Monday, November 29, 2010

The concert videos

   Hmmm... Did I ever say I like 10Asia? They are not bunch of screaming fangirls for whom every blink and move is a hierophany. This is why I tend to read Korean serious fora than fanpages. Come to think of it, where and when I was lately on some fanpage? Nevermind.
But I was on Clubbox... omo... what to start with?

JYJ - a what the hell!

I observed today while browsing through 20 different Korean websites that fans start to call Yucheon by his full name, not using the nickname. Good. I have never used it and I hate it. I HATE it.

MAMA: Mnet Asian Music Awards

  Our pretty gir... I mean boy, Song Junggi was hosting today's event. Oh, busy, busy, yesterday he went to JYJ concert, today he did this. I hope this whole stress won't affect his porcelain skin. And I have to say one thing: looks like our flower boy watches Secret Garden, but instead picking up Juwon's fashion sense, he went to some Oska rampage... Oh well, I can accept that. Two days ago he was dashing.
Oh Ji Ho was handing the award to 2PM.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Secret Garden - rest of the pictures

As I said, I love this drama, no, WE love this drama so far so much we watch it raw... we count the days and hours down. And we anticipate what will be after the body switch.
And yes, Lee Philip is among those.
And yes, leoprint dress is among those.

Secret Garden BTS and stills

   Yes, another set of the pictures, both BTS and regular stills. The last time I went for the similar rampage was... oh my, SKKS... But with KBS broadcast and website it was much, much easier. Don't see the reason why SBS is acting as such an asshole. They created a wonderful drama, it is airing right after LIB, I really can't understand their greed for ratings and behavior on the website. Why not to throw some goodies to fans? Like free wallpapers, chibis or ie. the sounds from drama, like message alert. I liked the one Ra-im had when she got the message on her phone. That would be nice^^.

King of the Sparkle

   Yes, there is only one King of the Sparkle. There are many other Princes and Princesses who would like to claim the throne for themselves but not for now. And I'm not talking here about Mr. David Bowie. I'd like to propose the Fashion Oscar (omo!) for anyone who came up with the idea of sequined tracksuits. Yes, I know, they are custom-made, sewn one by one by some Italian master, yeah, yeah... 
All pictures come from SBS website. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SKKS - Withdrawal Syndrome

  Perhaps it's because I keep myself away from it and don't watch. I have to conduct this test in February. I just have to ... well, test it. I am so redundant today. Perhaps too much Hyun Bin this very morning? In a leoprint tracksuit... yess... I just want someone answer the question we've been asking for some time already. WHAT'S WITH EFFIN' LEOPRINT?? Did someone decide it's the biggest top pattern in the last part of this freaking, bad 2010? Believe me, the Mighty Creator of this Trend, 2010 was bad enough without it. I see it in every drama (or outside of it) - high heels, clutches, bags, scarves, blouses, leggins, pants, jackets, robes, even tracksuits. 
Wait, where was I? Ah SKKS. Some pictures, yes...

JYJ... ekhem...

   Still, interested only in 1/3rd of it. Today there wil be a big concert in Seoul. Good or bad, I wouldn't mind going there just to... yes, stare. With a big suitcase. Hmm... so you can be an actual singer and behave normally? Man, some singer-wannabies behave as if doped and exaggerate both outfits and attitude. Ah yes, add to it an overblown ego. This world is strange.
If they disband I would be the last to cry, seriously. I wish them all the best and hope they can win over SM Ent (ahaha, such an optimistic thought this Saturday! It must be Secret Garden in 10 minutes, haha!) but no big despair if they ceased to exist as a band.

Pure cuteness - Song Junggi

  Otherwise known as Gu Yongha. He got the charm. He got the talent. He got every nuna's heart. If only mine wasn't already taken, cutie, if only... Hmm... but maybe, maybe, I can find a room for this cuteness overload. And to add my usual 2-cent ramble. A SUIT!! A manly haircut! See, you can be beutiful as a flower and still manage to look manly. No need for flashy accessories, no need for silver jacket... 
I never paid much attention on him, but if he behaves like this in the future, I may.
In actors and presence department that is.

