Saturday, October 02, 2010


Nothing much, but I think I haven't written anything on Mr. Jeong for a quite long time. But I came across an article on Yoo Seon (she was the lady in Iggi, she was the lady... she gave me such creeps there), that she learned the sign language especially for G-Love. Come to think of it, KNG also learned for Goodbye Solo... OK, enough.
There's nothing on this movie still, apart from the fourth person in cast: Jo Jinwung.
And G-Love is about what?
The movie ‘G-Love’ is a film about a high school baseball team with an ex-baseball player who pasted his prime time and a school mistress; watching point is a strong friendship and love between high school baseball players. This is a second human drama genre challenge for director Kang Woo-seok 21 years after “Happiness is not in academic score order’ (1989). (after hancinema )
So be prepared I will be acting like with Iggi, that means: every article I can find, every pic or shred of it. But I'm not an abnormal fan so I will post only official ones from normal sites.
JJY played baseball player in Someone Special, if anyone wants. T'was a strange movie...