Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SKKS - Episode 16 cut

  I simply had to stop it, laugh, and continue. They managed to stay funny even though the whole surroundings are getting more and more grave. I cut the scene from the drama, because I thought it is so funny that everyone can rewatch only this short fragment in any time. And since I have no right to this drama, I will not claim the rights to the cut, I don't care actually if anyone repost it, share or anything. I find it amusing that people put their credits on the snapshots. More funny is the little fact that I even saw the address of one website on the pics taken from the Official Website. This is just plain ridiculous. How can one put their own site's name on the picture that doesn't belong to them and is, what's more, available to everyone who can navigate through Official? This whole big halo around credits became just, as I wrote, amusing. I like to observe the whole damn amusing thing, I like to observe everything with unmoved heart. Call it attitude, hell yeah, but I find some perversive pleasure in watching those kind of stupid, futile battles. Like the cat that enjoys the show when the owner sprains the ankle.

The situation with wallies actually made with any graphic program is slightly different because they are not just simple photos, but the author put the actual effort into making them into one great piece. But still, the base of the artwork doesn't belong to them in the first place. So fine, put your name/nick/sign/whatever at the corner of it and get over with the fact that someone WILL post it someplace you have no idea exists.
So yes, if anything is available on the internet and has watermark/logo/whatever on, I feel absolutely in my rights to use it as long as I don't remove it. This way I can popularize someone's name.
And one more time, I never hotlink. This is what I find really unethical (in the world of the lack of ethics speaking about it sounds idiotic).

The cut:
So yes, feel free to use this link here to download the cut and do whatever you want with it.

And well, since I'm on SJ... I mean on SKKS topic, dammit!, few pics as well...


You want this lips? I know... mmm