Jeong Jaeyoung - Winner of Blue Dragon Award

It may not be his best role or movie, but please, if you want to stay alive... He's this kind of actor, if you can't praise him, just shut up. I love him, every role, even in idiotic movies, love his method, his approach, his power.
This time, I'm totally biased.
Yes, I'm happy. I'm elated. Let me stay in this state for a while. Until bitterness of life smothers it again.
Update: OK, you can say what you want. I don't care that much.
Ah, and I found the video, the video... *faints*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random pictures

I found some funny gifs on Asiae. Simply great, especially the one with fan. But well, he's Gu Yongha.
And yes, this time I managed to see others not only Seonjun. After 3rd rewatch of pics. Ekhem...


The funniest thing that happened during that conference? A guy who took upon himself the role of Ockham's Razor and said that it's pointless to do any research for something that doesn't exist. OK, I don't believe in demons either, but it's not the point. I conduct the research on their ontic status IN Heian period (and a bit earlier) based on Konjaku. Actually, the true topic is a bit different, but it's no time and place to discuss it. I try to establish their place in the world. Between human and otherworld. I like to read about the stuff. I enjoy it. I want others to enjoy it as well.
This is why I transformed (sounds ominous, almost as demons that could transform themselves into the beautiful lady, ekhem, and here where the similarities end...) small part of my presentation into a movie^^.
Music by: Tearliner.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The progress

   I came back yesterday at dawn, accompanied by rain and cold. Rain and cold liked me so much they became somewhat my shadow throughout the whole journey to the conference and back. In terms of the research, I may say the trip was successful, in terms of fun... well, let's change the subject.
First, our trip to the actual place was quite nice albeit long. When we finally lodged into some nice, cozy hotel, almost dying for food (and some alcohol, ekhem), the wind blew so strong and so cold, I cursed I was born. You know the feeling, when you're hungry every slightest obstacles drive you nuts. And even breeze may feel like a squall. So there was me, and two other ladies. Hungry and pissed off because of that. We left our lair and went out into the darkness of the city (ahaha, my furor poeticus ticks in!) to hunt down some pizza. Nothing.

The first message...

   ...after my coming back home was the message sent by my sister. "North Korea shelled South Korea". At first I thought of it as a bad joke, but somehow I managed to get up from bed and check the news. Nope, she wasn't joking. North Korea did fire dozens of rounds and South repelled by firing around 80 rounds towards North shores. The tension escalated to this. In March, South Korean ship Cheonan was allegedly sunk by North (they never pleaded guilty in this, saying all evidences were fabricated), few days ago North informed about the nuclear facility with fully operational system. And what's more, North always says it's South that is bringing the peninsula to the brink of the war.
An american carrier left the base south of Tokyo and went to South Korea waters to conduct the exercises with Korean naval fleet. This move will enrage the North and probably irk China.
   I really do hope South can show some dose of political wisdom and hold up every aggresive move. Because if not, every conflict with hanging over the abyss North will end up with a total war. Meaning - nuclear war. The peninsula will be devastated. I hope it's another, more violent though (latest reports say about two civilians killed on the island) cry for help from impoverished North. I hope it will vanish with time. But still, as long as the dynasty of deranged people will rule any country, Peace and War will have their games all over.
And yes, I have to go with my sister in faith, Aili, those numbnuts fangirls worry about actors in the army. Damn you all people, when your country is in danger, nothing counts.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kim Namgil-nim: a tradition

   Yes, if a second time we can call a tradition, then OK. The second time I'm going off-line and the second time I bid my farewell with His pics. What can I do? I love the man? Actually "love" is not an appropriate verb here. Admire? Yes. Adore? Yes. Love? Well... I don't wake up close to this person, I don't put up with his eating habits, I don't see him after indigestion. So "love" is not suitable her. I love his work, screen presence, persona and character he displays and an enormous talent, but... I try to remain normal, you know. The price you pay for being sober too often and not indulge in fan-fantasy.
Fan-fantasy is not bad. I have it on a daily basis. But still, I know my place.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

JJY: interview

   Eemmm... because everything is better than research. Apparently. Drooling versus Research - 1:0.

