Sunday, October 31, 2010

SKKS - some pictures

   Well, to close this day with a smile, even though forced maybe... some pictures from SKKS. It's a bit sad to think that on this upcoming Tuesday it will be the last episode. No confirmation about the extending, no confirmation about the sequel or at least special. Producers said that with this material, they could make another season with ease. No wonder since they finished only the first book. There is also many  things, according to them, that could have been showed, like more on Professor Jeong, or the political intrigue. But it had to be with the same cast. I can't see any other Yongha or Seonjun. Jaeshin too^^ But, as we all know, all of the actors are busy with their own schedules.
This is why I start to plead, for now with a low voice: Park Yucheon, get over with singing and start acting!

Kim Namgil-nim

  I have absolutely nothing to say.

One man two movies

   Jeong Jaeyoung... I guess Korean movie shows are spoiling me. Somehow a good TV Fairy heard my sobbing and pleading during those cold, dark nights without KNG bright smile, and now I get few JJY moments. I know this will come to an end when there will be no movie to promote, and I will have to wait few months on the complete dessert. But hell, I have movies, I can watch them all over again...

Thank You

For being born and for watching over me
23.08.1970 - 31.10.1993

Saturday, October 30, 2010

47th Daejong Awards

   As we all know a month ago So Jisub got the special one. On Friday, yesterday, the awards were handed. And as everyone predicted, Won Bin (yes, Aili!) got the award for the Most Popular Actor as well as for the Best Actor. Which is debatable considering Jeong Jaeyoung had also a nice movie this year... Let's fight!
Official Website 

Ignorance is a bliss!!

   Just had to printscreen it. OK, here's the article:

And now my usual rant, because I have this unsettling feeling that I have to give a reason why I write about this fact and not about, ie. another meeting of divided families between North and South Korea.
We, who after some time found our way to Korean entertainment, usually feel like neglected children. We have to put up with idiotic websites that don't allow foreigners to subscribe (yes, you KNG Official Asia!!), we are dramas deprived, movies deprived, events deprived. All we know we owe to ourselves and our comrades in those hard times.
Yes, we are fans, but "shadow fans", they perhaps know about us, but they can't grasp us.

Upcoming movies: November

    I know I should do many other things, but instead, I'm hanging around here and there, D-A is working again, so... In November we will (ekhem... Koreans will) get few new movies of every genre. A comedy, a thriller and drama. Two of them caught my eyes, No Doubt and Festival. The latter is actually a blind choice - because of Shin Hakyun in it. I miss him and Harvest Villa, although it had its funny moments, wasn't that funny at all. I saw the preview for it in some movie show, and except for some racy scenes, there is his face...

Friday, October 29, 2010

THIS will replace Seongkyunkwan...

... in the timeslot, definitely not in my heart. It will imprint an indelible stain in my mind though. Am I biased? Maybe. I will watch the first episode with as much indifference as I can muster up, but if I don't like it, no hordes of mad fans can convince me otherwise. And it's not like I will watch it with a bias already. Now I'm biased toward every single photo I saw, but it may all vanish when I see the actual drama. So... "don't put your religion on me, pal!". But I usually don't drag. If I don't like the drama after the first episode, I don't continue.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My First...

... big time with Photoshop...
Eh, I'm still lacking, but to satisfy your curiosity (eh??) what am I doing over those lonely, cold hours just before the dawn... This.

Life Is Beautiful-gate part ...

  This is the lady that created all this hell out there. The screenwriter, the beautiful mind, versatile tongue and imagination transcending the narrow and bordered horizons of others. This lady, Kim Suhyeon, wrote on 23rd that she felt as if SBS smashed her face with a wet rag. The reason? Oh, the reason is always the same, ever since few months: a couple. The scene in the episode that was aired was supposed to include Taeseob and Keongsu scene where they seal their confession in the church attending the wedding ceremony of Hoseob. Their scene was cut.
Apparently the people of the church on Jejudo where the scene was filmed filled the complains against showing the scene. Kim Suhyeon explained that she has no idea why and was enraged by the outcome.
But there is one funny fact. Actually the broadcast station wanted to air the episode the way it was written, but after such complaints, bosses changed their minds. I mean, are they really that soft? Complaints of some hypocrits against a huge base of approving voices? Where is the logic in it? Why did they yield? In fear of losing the viewers on Jejudo? Hell, everyone knows SBS is not my favorite station, but LIB was the last hope I had for them. I kind of admired them that despite all the flames of fury, idiotic Mothers Union ads and all, they can withstand all this.

