Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Musical La Cage

   Korea is a strange country. The gay population is (est.) 0%, foreigners are the source of abysmal depravation, yet the best musicals are precisely about those issues that can't be expressed  directly. It may be there are few reasons - because it's "just a play", contestation of the official trend, curiosity and maybe even a rebellion.
Whatever the reason, let's just say that in this little world of our musicals, nothing's impossible. The most famous Rent is about homosexuality, performed tremendously well in Korea, with fearless actors and directors. Now La Cage aux Folles. Here is the official website of the musical.
Mentioning this because Lee Minho (younger) tweeted this. And this musical has fabulous list of actors! Cheon Hojin is a busy one, playing that mofo bastard from hell that needs to be killed in Gaksital, and now musical^^

What this fuss is about?
From the official Broadway website:
LA CAGE tells the story of Georges, the owner of a glitzy nightclub in lovely Saint-Tropez, and his partner Albin, who moonlights as the glamorous chanteuse Zaza. When Georges' son brings his fiancée's conservative parents home to meet the flashy pair, the bonds of family are put to the test as the feather boas fly! LA CAGE is a tuneful and touching tale of one family's struggle to stay together... stay fabulous... and above all else, stay true to themselves!
Yes, it's the base on which movie The Birdcage was made.

Actors (click on pic to see full size)

Here you have the most famous song from it, sung by Gloria Gaynor this time. It's a grand finale song in musical, btw.

And trailer for it, mentioning the actors.

 And here a tango rehearsal for the musical.
No fancams cause it starts in July, kk...