal way the drama shows. Of course, they couldn’t be precise in depicting all horrendous events that made Joseon drown in blood. Moreover, writers craftily created characters that history left only one word for them. I don’t mind if it wasn’t Seryeong who fled the capital with Seung-yu. What I’m sure is the fact that one of Suyang daughters did that. The name is not that important. It's all the game of archetypes. We are watching beautiful and haunting story. Whatever the ending, I will accept it. Because it’s beautiful. There is not even one character left out, cardboard character, a filler etc. And when we are talking about characters, I’d like to talk a bit of Ministers that were sentenced to death by Suyang because of their failed rebellion.

Countdown MV

Poster and video from Hancinema.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Song Jihyo's situation

   Uhm, allkpop is not that reliable source of news, but anyway... We all are probably aware of Song Jihyo's recent hospitalisation and health problems. Apparently her manager opened up about horrendous environment in dramas.
Sky is blue, ice is cold... what else is new?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Shith Hath Hiteth The Faneth

   First time I see agency so actively protecting its artist. Yes, I wrote artist. It's about JYJ. Looks like on DCGall (and trust me, this is one weird community) and other fora, mainly fansites, there were some trolls/haters/whatever posting insulting and untrue news. Some fans say that this is SMEnt doing, but I would be careful to throw the stones in this situation. How bad were those hateful comments? Oh, usual stuff, you know, JYJ involved in some shady money business, or Jaejung's younger sister being some CEO's mistress.
I do get the criticism, I bash Diva a lot, but I would never step as far as involving one's family into something as dirty as this. I bash her... him as the persona I see and I don't like it, as the artist-wannabe. If he says something stupid (according to my standards), I mock it as well, but hell, involving a family into this is just not right. Of course netizens are crying because of "suppression of freedom of speech". I have one answer to that and it ain't a pleasant one - netizens, go f*ck yourself, because after what happened to Tablo, I can't go easy on that anymore.
C-Jes message is below.
Considering the fact they release it now, I suppose some unpleasant messages must have been swept under the carpet in the past though.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TPM Ep 19 Preview

Oh well, as in the title...

Now let me take my cardiac drops again...

Park Shihu's metamorphosis

   What is the best way to spend a boring hour of consultations when no one is coming? Of course with your friendly uncle google. This may lead to short yet cute articles. I wrote cute, because this one I translated below is full with word "sexy" instead of many other synonyms, namely Park Shihu, just to start with. Ekhem. I would put that earlier, but my laptop's keyboard broke down finally and I was looking for some yesterday. Plus, my internetz run away from me also yesterday, and today... eh, better not to tell. I was given a week voucher for a fitness club by my friend, so I will work out all my stress there, ahaha!
Ekhem, back to normal state. Translated article is below.

Monday, September 19, 2011

JYJ - what's next?

   During the break in my work (and other things), I started to think about the JYJ current situation. I fumed a lot over their status as outcasts in Korean Entertainment Industry, but now it occured to me - it's not actually that bad thing. Of course it's not marshmallows either, but I do feel the schism inside SMEnt and the groundshaking they made, is now turning into their benefit.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TPM - short notice

   I'm gathering material for new post with Official Administrations and such stuff that appear on TPM along with few words on the famous "six martyred ministers". So far, while looking for more info on buddhist temples I found this:
Beopjusa Temple (the pic above):

Two kilometers before the entrance to the temple is a tree many might miss.
It is a 600 year-old pine tree near the road. Legend tells that it bowed its branches in front of King Sejo as story of guilt. King Sejo was the second son of King Sejong; he succeeded the throne by murdering his nephew.
In old age he suffered from a severe skin ailment and tried to find solace from his ailment as well as his bad conscience in the forests of Sogni-san Mountain. One day he met a young woman whose two boys called him grandfather. The woman was Princess Uisook, Sejo's daughter, who had to flee her father because she had pleaded for the life of the murdered nephew. At this meeting the king begged for forgiveness and invited these members of his family back to the palace. The princess refused saying that she preferred her simple life and she later fled further south.   

And just to add about the actual temple layout, Horyuji looks awfully similar, ne? No wonder. U mad, Japan?

One more historical fact...