SKKS - some goodies

  Well, call it what you want.
Episode 19 spoiler I translated on D-A, but it seems like D-A is temporary out, so I think about putting it here, although I don't remember it word for word, and I'm too lazy to go to any of 2 official websites for it. Yeah, I know...

Omo, Omo, Omoooo!!

  Ha Jeongwu and Jang Hyeok in one movie. One of the best actors and one of the best bodies... Well, no, I'm unfair, JH is also a good actor, Ok^^... Ah, let me fangirl for a moment... So, you're forgiven for dropping out of the Secret Garden, although my heart aches still that I will not see you along Yun Sanghyeon... Shiiit, that reminds me of Sanghyeon's hair, brrr... change it, change it please.
The movie, tentatively titled as The Client, will be directed by Son Youngseong. Apart from Mr. Ha and Mr. Jang (the right Jang, not to confuse it with The Peach^^) in the movie stars also Park Heesun.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some new music

  I started to give links to Melon Charts again. It's good to hear all 100 tracks and choose maybe 3 to like. I arbitrary decided which ones are worth listening to and will put them up here. The best of it must be Zia, who has really nice voice.
And I'm in desperate need of the new album of Casker^^

Sunday, October 24, 2010

SKKS - another cut

   The cut is from today's Entertainment Weekly. You know I'm a fan of stupid faces, right? Those three gentlemen on the left didn't disappoint me on this one. Hehe...
Sadly, Blinky... aigoo...
I wish they could extend it for another 4 episodes, but I know it's impossible, plus the dynamics of the series can be lost this way. So fine, 20 episodes can do as well.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kim Dasol

  Date of Birh: 13 IV 1989 Pusan (oh, that makes me feel so old). Winner of the International Piano Competition in Nagoya and the Chopin Competition in Asia, Tokyo. In 2008 received third prize in the International Music Competition in Geneva. Has performed in South Korea and Germany. Appearances as a soloist with, inter alia, the Pomeranian Philharmonic Orchestra of Bydgoszcz. (info and pic: Chopin IFCC )
If my sister's job wasn't connected to the Classical Music, I wouldn't even know about it. What's more, she cheered for him and liked his performance. Plus she said he's cute.
My sister, mind you, is totally into Western things, she knows about Asia only the fact that it exists. No, seriously, she was awared of Koreans during the whole competition. Yey for that!

Weird, weird K-Entertainment

   I thought nothing can surprise me after this time I spent immersed completely in Korean Entertainment. I've seen many things, good, bad and weird as well. But we learn till our last breath, and my Queen of Thorns posted one article that completely shattered my firm belief in the fact that I saw everything.
Allkpoop <-- read this on your own responsibility.
Indiana Jones was wrong saying: "I'm a scientist, nothing can surprise me". This would surprise even him.
So, the situation looks like this: there is a girl group, a rookie group that has yet to prove that is of some value on the music scene in Korea. Which may be hard considering that idols change there faster than the seasons of the year. And of course, as we know, all bands are bound by the rules of nearly slavery, so they appear here and there, making the appearance even at 3 am. And one of those girls said what she said. I mean, who gives a  crap? Omo, actually it sounded appropriately...

New Movies - info and trailers

   While waiting for Ahjusshi, and Recipe, some other movies to look forward to, hopefully. Sometimes when I start a movie, I can't believe it is made by the same nation as dramas. Korean movies are the epitome of freedom, comparing to dramas. This is understandable since dramas are broadcasted on TV. TV shows are watched by everyone, you can't put a monitoring device on the box to check who sits in front of it. In cinemas is easier - when you're under certain age - you can't buy a ticket. TV... Well, this is the main source of all of our frustrations lately. Because no matter how beautiful the sensuality between the people is, when it comes to kisses, suddenly everything just flats like a balloon. Yes, there are some nice, hot, great kisses in dramas, but in overall- there is a shortage of actors who can do it. And one of them is in the military, dumbass! Not his fault, I know... We agreed on this, first kiss can be awkward, but for our hearts and butterflies sake - don't make Amishes out of thirtysomething people living in a highly developped country!
OK, rant is over, because I could go on and on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SJ... oops, I mean SKKS...

