Sunday, October 31, 2010

SKKS - some pictures

   Well, to close this day with a smile, even though forced maybe... some pictures from SKKS. It's a bit sad to think that on this upcoming Tuesday it will be the last episode. No confirmation about the extending, no confirmation about the sequel or at least special. Producers said that with this material, they could make another season with ease. No wonder since they finished only the first book. There is also many  things, according to them, that could have been showed, like more on Professor Jeong, or the political intrigue. But it had to be with the same cast. I can't see any other Yongha or Seonjun. Jaeshin too^^ But, as we all know, all of the actors are busy with their own schedules.
This is why I start to plead, for now with a low voice: Park Yucheon, get over with singing and start acting!
 From Official Website or SKKS DC

Pictures that appeared today, November 1st on Official Website:

And one more wallpaper: