Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top Band 2

   Watching weird music shows pays off from time to time. Koraeya - a fusion band that uses traditional intruments and also incorporates pansori technique of singing... This blew me away. If anyone of you watches this show, I found also a compilation of performances from June 23rd.

The unspeakable heresy

   While procrastinating because I'm stuck on last chapter of writing, I found this article on my daily feed. You all know I love nationalism issue, and especially Japanese one. It's very different from all other nationalisms (even such fierce and blind as Korean one). Article I quote below is not for any japanofile, so if you're one of them - don't read, because of course - Japan is a land of manga and bishonens, not genocide. The same goes for Korea - it's a nonsensical country of insane paradoxes, not minams and high-heels.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ju Jihun new drama?

sdgshdfG^%^&!! Whatever, I just hope that project will see the light, not like the last two. KBS World wrote about new drama with Ham Eunjung and my eagle eye spotted JJH's name, mehehe, I make no sense. Nice evening, nice company, some alcohol (more at home) and now this.
"Five Fingers" is about youth that struggle to overcome their tragic pasts and obstacles, fighting to reach for the stars and see their dreams come true. Joo Ji-hoon is another name confirmed; he will be playing the main male lead.
 KBS World

Plot? Who needs plot when we'll have JJH back!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Enjoying the week

   Of course I Do! There are some concurrent motifs in Kdrama nowadays, but I, for once, don't care. There can be 5 dramas airing that have the same motif, and I'd still watch those that catch my interest. After all, our civilizations and lives are just archetypes. If only I had the certainty that Park Giwung would die in Gaksital, I'd watch this. I had my share of his terror in Arrow and The Musical, no thank you, no matter how good... oh, Shin Hyeonjun... damn. That might be the reason I will swallow some pills and watch that too. So far, I'm not starting any more dramas as my week is already dark and full of terrors... no, wait, wrong series.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Berliner Ensemble für Kammerchor und historische Instrumente

   Yesterday I went to the concert of the Renaissance music. And since I never take pics at such events, no pics, my lovely readers. There was one guy there, however, who constantly tried to force his camera to record it, was sitting and standing up, sitting and standing up, walking around with camera's tripod, pissing off everyone. Why go to such an event when instead of enjoying it, you walk like an idiot taking pictures? To sho to friends - look, I went to such concert! And when they ask what was played - uhm... dunno, but look at the pics!

And now my perfect pretending to be a German woman - I said nothing and pretended I understood all what the Conductor was saying. He sometimes explained to the audience what will be played (something about S. Rossi) and I just nodded... but yes, of course, you're right...
I guess it was meant for German tourists, and I somehow barged in, sitting and enjoying, not understanding a single word in German.

SHINee shining

I don't always write about SHINee, but when I do... it's always 1/5th of it, OK, OK. Since Jonghyeon remains sweet idiot that he is, I'm not going to fuc... focus on... whatever...
(*after 2 hours of running mindlessly and cold shower*)
One girl, named Donica Sterling met with our shining boys in Korea, and according to JAD:
Herbert Black, president of American Iron & Metal, sponsored Sterling’s trip. Sterling will stay in the country for two weeks as she visits disability rehabilitation centers, meets celebrities and attends K-pop shows.

Very nice of boys (and SMEnt that did it without much publicity), but very, very low of fangirls.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kim Seonggyu on IS 2

   Well, the song didn't allow him to fully show the voice, but damn... damn, boy.
Korea is abundant with talents, and not only "good ol' ones" but they pop up every few years. No, not every year.
I'm happy Immortal Song 2 got relevant for me again - Seonggyu and Ryeowook^^

Thursday, June 21, 2012

World Music Day

   Music again. Since today is this day, something non-Korean this time (with one exception). I don't get people who say they can't enjoy music when they don't understand the lyrics. For me it's plain and simple - music is a universal medium, similar only to dance in this aspect. And language... well, the fact someone can sing is completely irrelevant to the language barrier. People in Hebrew can sing, people in Chinese can sing, it does not matter.
Mike Oldfield proved that on his albums (namely QE2 and Songs of the Distant Earth). On the first we have Sheba which has as lyrics random syllables, and on the latter - song sung in Native Indians' language. Both proving the language is secondary to emotions and power of the music.
Classical music has no lyrics too, right? Do we understand opera arias? Nope, but we still enjoy them. Your argument is invalid.