As promised, the next pack of pictures.
Umm, and no, it's not only SJ here...

SKKS - it's closing...

  Sad as it is, only 4 episodes left. And since I don't want to flood D-A with pics, here they come!

KNG - Style

Even the company knows what type of man it needs. Well, not only company, if I may be frank. Eh..

Ju Jihun - interview

   Well, actually I'm hijacking Junki interview, but the hell with that. It's all about the names anyway... I'm incredibly retarded as I found this only now, and the interview is not that new (August).
I am probably biased, actually no, I am biased, but nothing that LJK says can actually either thrill me or move me. I mean, words have their meaning. So use the damn words to prompt any reaction.
If anyone doesn't know how to do it, go to D-A and look at any given thread with the Lovely B*tchy Unnis in. Oh hell, we prompt the replies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SKKS - Episode 16 cut

  I simply had to stop it, laugh, and continue. They managed to stay funny even though the whole surroundings are getting more and more grave. I cut the scene from the drama, because I thought it is so funny that everyone can rewatch only this short fragment in any time. And since I have no right to this drama, I will not claim the rights to the cut, I don't care actually if anyone repost it, share or anything. I find it amusing that people put their credits on the snapshots. More funny is the little fact that I even saw the address of one website on the pics taken from the Official Website. This is just plain ridiculous. How can one put their own site's name on the picture that doesn't belong to them and is, what's more, available to everyone who can navigate through Official? This whole big halo around credits became just, as I wrote, amusing. I like to observe the whole damn amusing thing, I like to observe everything with unmoved heart. Call it attitude, hell yeah, but I find some perversive pleasure in watching those kind of stupid, futile battles. Like the cat that enjoys the show when the owner sprains the ankle.

Life Is Beautiful-gate part xx

The whole article mainly focuses on Hong Seokcheon's appearance in the latest Strong Heart, when he thanked the writer of the drama for putting such big effort in portraying a very complicated family relations. He also added that this drama gave courage to few people to ome out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Gu Yongha. Gu. Yong. Ha.

   But why, yes, I do sometimes things other than watching dramas and b*tching about the condition of the modern society. But yes, I do not give a damn about some idio... uhmm, journalists that write in 14-years-old girl style. Why?
And I don't give a damn about the opinions of others. I'm old enough and stubborn enough to stay by my own principles. Plus I know the exact amount of words to express it. My vocabulary, as well as the dictionary of everyday use of any of our Lovely Unnis and one Maknae^^ at D-A, consists of more than "lovely", "cute", "awesome" and "stupid". So, let me elaborate on the problem that has been bugging me for some time already: Buahahahaa!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hong Kwangho - Singing Insanity

  I almost drooled all over my keyboard. The only existing reason I didn't do that is my consciousness. I have a laptop, so pouring my saliva all over it would only destroy what I fight for... eemm, wrong quote. I gathered some videos, 11 to be exact, found in different places. Some are from different renditions, that is why the double titles. Or just the video/audio recording is better. Obsessed hoomin is not sad over too much of the videos, you know...
(Edit: somehow I can't embed more than 4 here, dammit!!).
And, what's even more important, I found the OST for Phantom of The Opera. It's amazing to actually make the audience like you even though you play the ultimate bastard. The movie from 2004 with Gerard Sparta Butler ruined all the magic this story had for me. I liked the sombre aura that clogged everyone in it. Movie was just a Hollywood story, without any other sublime allusions. Well, hell, there was a rape, anger, betrayal, vengeance. They made it into a love story...
When my internet stops from being such a crappy mess? SKKS is not here yet! Damn...
And yes, I drooled because of this man. He can look deadly handsome, creepy, ugly, freaking me out, but there is one trait that overshadows everything - enormous talent and stage presence.

