Monday, April 30, 2012

Small gift for a friend

임동우: Im Dongwoo
Debut: 2011 with the digital single 사람… 다시 한사람 (Two people... again one person).
Agency: Star Entertainment
180cm, 74kg
Cyworld Minihompy 

K-OSTs taxes

   The taxes period is ending here. This is why I thought about writing a post highlighting some of the OSTs of the past 4 months. And again - it's personal, subjective and biased.
Music is a strange thing, even stranger than a picture. It may move us one second and leave cold at the different moment in our life. The same piece may bring memories to one person, and do nothing to another.
This is why I like some of the crappiest songs ever, and higly-esteemed blues singers leave me cold.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kim Soo-hyun’s win is hotly debated

   I don't feel as such a b*tch for complaining and whining about this boy's winning now. The fact he didn't deserve it is not only my and few friends of mine bitter remark, but it looks like others are not the happiest with that too.
First, I dropped Moon That Embarrasses the Sun when kid actors left. If they wanted to give an award to anyone out of MoonSun, they should have given it to Yeo Jingu (but I'm jailbait-y biased). The story was lackluster and it was drifting in a really boring direction, but Korean audience loved it. And whatever Korean audience (40+ ajummas) loves - it wins. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring with dramas

   It's hard to follow certain tumblrs and not to get exposed to spoilers. Fans who have lots of time and software in their hands mercilessly spam the dash with gifs. I don't complain, since I'm pretty much indifferent to spoilers. Knowing the ending doesn't ruin the watching for me. Au contraire! It sometimes puts my heart at ease. It's not the case with currently airing dramas, though. We just have to bear with Devil-spawn that is Sena and wait until Lee Gak will finally stop being such a blockhead.
But this post is not about Rooftop Prince that is proudly reigning (sic!) on my watchlist, it's brilliant in many aspects. And since many of my friends say otherwise, it's more than predictable I'd say that.
Also, I never run out of ideas what to watch, I don't squeal for recommendations as many morons on D-A, I don't have draught seasons too. Dramawiki is mah friend and synopsis is more than enough to... make me curious, yeah (sung along SHINee's Sherlock, dammit...)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Casker & Fanny Fink

   Pastel Music is long gone, but Casker and Fanny Fink collaborated on this.
So a small, Pastel Music remembrance post^^

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baeksang Popularity Awards

It has been decided, as the voting was counted from netizens' side.
I barely make any sense, sorry.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kim Junsu is perfect flawless human

May will be such a hard month...
But I wish they'd leave his hair for now, and he should eat more, pabo.

Lee Gak is an idiot

Another take on this drama by Asiae.
I noticed funny fact with their reviews lately. They became moderate ones, and the review of Love Diva Rain is written in a really amusing way - the author of it clearly didn't want to bash the episodes, but tried to find anything that could be praised.

Lucky Germany T^T

TV series "Padam Padam," "Kimchi Family" and "Syndrome," which had aired on JoongAng Ilbo's general programming cable channel JTBC, have been sold to Germany.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Some musical

Any reason is good enough to mention (be still mah hart) Hong Kwangho, so..

Rooftop Prince constantly praised

   Well, actually, I rarely see a drama being so praised left and right. Especially on 10Asia since they have high standards and all dramas are just so-so to their eyes (I can't complain about their reviews, as all reviews, they are a bit subjective but I'm no cray cray fangirl to curse them if they slant my "beloved" drama). So yes, I was reading this anxiously and found they pinpointed same things I noticed. RP has many angles it can be seen from.
Plus Yucheon is praised for his improved acting skills.
Yet he can still be modest about this.
Take this, Diva!

Junsu to release first solo

And this is why I badly need another job. 
Whatever, I just need this. I neeed!
Now, Jonghyeon solo and my life will be complete.

When an autograph isn’t enough

   JoongAngIlbo made an article on sasaengs. And it's creepy and hair-raising, but I'm happy media are finally realizing those are not normal fans but freaking psychos that need treatment.
Read below.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nell is back

I posted the vid on DA few days ago, but realized it has to be known outside it. Nell for me is either hit or miss, I don't like their "post-punk" songs, but I do like their ballads. While watching this MV I almost cried.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some news

I rarely was this busy.
I went to my parents' for Easter, came back, and slept 4 hours a day to catch up with everything and it's still not done. Yup, with Kpop in the background because it's so erotic energetic that it keeps me on my feet. I don't want to get all mushy and personal, so some news, as in the title.
JYJ is banned in Japan. Sky is blue, grass is green...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Viki goes global

OMG! Kdramas in Europe!! Europe!!

Yes, THIS Viki site.

Monday, April 02, 2012

From me to you^^

   Last week was very busy in K-Entertainment. SMEnt finally revealed they will debut their EXO group, which is famous for 75654 billions of teasers starting from December, or even earlier. Don't care much for the group.
And Princess got herself an official website. Nothing new, some others, even though they are not in the showbiz for 20 years, have it, so why Galactic Empress shouldn't have one? I guess YouTube is not enough these days. No profit from it, eh?

Oh yes, and Game of Thrones started :P'''