This is thought to be a clustering page gathering all my posts regarding music. And by "music" I mean reviews or just video posts with sheer spazzing. I will continue to write separated posts about the music I'm listen to and all will be listed here just to make the browsing handy.
In case videos or links are not working - don't blame me, blame YT or services I used. However, there is always the title and artist's name mentioned so you can look for it yourselves.
Also, I have no habit of going back and fixing posts, so there might be some typos, weird sentences or so. Blame it on me this time.

It will be in the descending order in terms of recent posts (on top).
Music tracks of Kim Namgil where nuna ponders why KiNG is such a great creature of this world and uses poor excuse to post some pictures.


November Rain  where there is a list of 1000 songs one must hear before one dies. Agree with maybe 10%.
Immortal Song 2 Miraculous Update where this crazy nuna spazzes about Ryeowook. Again.
Wave or Flood? where nuna disses SMEnt and wants Jjong to go solo.
Hong Kwangho in July poor excuse to post this man's song.
Oh Music, Music where nuna states that nothing's better than Ryeowook (sung along Jjong's line, I'm hopeless, I know)
Teuroteu where trot reigns!
Ballad Evening where nuna contemplates why TEI is so perfect.
The Musical Actor in My Heart Is? where the question is answered even before asking.

YB again
IS 2 Stars
Some Songs
Some Music
Evil Evil everywhere! where this nuna dissects many Kpop MVs just to find out they worship Cthulhu and probably all are Siths.
Kpop Takes Over Yer Minds!
My Lovely Dino self explanatory.
Another Song (IS2, Infinite trio)
Immortal Song 2 Report
Ranking Singing Abilities
IS 2 Weekly Report
IS 2 Report
INFINITE - The Future of Hallyu
IS 2 Weekly Report
Immortal Song 2 Respawn
Korean Drama OST Evolution
Music Again
This is Kim Jonghyeon Post where nuna admits she might be slightly biased.
Sing Along (to Dino's performances) where nuna posts lyrics because she can.
Some MVs
Summer Music
Immortal Song 2 where nuna faints and needs CPR.
New Music
Singing Men where nuna fangirls over Ju Jihun.
5th Musical Awards
Another Music
May Music
Cuts and Music
Delispice is back
Again Music and Videos
Music again
Some Music
Open Music - Hong Kwangho
Some Music Videos
Some Music
Junsu and Jonghyeon^^
Bubble Sisters
Music Music
More Music ~.~
More Music ^^
More Music
Music, with nice MVs
TEI - 그대를 사랑해


TEI deep soothing voice
Music Videos
Music for a Beautiful November
Some New Music
Kim Dasol
Music Again
Hong Kwangho - Singing Insanity
More Manly Voices
Hong Kwangho
Singing Actors Acting Singers where nuna professes her love for musicals.
Best Movie OST
Korean MV Part 2
Korean MV
Music Files
Korean Music Links
Korean Music Websites
W & Whale