Few videos: JJY, SKKS^^

   And now this killed me. Ah, why am I not in Busan? Why am I not this lucky fella who could hug JJY?? Is life always this bad, or is it only like this when you live in Europe? Dammit!
Plus, I made another cut about this now-famous-line of Song Jungki about Yu Ah-in's lips, hehe, so you can either watch it or download the cut.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

SKKS - Behind The Scenes part 2

   I remember saying that if I liked Playful Dead Fish Kiss, I would drink all 200 ml of the carrot juice. All carrot juices: rest assured! But it's good I didn't make the same bet on SKKS around August... My daimonion was watching over me... 
But then again, it would be with some benefit to my poor eyes. Still, it's not that bad as yesterday. Note to self: do not apply anti-wrinkle serum during day. It's made only for a nighttime, I guess.
Yes, I started to use those, so what?
I have to look all radiant and beautiful in 2012, kekeke...
Dignity, always dignity...

[PIFF] Interview - Actor Lee Seon-gyun

Here is the interview with Lee The Voice Seon-gyun as conducted during PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall/Winter Dramas

Hm... I'm an easy lady, I guess. I saw pics from Secret Garden and I lost my marbles. And since I gave myself the whole day off (this is called laziness in some circles, meh), I'm messing around here and there. Waiting for another LIB episode, cleaning already tidy flat, trying to befriend Photoshop. I know it may be way behind CS3 or Dreamweaver, but I like it simple. When I see all this beautiful things other people create I say to myself: You can do it! But then someone steals my hours and I have no time.

SKKS - Behind The Scenes

    That's it. There is no way back for me. After seeing those, I'm SJ supporter all the way! His Jaeshin "wild horse" impression or YH's fainting... was just too hilarious. Damn, he's funny.
Yoo Ah-in is, as always, cute and laugh-triggering, and the shoots of his "wild horse" (remember the archery contest and short comic-strips in the library?) are just too good to be true. Man, I laughed so bad... I didn't have such great laugh lately. Even though the NGs are only over 5 minutes long, it's worth it^^.
I will probably cry when this drama ends. And even though I'm a bit nervous about the next Monday and the situation, I believe writers come up with nice and clean ending. Too bad this drama doesn't get this amount of attention as YAB in the last year. There were over 200 short clips of behind the scenes and NGs. *Sigh*

Friday, October 15, 2010

Upcoming movies

How do I put this. A gay movie. Not my fault that lately everything started to revolve around this. The Life Is Beautiful-gate hasn't ended yet. Damn, if they marry in this drama, I guess actors will be crucified. Crap, I made a religious reference, just sue me, please. And get over with it.
And don't ask me why there is a cat as the picture anchor.

Autumn thoughts

   So it came to this, we've been called homophobic on DA. If anyone gives a damn, please read this blog. Please read my posts on D-A, not just random ones gathered from the past 2 weeks, in one thread, OK? Then, if you find anything, you can call me a homophobic person. If not, don't even appear in the same place as me. Orion (ah, my Queen of Thorns), came up with the nickname for JKS: Gaysha. I find it very, very descriptive and accurate. Those who don't like it are either overreacting or play sensitive to any offensive word toward gays. I mean, is this some kind of sacredness that you can't make a joke? No, you can. You can make jokes of everything, just keep the jokes on the appropriate level. Hell, I like religious jokes, really, and I'm not a fighting atheist or anything. A joke is a joke. If I watch any GTM and I don't like it, I have to swallow my disappointment and just say it was awesome because I may offend anyone?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

KNG - One Fine Photoshoot

This is my favorite photoshoot. Over 40 pictures, I guess it's complete, but I may be mistaken.

Noron and Soron

We are hearing this in SKKS a lot, and the tension between Jaeshin and Seonjun is based on this division. Well, Jaeshin added lately another reason to hate the stone Seonjun, heh.
During the reign of King Injo, two political factions were at power: seoin (western faction) and nam-in (southern faction) The political power of dong-in (eastern faction) was shrinkened. In 1659, a big feud started among the nobles, and the reason was the length of the mourning after the second son of the King. Nam-in faction was victorious in it (2 year-long mourning) and the power of seoin waned for the time being. In 1680 nam-in were cut from the power after being accused of the conspiracy. The triumphant faction seoin split into two: noron (the old reasoning) and soron (the new reasoning). The former demanded the severe punishment for the conspirators, the latter were more lenient. In 1696, noron were accused of non-existent conspiracy and temporary shifted from the power, and some of them lost their lives as well. Soron faction's victory didn't last long, King Yeongjo (1724-1776) put noron back to the power. The law was strict: anyone who accused noron was sentenced. Soron revolted in 1728. They paid a high price for this mutiny, but in overall, Yeongjo's reign was peaceful (tangpyeonchaek).