Friday, November 19, 2010

8th Korea Film Awards

  And... yeah, Won Bin. Soon he will be charged I guess. Because he's taking "too much care" of little Kim Saeron. Geez, people are so dumb. She starred along him in Ahjusshi, but if it were her parents always with her on every gala, people would say they want to use their daughter's moment of fame. If it's Won Bin taking the responsibility for her, he's close to being called a paedophile. Note to self: never, ever, sit 2 meters to any kid, I may be seen as a pervert too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Secret Garden, some pictures^^

   Aaand I'm back to my normal self. That is: bitchin' about what needs to be taken apart or just haul somebody over the coals. It's not like I enjoy it. No, because my normal self like to writes paeans to somebody's glory. But if anyone thinks I will stop criticising (in the original meaning of it), better move to another kindergarten, because I won't. I can't write a poem for a crap though. I'm not as talented as Baudelaire who could write A Carcass (Une Charogne) to contrast an evening and some hideous corpse. Anyway, some random pics from the drama that saved my faith in Kdramas, after the mountain of rotting cliches that are called Marry Me, Mary. That's it. I said that. I think petitions to the Pope, Dalailama, and Asahara for my excommunication are on the way. *shrugs* couldn't care less.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last hope

   Hmm, I wanted to title this New Hope, but I don't believe in this myself, and I promised myself I will not be lying anyomore. Looks like the final trial against SM Entertainment is on the way and Girls Generation were asked to testify. To those not into the matter: hell, where have you been the past year?? As we all know DBSK disbanded because of what some boys/men called " a slave contract". And I have to second that. This WAS a slave contract. And now what? SM Ent. is doing everything to hamper the career of JYJ. I wouldn't be surprised if the visa thing was also their subterfuge. Because after reading that they (SM Ent.) contacted all biggest broadcasts in Korea to ask not to promote JYJ's activity is just... well, Mishil would probably be very proud.
Fine, not a big fan of their music, but still was interested in 1/5th of them back then, and now I can follow 1/3rd of them without any guilty feelings (ekhemm... don't ask), so naturally I'm susceptible to any news.
I don't believe the outcome of the trial will be of boys' favor. I want to be wrong, but... I have not that much hope.
And to make things worse, SHINee is also under SM Ent. Wonder how many years they will endure... Maybe SM gets some brains and gives a whole week (damn, a whole week!!) every year as a holiday to them?

Weird, weird K-Entertainment part 2

   I planned to write an elaborated and filled with many greek and latin words statement on how we are unfairly treated through different fora, but suddenly I realised that this is actually the main reason we are hated so much. Because we can state our voices in some reasonable manner, using normal English sentences, without ten exclamation points and without using some strange abbreviations that no one above the age of 18 seems to understand. Yes, I'm old. But I don't remember I have ever been a fan of worthless stuff. Of course, as every teenager, I listened to some crappy music, and I cried while watching Titanic, but I was able to revise my opinions. After some time our taste changes. This is all natural. For instance, I liked YAB when the craze was out, but this drama didn't pass the test. The test is simple: I watch a drama after 3 months' break. If I still laugh where I should and cry where I cried before, if I still bite my nails and feel my heart pounding like mad - this means a drama/movie passed the test. This is why I still love Coffee Prince. This is why I still love Miindo, No Regret, Lovers, Welcome to Dongmakgol, She's On Duty etc. So if my saying that I hate certain drama offends other people's feelings... I don't give a rat's ass for that. Why? Because people don't give a rat's ass why I hate it. So why should I even bother?
   And no, I can't just turn the blind eye for a huge black hole that supposed to be a plot. I can't pretend I can enjoy one small fragment of it. When I do something, I do it with all my might. When I support someone, I'm ready to tear the sky apart for them, but when someone disappoints me, I'm going to slant them mercilessly.
Right now I'm tired of explaining why I hate some dramas or actors. Because it is all a matter of taste. For some JJY may seem boring, unattractive, bad actor - I don't freaking care. I'm ready to build an altar for him and worship him every Thursday, because he was the one who dragged me back to Asia, to Korea. For some KNG may seem just an eyecandy. I'm ready to polish my blades and fight for him as an amazing actor and great human being, and I couldn't care less if he looked like a Quasimodo.
Damn, I used some uncomprehensible words and references to books still... Mea culpa, mea culpa...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

G-Love: first stills

There are two stills that appeared on Hancinema. And what can I say? It's a long waiting, long waiting till this movie release. JJY played a baseball player once, in Someone Special, and it was such a weird movie. I'm waiting.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secret Garden, Secret Power