The Princess' Drama

     Yes, maniacally rewatching the episodes again and again... Episode 18 was slower than usual when we talk about Seung-yu's actions, only two dead bodies on his account. But if we talk about emotional development? Whoohoo, they were intense, yet calming in some way. Slightly against Kdrama rules, the angst didn't last long, and the main character has enough brain to think everything out. Someone may ask: "hey, lady, you don't know calming and intense don't go together?" Of course I do, but this drama blends so much so far. It even blends fire with ice.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Diary!

Dear Diary!
September 16th, 2011
Motto for today: If Heechul starts to look cute, I think I have to drink again.

   I woke up today after 6 straight hours of sleep with one thought (finally) that has been hovering over my head lately. I hate Kdramas. I really do. I hate sageuk in particular. When period drama is airing, and when I find it time-worthy (is this even a word?), all other dramas, no matter how funny, clever, shower-scenes filled can keep me entertained the same way sageuk can. I researched this case and uncle google said it's a borderline psychosis. Oh no, wait, that was something else... Ekhem, whatever.

Park Shihu Interview again

   Another interview, this time a lot more recent one, from September 5th. More detailed insight on his character. But I must say the man chooses his words carefuly. Not revealing too much, yet giving what should be given... (actually that was a very bad selection of words as for me...).
To ease our pain of waiting what will happen in the next episode.

Meeting with Infinite Cuteness

   Just tell me when and where, and I'm there!
I have to agree with the lady that had this interview - the more you know them, the more they grow on you. They are good kids^^.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

JYJ is back!

   JYJ released their MV and album In Heaven, and I'll be dead if I understand it. Thanks gods, it sounds nothing like The Beginning, so I will probably listen to it. And the song is nice. Nothing spectacular, not overwhelming SMEnt-like rhytms. But Junsu voice (and the rest of his merry men).

Idols non-idols

Article from

The latest trend clearly shows that singers have to appear on variety shows to gain popularity. Such a trend as this has been bitterly criticized on the grounds that the music industry and TV variety shows have developed a sort of back-scratching relationship. In this environment, however, we can see a few ‘idol’ singers who seem to have the courage to keep themselves off the shows that hardly have anything to do with music.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Princess' Man picspam

  I posted exactly the same picspam on D-A, but for those who don't venture there, something to kill off the anticipation. Actually, "to kill off" is a very, very adequate expression regarding this drama. Preview for ep 17 is out as well.
I adore Jo Seokju, the man is so composed and perceiving, I wonder who made him be on the boat to Kanghwa Island? He senses so much about Seungyu.
Will write more tomorrow, work and some other stuff keep me away. Well, they don't keep me sane as I thought they would.
Also, I learned about the history of two main couples here, and seriously have no idea which one of them is sadder. Maybe Kyeonghye, because Jong died... oops... major spoiler I made...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Youtube games

   Looks like our all-beloved source of spazzing, fainting or hating, that is YouTube, was used in what - in my eyes - looks like poorly planned, hate-filled anti-Hallyu propaganda. But well, everyone can believe what they want. My first reaction after reading that was: oh, so Yahoo Japan is reporting this? U mad, bro?

Youtube blocks Korea as a result of using tools to promote KPOP
Youtube announced that they will be blocking access from Korea. Users with the country setting “Korea” will not be able to upload videos, their views numbers will be monitored which means that they won’t be able to affect the number of views.

What is the reason that forced them to take this step? The truth is, Korea in order to support it’s own Kpop, manipulate the number of views into becoming more than 100,000 views. Normally Youtube will count one view for each user, but in Korea they have tools and use multiple accounts that allow them to fake increase the number of views.

Because of that, Girls Generation has more views than world stars like Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. The ban is the measures taken to prevent such attacks.

source: Yahoo!Japan . trans: @As0or83

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Han Yeseul to testify


   Let me get this straight. So it takes havoc created by one actress to bring law upon this? Not that I'm against or anything, but somehow idol-world came to my mind. We all know Kdrama-world is harsh, the circumstances of shooting are hellish and lots of actors wind up getting an IV or medical treatment. And I'm partially thankful for Han Yeseul that she made such a mess. The fact she screwed up her own nearest future with the same move is another thing. Right now the impact of her go-an-coming real-life drama is intense, but in few months it will dissipate and no one will care anymore - thus nothing will actually change.
We all know that actors sleep at best 3 hours per day while shooting dramas, we know Korea doesn't do "pre-production" dramas, and the plot, actors, writers and god-knows-what-else is based on ratings and viewers reactions.
We all know how idols are treated as well. And somehow I don't see anything like that coming their way. And majority of them is really young. DBSK splitting has shaken and reshaped the Kpop idustry but it's still not enough. They aren't vocal enough. They aren't shocking enough. Latest depressed Leeteuk (I hope I got his name right) twitter messages are nothing to the industry, they just worry his fans and that's all.
Even with high suicide rates both in "normal" society, or celebrity world in Korea, everyone seems to turn the blind eye on the problems. And there are problems. What else industry needs to start thinking of their stars not as gold-producing-machines but as human beings instead? Who else has to die?