Scandal NG

   Nah, nothing serious, but I found Seongkyunkwan Scandal NG and I want to share them^^. The more I watch this drama, the more I like it and I see deeper layers to it. Sadly, it comes to an end, and the next week's episode look tense, judging from the preview. But maybe it's my idiotic look at the things, and there is nothing to it? Even when based on the book? I'm not susceptible to fluff, I realized that while watching My Girlfriend Is Gumiho. Yes, it can be light, but with layers. Like meringue layered cake. Eh... I wish I had one. I'm craving for some small meringues... And the next Monday, ekhem...
And yes, I opted out for Jaeshin. I had my share of frustrating "wild horse" in another drama last year, and I can't get any warm feelings for him. As for any of the second lead for that matters. They always do it like this in dramas, they give the second guy more colorful personality, so that every fangirl can squeal about. So yes,  you may rip off my limbs, but he started to irritate me lately. Hopefully he will make it up. Or screenwriters.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More about Life Is Beautiful

Just want to present the interview from August with Song Chang-ee.

New Movies

First, I read an interesting article on KBS Global (my morning dosage of website started) about the change in popularity of some movies. Because the trend that it is a star in it that attracts the audience seems to be waning. Now, the viewers became more picky and base their choices on plot rather than on the celebrity. Good sign, because sometimes movies with "big names" (ah, daemul comes to mind, hehe) are just flops. You can read the whole article here.
Two new movies with no certain release date however.

Monday, October 11, 2010


That's me. Sleep deprived. Food deprived. Social life deprived. But in my happiest moments so far. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Few news

   Here, because I have no idea where to put those on D-A. Looks like I just love to ramble. But I was wandering here and there, so I read few interesting facts. I forgot to mention one funny thing that was on Section TV this weekend. Actress Ha Jiwon told the reporter that she is a nagging sister to Jeon Taesu (he plays our all-time favorite Blinky, ekhem, Ha Insu in SKKS). She blurted out that as an actor he has a lot work to do ahead of him. Oh, please, he started to blink and to smile even, he's not that bad! He's better than The Carp and The Table plus few dozens of others combined. She said that it's for his own good, and she wants to see him improve (or something, can't remember clearly , source: Nate)
   Another news, Lee Minho said that "10 year age difference is not that important" in an interview. The settings of the interview reminded me of another rabid... ekhem Rabbit Year-born star - JKS's interview. But the air is totally different this time. Granted, Lee Minho is just at the beginning of his career, he's sometimes not that good, and, the same like Jeon Taesu above, needs to work hard, but it looks like he's willing to do that.

Sunday morning

   I guess it's now official - I'm doing short movies on every Sunday morning. OK, I've done it twice so far, so let's not jump to conclusion and do not base a theory on the fact I'm lazy. I have to do something meaningful today (hmm... dinner is naturally out), so I guess I will make some wallies... emm... not exactly the right answer.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

2010 Videos mix part 1

   I found this while browsing some website. I believe my headache had its roots in this particular video. Someone made it really good, and stated it's just part 1. So, we are waiting for part 2. Hopefully with Jongh... eww, the whole SHINee, ok.
And there is one tendency in MVs. Boy groups tend to have dark, gritty ones, and girl group have pastel, sickening sweet videos. I don't count Lollipop video of Big Bang, which is... oh dazzling!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Petty Romance