   Drama started with high ratings of 17.2%. Why am I even reporting those? Because it's obvious that for a broadcast company this is the main factor of judging whether drama is good or not. Call it dumb, cynical or just practical. Perhaps everything combined.
I had high expectations toward this drama, we psyched ourselves enough on D-A, and... I'm not disappointed. At least not after the first episode. 19 more to go. And as my fellow Thorns, I do hope they will not end it up drowning in tears, sorrow and wallowing in pain. As much as I have a thing for the tragedy, I hope for a happy ending. Or at least a positive one. SKKS, anybody?
As I said, I'm a first episode-girl, so as much as density of idiocy and cliches in Marry Me, Mary! just made this drama indigestible for me, the comical streak in this one is vey, very nice. This comical streak has Hyeon Bin's dimples, so...
   I may be mistaken, but I can't recall his funny to that degree role. Snow Queen was a tragedy and a bit not for my liking, Friend, Our Legend was everything except for fluff. My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, on the other hand was a well mix of comedy and a normal, everyday relationship, but not a fluff anyway. And Millionaire's First Love, except for being a chick flick and a fairly light one (I just loved his attitude there, especially in the school, when faking his broken leg...), ended with death. So I guess it's his first such hilarious role.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Through Love To Humanity Part 3 - The Red Book

The Red Book played another role in this drama. Not a pivotal, but an important one. All I can say now is: Thank you. To all the creators of this drama who made me dream again, and to those who read my long blabberings on it. If I missed something, I will accept the constructive critique. However, I will not accept any critique just for fun of it.
Why I mentioned Red Book? Because this particular book went from the hands of Yunhee (who copied such books 3 times, to all the horror of Seonjun, hehe. She wasn't all that innocent.) to the hands of... Yunhee. It's a closure. Funny, witty closure.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Through Love To Humanity Part 2 - Who Is Who in Seongkyunkwan

And one more time: I can give you a shovel, but which direction and how deep you want to dig, it all depends on you. This is my personal take on the characters. As useful as the shovel itself. You may also leave it and don't care.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Park Yucheon - Interview

   Stop fooling around, boy, and start reading the next scripts. If not... I will unleash my wrath upon you!
The interview found on KBS Global website, while I tried to relax and... and... uhmm... nevermind. Can't think properly now.
And I still maintain you can see a glimpse of a person through the interviews.
Thanks godsss he's not wearing a leoprint.

Life Is Beautiful - end (?) of the story

   Not my article, I just found it and want to report. While reading this, I had still in mind the over-excited tone of a one article on Mary... from few days before. Well, before this mess of a drama started to air.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Bury Me, Mary!

   If you think this picture is weird, you're right. And this stays as weird. And not that kind of weird that would make me anticipate the next weirdness. The next weirdness is displayed and visible from the start.
The song-motif for this drama is:
Let me never see the sun
And never see you smile
Let us be so dead and so gone
So far away from life
Just close my eyes
Hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart.
(HIM: Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Through Love To Humanity Part 1 - Introduction

            Yeah, cheesy title, I know. Don't care.
To all: this is my another personal, biased, filtered take on the drama known to all as Seongkyunkwan Scandal and among a small circle of slightly unhinged ladies as Omg, omg, I’m gonna... And to make things clear, and to remove any doubts, some time before I adopted new, revised system of Romanized Hangeul. This is why names are written not separately, but joined. And what usually is transcribed as “u” I use “eo”, because “u” is used to write the sound “oo”. And as we have our technical things done, time to move to this drama.
            First, a confession. I had no intention of watching it. I knew it was a period drama, so I was tempted subconsciously. I heard those voices telling me: “period drama, period clothes, period hair-styles…”, but still I showed my remarkable, well known to the entire world, strength and refused to watch. I’m dumb like that sometimes. The reason was simple, and now I’m really ashamed to say it. Idol drama. I was so biased I refused to listen to my mind. My mind is usually a lot smarter than my heart, so I often depend on its decisions.
I mentioned it while bashing Playful Dead Fish Kiss. I was simply not interested. But one day, bored out of my mind, I went to Hancinema to see who is actually playing in it and I saw Yu Ah-in in it. Because yes, such biased I was, to Hancinema I went not. I thought… umm, OK, it’s not appropriate actually what I thought, some minors may read this. I said, hell, if not for a story, I could watch one episode solely for him! For a pretty boxer from Antique. Turned out – this was my undoing.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Press Conference Fashion