Arrow - The Ultimate Weapon

   This movie is now in Korean theaters, but I was anticipating it some time ago, and waiting still for its wider release. Few reasons to watch this. First, and foremost - it's a period movie, and I can't just pass it. Second - it features bows and arrows, and this is one of my favorite weapons. Third - Ryu Seung-yong (류승룡) and that should prevent anyone from asking further.
The plot is intense, according to hancinema: 13 years after the King Injo Revolt, the Chosun Dynasty is attacked by the Qing Dynasty of China. A young man named Na-mi leaves his demolished village to find his young sister, Ja-in, and her fiance Su-koon, who were to wed on the very day of the attack. While on his mission to rescue her, he is being traced by Jushinta, a fierce Qing Warrior, and his band of malicious men who are out to stop him. Na-mi has but a day to rescue his sister before she is taken away to be a slave. When Na-mi finally finds his sister, Jushinta comes between them and a fierce battle between two of the finest warriors unfolds.
1636 - this is the year of the action.
What can be more thrilling that dirty, furious, merciless men fighting each other?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Saturday, 8:45 PM. It's... kyaatime!!
The cuts from Movie World show. One is on Countdown, and the other is on movie Client (for one special friend^^).
I'm dead, call me tomorrow.

Friday, September 09, 2011


pic source

   I was just reading some article on Spirit and spirits in Asia beliefs, and here came the quote I just have to write here:

Ether asked Infinite: "Do you know Dao?"
"I don't know", replied Infinite.
He asked No-action the same question and No-action replied: "I know Dao".
"So you know Tao. Can you specify?"
"Certainly. I know that Dao can be high, can be low, can be centered and can be dispersed. These are some of the specifications that I know"
Ether told No-beginning of No-action's words and asked:"Thus Infinite says he does not know and No-action says he knows. Who is right?"
"The one who thinks he does not know is profound, and the one who thinks he knows is shallow. The former deals with the inner reality, the latter with appearance".
Ether raised his head and sighted:"Then one who does not know really knows, and one who knows really does not know. Who knows this knowledge without knowing?"

See, even Daodejing is against The Diva.

La drama mala, la drama buena

    I have no idea if I even make sense. I don't know Spanish, except for few useful words like cerveza, mi corazón and some other random words picked up from Muñeca brava that was once aired here. Yes, I have watched that. I watched many things in life. On D-A we had very avid discussion on Worst Kdrama Endings Ever. Almost all our discussions there become at some point fervent, even violent and abusive. Let's face it, we eradicated all 13 years-olds there and we can speak our minds without restrictions, but within some standards still. I am very tolerant person when it comes to drama endings. There are two kinds of dramas - those I'm emotionally involved with and those I just watch because I have some time to spare, or they are purely nice to watch (vide: Protect The Boss). And although I'm completely indifferet toward the latter group, I'm more nitpicking when talking about the former.
So I've been asking myself lately - what exactly is this good ending? What makes a good ending? And the answer is banally simple - personal preference.

The Countdown

KBS CINEMA launched the website.

Korean Entertainment surely not allowing me to keep the remnants of my sanity...

TPM picspam

Chuseok Greetings from the cast^^
And not only.

Infinite momentum

   You're bored already, I know. But I'm happy beyond my vocabulary capacity, so I quote another article, once more from Asiae. Because mah Big Dipper young men are being praised in serious sources. Some gender-unidentified people debuted decade ago and still no professional website wants to write about them. Oh what a pity.
Am I malicious and mean? Yes, and I can openly slate what needs to be slated. I'm not afraid of fangirls' retaliation. But yesterday we decided that writing separate post on this would be waste of time, energy and it may insult those good guys around here.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Second victory!