   Don't care how petty it is, every movie with Lee The Voice Seongyun is worth watching. EVERY. There's something not right with today. I'm strangely aroused (perhaps because of JJY/KNG), but completely not in the mood for doing anything useful. That is why I'm on different websites laughing my a$$ off, drooling over some pics from Sungkyunkwan Scandal, drinking another mug of coffee (I can't quite feel my right hand, but it's normal, right? Oh, no, wait! It went numb!).
I just have this urge to ramble and write as much nonsense as possible.
I saw the fragments of this movie in Movie World (or was it I Love Movies? damn, my memory fails me sometimes) and I decided spontaneously, as I always do, that I will watch it. No, scratch that... that I have to watch it!
Lee Seongyun has a good year, a really good year. First, Pasta, then Oki's Movie, now Petty Romance. Ah, it's good to follow a solid actor... Speaking of which... I'm already psyched enough for The Murderer. Bring it on, Mr. Ha^^

Life Is Beautiful-gate

It seems there are more ripples to that than everyone could imagine. Being bold enough means you have to face the blind bashing and unreasonable bias.
And no, sorry, I will not stop to report on this ridiculously blown up problem. Because it's only the mentally deranged people that make the big problem out of this. For usual, a little educated people there is no problem at all. There is a transparent screen, just an air.

Pusan International Film Festival

Asia's most prestigious film event, the Pusan International Film Festival, opened Thursday night at the Suyoungman Yacht Marina in Korea's city of Busan.
This year international VIP guests include American filmmaker Oliver Stone who's here to promote his new release "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" and French actress Juliette Binoche, who was personally invited by the event's executive chairman Kim Dong-ho, as well as American actor Willem Dafoe, who is here to promote his latest project "A Woman."
On the domestic front "Queen of Cannes" Jeon Do-yeon has been invited as a guest at the festival's special section, Cinema Today Panorama, where her recent film "The Housemaid" will be screened.
And other celebs here to light up the event included Won-bin, Jung Woo-sung, Hyun-bin and Son Yeh-jin. (Arirang)
They forgot about Jeong Jaeyoung, bastards!! But I spotted him!
And I thought I went crazy and started to see things when I thought I saw KNG. I checked. Nope, I'm sane. KNG was in the broadcast^^
More info: PIFF on Arirang
You can always see a short report on it.
More pictures from the red carpet can be found: here.
Download link in 2 hours.
It's here

Thursday, October 07, 2010


  No, the post is not about me. Not about my ancient taste in men either (OK, it changed rapidly lately, ekhem). I'm not sure if there is any Korean movie I watched so many times. Maybe there is, but... not that important now. I didn't read the manga, and I tried to watch Japanese drama, but ended up hating it throughout the first episodes so I dropped. This movie, on the other hand, is perfect.
Title: 서양골동양과자점 앤티크
Release date in South Korea : 2008/11/13
Genre: comedy, drama
Antique is like a breath of a fresh air in the cinema. It is directed by Min Gyudong in such manner that every minute is a gem. The plot is somewhat simple: a young man Kim Jinhyeok (played by, stop my heart, Ju Jihun) wants to open a cake shop and hires a well-known patissier Min Seonwu. Their journey through life just begins. With time we get more characters entangled in each other's lives. We get to know a quirky ex-boxer, Yang Kibeom (played by oh so cute Yu Ah-in), and the dimwit bodyguard Nam Suyeong, who apart from his looks has nothing to be proud of.
Cake shop. What's interesting in a movie about cakes? I was hovering over this movie for almost two months before I finally sat down and watched it long time ago. From that time on, Yu Ah-in is on my watchlist, and Ju Jihun got a solid post in my heart. I was so biased, truthfully the plot didn't appeal to me at all.
But finally I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did (the same with SKKS, thanks to Yu Ah-in in it^^).

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Music again

   Buhwal. The name is an institution itself now. Formed in 1985 the group changed vocalists so many times, and perhaps the most famous out of them is Lee Seung Cheol.
Kim Tae-Won (guitar), Jung Dong-Ha (vocals), Um Soo-Han (keyboards), Seo Jae-Hyeok (bass), Chae Je-Min (drums).
Former vocalists:
Kim Jong-Seo (vocals, 1985), Lee Seung-Chul (vocals, 1985-88, 2002-03), Kim Jae-Ki (vocals, 1993-95), Kim Jae-Hee (vocals, 1995-97), Park Wan-Gyu (vocals, 1997-99).
Despite the fact that new one, Jung Dongha sings a bit in Japanese "singers" way, I can give it a go because he has a good voice. And is nice^^...
They were guests in the latest Kim Jeong-eun's Chocolate. First thing, I like this actress, second, this is a very good, yet low profile show. Not with that much hype as Music Bank, Music Core or Inkigayo, but still good. The other one that is as good as this and sometimes maybe better is Yun Dohyeon's Love Letter. Damn, I love YD's voice, and the band, so naturally I follow.
But this is not the only think I'd like to present, because I got more videos I managed to dug out. Haha! Mr. Hong Kwangho on The Musical Awards, June 7, 2010!! Fangirl time!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Ju Jihun - musical Sailing For Life