  I'm in a bitchy mood today, so I decided to relax myself a bit by writing here. There are days like this, not particular bad as for weather, but somehow, in the course of hours my mood can plummet faster than a shooting star. It just happens, have no idea why, and nothing can cheer me. And because I have refrained from commenting on leopard print on jackets, I tried to get rid of the images that Aility gave me and they caused me nauseous ever since that day. But, I guess unless I speak about it, I will not get my peace back. And I need it to finish few articles. My personal, subjective, biased opinion, you don't need to give a damn on this one.
  I can handle the weird fashion, really. I've never had any problems watching this. On the catwalk. Or in the movies. Really, after seeing Velvet Goldmine and Terry Gilliam stuff nothing can surprise me. I understand wacky outfits for some photoshoots. Why? Because they are part of the concept for it. The person who is responsible for a photoshoot talks with the stylist and they come up with the right image. A model or actor who models for it has little to say. He lends his personality, body and face to it and nothing more. So I don't care for that. I couldn't be more indifferent to it.
But when the actor is caught while attending some event, like movie premiere (not his/her, just a visitor in the theatre), dressed in some strange combinations even Stevie Wonder wouldn't choose, there is this alarm that goes off deep in my head. (btw. I love Stevie Wonder, jokes aside).

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Secret Garden (시크릿 가든)

  Right now the only drama I'm anticipating. Why? Have no idea, ufufu, it's not because Hyeon Bin and Yun Sanghyeon in it, no no...Next Monday starts Marry Me, Mary! but... ok, I say it this way - the wackiest fashion in Secret Garden is just a kindergarten comparing to JGS display.
In this drama Jang Hyeok was supposed to be... sniff... But even after he dropped out, it's the drama I'm waiting for and hoping for. It will be also Bini's last drama before the military in March, so a goodbye for 2 years. Hope it will be a better goodbye than Bad Guy, love,that was very disappointing.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


That was fun. I liked to feel young again.
Below I added an opening for download^^
Update: SKKS Special is on D-A.

Jeondeung Temple

  I came accross one article about the Annals of Joseon stored inside this temple complex while I was looking something more on historical accounts kept in Korea. Thankfully, 1181 volumes kept in the Jeondeung-sa on Ganghwa Island remain undamaged. If it wasn't for those annals, probably Dong Yi, or SKKS would have not come to life^^. This temple has a very long history, reaching back to the Koguryeo period and King Sosurim. It was built by a monk name Adowhasang.
The fortress that the temple is part of, is built with stone.
For more reading on this beautifully located and crafted temple and fortress: here.
And I have to say it with hand over my heart - I love the green and red combinations in Korean architecture. I like the colorful elements. When you look closer to the eaves and bracketing, you will see the intricate patterns and detail that can cause a whirlpool of colors before the eyes. And I like how they used stone in their work. It is often said that Chinese architecture is made of the brick, Korean of the stone, and Japanese of wood.

Monday, November 01, 2010

SKKS - Ending is close


   Last time I spammed this blog with pics from some drama was Bad Guy. Boy, how many troubles SBS caused me whenever I went there for pics! KBS, on the other hand, is nice and civilized^^ The other difference between those situations? SKKS is a good drama. Sorry, my love.
Update: November 2: added 4 more pics, the same as on DA.

Music Videos

  Some are new some not. But since I'm idling my time away waiting for SKKS episode 19 streaming, I decided to at least do something useful. So I went both to Bobosko and Youtube. And this will become my undoing in the future. Because of the Universe of Korean music I'm not aware of or I had no time to listen to.
You know, I love Hong Kwangho and I knew the song 사랑했지만 was sung by someone else, but I couldn't/want find it. Today I did. Sadly, most of the older videos are of a crappy quality, so forgive me it's no Lucifer HD, when you see every... umm... OK, I will stop here.

Music for a beautiful November

  Month started in full sunshine. The windows of the apartments on the other side are reflecting unusually blue sky. November is sad. This month has "inborn" sorrow. This is why I have shivers whenever Mary Reilly sings in Man in the Rain: How's it feel when there's time to remember?
Branches bare, like the trees in November.

But this year's Novemeber started beautifully^^