Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall/Winter Dramas

Hm... I'm an easy lady, I guess. I saw pics from Secret Garden and I lost my marbles. And since I gave myself the whole day off (this is called laziness in some circles, meh), I'm messing around here and there. Waiting for another LIB episode, cleaning already tidy flat, trying to befriend Photoshop. I know it may be way behind CS3 or Dreamweaver, but I like it simple. When I see all this beautiful things other people create I say to myself: You can do it! But then someone steals my hours and I have no time.
Secret Garden: reason? I lost my reason, akshuly^^ Why do you need one when you can have Yun Sanghyeon on the screen. Plus Hyeon Bin^^

Yes, yes, I'm coming, don't drink the whole wine^^

Queen of Reversals: reason? I like Choi Jeong-an. Plus it looks fun. Plus... those stupid glasses on the right... eh...

Home Sweet Home: reason? Because I admire Kim Hyesu.
pictures credit: hancinema^^