Assa! Can't describe the happiness! I feel I could jump on someone like Dongwu. Sadly, I live alone. I mean, no, I'm actually happy I live alone. No one sees me fangirling now^^

Shut out of boardrooms, women invent success

Ratio of female patent applicants has doubled since 2005

(from JoongAgIlbo)
Sept 08,2011
Lee Bok-hui used to wonder what happened to all the leftover stones she saw lying around construction sites. Now she knows exactly where a percentage of those leftovers go - into an eco-friendly inflammable sheeting material used to reinforce electrical outlets, which she invented to reuse construction site waste.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Park Shihu: ‘I Feel Sad while playing Kim Seung Yoo’

Interview from KBS Global. 
Oh man... oh Princess' Man...

The Princess' Man Ep 15 preview

Preview for Episode 15...

And leaked videos for Ep 15 and 16 are to be found here. Sorry, my English makes no sense now.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Park Shihu interview

   First time I read that in June, but had no time enough to translate this. I may sound cocky, but I don't doubt my translating skills, but I do have some doubts about the actual writer's skills. The tone of it is somewhat hagiographical or infantile, depends on what glasses you have on. Nevertheless, this is nice just for the man's answers.
I don't mind taking this out and reposting, but please, this is a translation. I always leave credits to it, so bear in minds that translating takes time. Other than that, enjoy and re-publish wherever you want.
Oh, and I guess there will be more work for me, PSH is constantly praised for his improvements, so I guess more interviews for me to translate.
PS. and the man teased again, the title of this article above is: Seung-yu and Seryeong - perhaps a sad ending. As if we wasn't already prepared for that...

Infinite again

   I'm in so goddammit hater mode that The Diva has to be extremely careful so I won't put her into the sewer yet again.
Anyway, I haven't been to SeoulBeats in ages, and when I finally took a look today, one article pleased my shattered by The Princess' Man heart and brightened my fan mind (or was it the other way aroud?). This proves that maybe I'm not that crazy afterall?
I never had any problems with appreciating something that is "not my style". I love JYJ though I can't listen to them, sorry. But I can listen to the septet just all right.
Instead of flaming me here or there, just pass this post, if anyone is not interested in my pedo love.

Irrelevant list

   List that proves that people in Seoul are blind and deaf. Except for the first place in Singing category. Junsu wins hands down, and if he wasn't on the list, that would be kind of irritating (good that Jongie baby is there). Still, this poll was done among 1000 people, so it's irrelevant in my eyes.
No INFINITE on the list proves that.

Reality TV

 And another nicely put article from JoongAngIlbo.

Korea’s enduring harmony

   Interesting article from JoongAngIlbo. And what I find even more intriguing is the fact that such voices are raised. There are critical opinions, unpleasant opinions among Korean journalists and politics. They are not vocal enough yet, but at least they are not blabbering about glorious past and reclaiming what was never theirs.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Freddie Mercury

   So yes, since I opened google and google made this tribute video, I might post this as well. Yes, sis, I'm very happy for ya and imma let you finish, but Freddie is the best vocal of all time! Of ALL time!

Daeyasan Yongchu Valley

   I know this doesn't actually make me the the most stable person, but I've been looking for this particular location since yesterday. The rocks. The ending of episode 14 of TPM. And after some blind hits, I found (?) where this was shot.
I think it all is located in Mungyeong city, and the place is the actual valley Yongchu but If I made a mistake, please correct me. And let me find the right place.
The eerie beauty of this place captured me right away.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


   Oh, September 4th looks like a good day for a little bitchin'. I haven't done this in a while, so my mechanisms might have rusted a bit. Lemme check... yes, a bit on the "stupid side", yess... WTF also works, I just need some grease to make it work smoothly. And here we have all I need.
There is not that much things in Kpop that prompt my "bitch glands" to explode, actually. And this is something quite unusual for me. JYJ are quietly doing what they do best - not appearing on TV, mah other boys are doing just fine, SHINee released ultimately stupid j-version of Juliette (and I have no even the slightest will to slate this, not even Jongie baby saved that, it's a crap). So, in my Kpop sandbox everything is fairly normal.
This time - acting toybox.
Beware! Disturbing images follow!