Here, I want to thank the kind soul who put the videos recorded with shaky hand. If it were me, I would be shaking as well.
To those who don't like live musicals or musicals at all - you can skip this post.
For Lee Junki fans - yes, treat is as some unavoidable calamity for me, cause I couldn't get rid of him from the video.
It's not the whole play, but small fragment and before that a short vid of our dear Jihun^^
(yes, I'm in the fluffy mood after todays SKKS, ufufufu)

Sunday, October 03, 2010


I have no idea why am I so damn unlucky.
Someone used my blog info to post some things on different lj communities. I changed passwords and asked to remove the posts, but hell, why?? I can ask about IP, but... I'm tired.
So if you see anywhere on lj my blog's address as a name, it won't be me. I have my own lj (not used, but claimed the proud name Ethlenn, so no one can use it. Even me, cause I forgot the password, eh..).

Year of the Rabbit Stars - 1987

(왼쪽부터)한효주, 이승기, 문근영, 장근석. source: 동아일보 )
   Seriously, I almost wrote rabid stars... ehh... 

   This article is partially true. Younger stars are to replace older ones, this is how the world works, but I have to disagree on several points in it.
This article sees this fact as a blessing. Fine, I can see few young actors who, if they are not going to be distracted by anything else, can go to the level of solid or watchable, but the fact that they are young and fame-hungry doesn't make the true actors out of them. It takes something more than just that. What about the talent and personality? I don't dine with them so I can't say much about their true personality, but about the one they are showing. And I don't like those who think they conquered the whole world.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Being Gay is contagious!!

Don't read my ranting now! It may turn you into one bitter bitch! Apparently this is as contagious as the "gay virus", as I called it. At first I had this unpleasant knot in my stomach that is always caused by the stupidity of  the galactic size. Knot, not my stomach, ekhem... 
I thought maybe people in 21st century will finally go for at least 200 grams of a pure brain and start to think? Apparently not. We may pretend how tolerant we are, but it looks like in the backs of our heads old animosities linger. Lately in Korea union of mothers created anti-gay ad, and because of what? Because a gay couple is among the characters in the drama Life Is Beautiful. I admit, I watch this drama every week, waiting impatiently, and I find all the scenes pure and innocent. Dammit, ladies, it's not No Regret or My Own Private Idaho! Have no idea what are they talking about. But I usually have problems with understanding such narrow-minded people, and usually I do not bother. 

The ad stated, “If my son becomes gay and dies from AIDs after watching ‘Life Is Beautiful’, SBS must take responsibility!

What the f*ck is wrong with you all people? This is not a flu, you can't become gay beacause another gay sneezed at you on the bus!


Nothing much, but I think I haven't written anything on Mr. Jeong for a quite long time. But I came across an article on Yoo Seon (she was the lady in Iggi, she was the lady... she gave me such creeps there), that she learned the sign language especially for G-Love. Come to think of it, KNG also learned for Goodbye Solo... OK, enough.
There's nothing on this movie still, apart from the fourth person in cast: Jo Jinwung.
And G-Love is about what?
The movie ‘G-Love’ is a film about a high school baseball team with an ex-baseball player who pasted his prime time and a school mistress; watching point is a strong friendship and love between high school baseball players. This is a second human drama genre challenge for director Kang Woo-seok 21 years after “Happiness is not in academic score order’ (1989). (after hancinema )
So be prepared I will be acting like with Iggi, that means: every article I can find, every pic or shred of it. But I'm not an abnormal fan so I will post only official ones from normal sites.
JJY played baseball player in Someone Special, if anyone wants. T'was a strange movie...