Music again

   It's been a long time since I posted anything septet-unrelated. The main reason was - nothing interested me enough to post it. I tried to convince myself to W&Whale's new album, but I failed. I adore this duo, I really do, and W's music imagination accompanied by Whale's amazing vocal is something I like and listen with pleasure. But Circusss just disappointed me. I watched their live performances (because I watch all 4 music shows now again), and although I can admit they are better live than on album, I'm still not convinced. And I really love Moon Madness and 슬픈 노래는 부르지 않을 거야. The latter is my favorite song of them. The subtle W's back-up just hit the last nail to my grave first time I listened to it (it's somewhere on the player here, listen).
Jaurim is making the comeback, and I like the new album. Have to listen to it few more times, but so far so good. Jaurim-like.

Sunday tradition

   Quite new, but I think pretty (ehem) nice one. Shamelessly promoting what I love? Who cares actually. Those who read this blog, or gods-forbid! gutter with me on other places, know me enough to just shrug their shoulders and pass this post. A bunch of young men again.
INFINITE has been earning widespread headlines, but it’s more than just for their shiny new trophy that they won recently on Mnet‘s “M! Countdown“. The group recently started performing an orchestra remix of their title track, “Be Mine“, which awed fans with its rare combination of classical sound and idol performances.
While the original “Be Mine” focused on a slightly retro style, the boys mixed things up by bringing in a 30-member orchestra to add a classical twist to their hit song. Combined with INFINITE’s sleek fashion, viewers praised the boys for coming up with a stage that’s not easy to accomplish, nor seen every day.
Woollim Entertainment commented, “It was a stage specially prepared to thank their fans for the support.  They’ll be working hard to show an even bigger variety of stages.”

Saturday, September 03, 2011


"The circle that moves with you is the veil built up against you" (G. Maxwell)

   I've been thinking lately about many things and certain motifs and actions in some dramas as well. I've been obsessively analysing The Princess' Man for one simple reason - it is a magnificent display of everything that life consists of. There is everything packed in 24 episodes. No drama since SKKS moved me so much. True, I like Idiot Dongsu, but it's not the same level. I don't rewatch it, paying close attention to the way of delivering the emotions. Koreans are known for being emotional and I find this aspect of their dramas appealing. After all, we are all driven by instincts. We had this talk with one of my soulmates on msn about Romeo and Juliet case. And I realized for the first time with such clarity what fascinates me in this play. Well, I knew that ever since, but now, watching TPM, I know what path I'm taking.

Oh, and it's nice to see Asiae posing the same question as I did - exactly who is this Princess' Man here, keke.

Friday, September 02, 2011

38th Korea Broadcasting Awards

The most noticeable Awards are:
Featured Drama - Giant
Short Drama - Seonggyungwan Scandal
Popular Radio Show - Cultwo Show (Radio)
Popular TV Show - Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days segment.
Mr. Cha Seungwon was also awarded.
More than happy to see SKKS showered with awards.


   On days like this, writing is a tricky thing. I may end up bashing The Diva again, even though the original topic would be about roasted peanuts sold at some kiosk, and then deviated... hmm, see what I mean?
Instead I will fangirl over one drama. You may know which one. This time, not Idiot Dongsu, although I do love it. Main character included. Or maybe I could?
There are many talented kids, and Korea is brimming with them, me seems. As in every country there are wooden logs, of course, but sometimes kids just show their older partners their place. Everyone who watched Revenge of Gumiho was probably haunted by two girls and their stunning performances. Young Dongsu cutie, Ding-Dong (whatever the kid's name) in The Greatest Love, Channo in Thousand Kisses and now here in Princess' Man the little girl.
And I don't really like kids.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Infinite's Dongwoo dubbed the "manner-dol"

A video was uploaded to an online community earlier today, showing Infinite member Dongwoo cleaning up after recordings. The video was recorded from the MBC's "Idol Sports Competition" that took place at the Jamsil Stadium on August 27th.

Dongwoo, who had been participating in the competition with his fellow group members, was shown to be picking up trash that had been thrown away on the grass.

Netizens seeing this video couldn't keep themselves from complimenting the idol and calling him the "manner-dol,", when noticing Dongwoo even carried around the trash in his clothes to make sure nothing was left behind.

Netizens showed reactions like, "Even though it’s something that should go without saying, I end up complimenting him. This is because there’s no one that actually does something that goes without saying, like this," "Succeed Infinite," "He’s kind. I’m not even a fan but I feel proud."

In the meantime Infinite is promoting their newest release "Over The Top" through its title track "Be Mine," and finally got their first ever win on today's episode of M! Countdown.

Source: enews24 and InfiniteUpdates

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this day in September!
Finally! Can't say how happy me (and bunch of other fans) is!
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