Oh music music

   My weekly ritual - Melon and Bugs charts. Usually it ends up with puking and cringing, but sometimes I have fun with the lists. Sometimes I find nice songs (Epitone Project!!). Sometimes sad, painful songs catch my attention, yet sometimes upbeat ones especially made for shaking-that-thing. And I like it (wow, fantastic baby^^).
Lately both lists been infected with indie, namely Busker Busker, but there was one song by Gukkasten and Buhwal as well. I appreciate Buhwal, but I don't love the current vocalist. He sings with this annoying japanese rockers' mannerism. And I'm not going to say sorry.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fans' culture...

... according to KBS. Oh yes, we know KBS is in the middle of banning JYJ and war, so obviously they couldn't mention any sasaeng situation. According to their raport (it has eng subs, watch it before they take it down from yt) fans are one awesomely bonded family, caring about their idols, a bunch of happy rabbits prancing around and donating rice.
Screams BULLSHIT all over the place, even worse propaganda than usual Arirang videos. But watch and decide for yourself.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Drama musings

   With all that Queen Inhyeon's Man havoc and I Need Romance 2 in upcoming section, and with all comments and tumblr wars, I started to think if there is maybe something wrong with me? 
Yoshimoto Banana, well-known modern novelist, said once and I always repeat her words during classes, that when her new book is out, bookstores have to get rid of all her previous novels. On shelves there should be only the current one during promotions. This shows how clever she is and how great sense of literature she got. This can be applied to many situations as well. I bought a pair of shoes yesterday (finally!!), but it took me few weeks, because I so liked my old ones, I wanted to find a pair exactly like them. Even though a guy in some store said that they're an old model and I won't find any. My stubborn human nature of loving what's familiar prevailed and I wandered around the city to find exactly the same. Yesterday I decided to let go.
The same is with dramas and music too.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tei & Handsome People's comeback!! Kyaa!!

   I may not be the biggest fan of Handsome People (I know how weird that sounds), but hell - Tei's comeback is a great news and worth stalking!!
But what musicals they are talking about? I missed something? I know he was working with London Philharmonic Orchestra for the album, but now musicals? (*pulls all hairs from head trying to track the man down).
And if I may - I want dark-haired Tei back.
Update: I found about that one (!) musical, OK, fine. But so far, no cuts, only interview backstage while preparing the hair, make-up etc. Tei looking horrible.

Mr. Hong Kwangho

   Bow down peasants before the walking glory of musical world. I'm already down there on the floor.
Sorry to all Park Euntae fangirls :P

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Wedding Scheme

   I admit, I was completely put off by the title, plot and - let's be honest - main leads. And I admit it freely - I was wrong about all that. According to info site: "A drama about the wedding of the four daughters.
A mother of four daughters and the president of a kimchi factory decides to embark on a grand marriage scheme for her children… by having them cohabitate with four eligible bachelors.
These four daughters are Yoo Geonhee (Kang Hye Jung), Yoo Seonhee (Lee Young Eun), Yoo Minjeong (Kim Se Jung) & Yoo Minji (Park Min Ji)"
First, we have no plot about the marriage at all, the boarding house idea wasn't actually meant for that, but to convince four horrible daughters the company is reeling and family needs money. So it was a scheme to get those four monsters together as a family. And truthfully - it was a hard task.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Some musicals

Musicals' cuts, to be precise. Don't like musicals, don't look under the tag.
But first... damn you, Shakespeare!!
I gave myself a few minutes' break from creating an ultimately difficult exam and I visited tumblr (why oh why!), as usual, lots of mah baby pics to reblog, as always. While browsing the dash, I decided to trust Shakespeare on "how I feel now" oracle just for fun.
I'll never do it again.
This is what I got:

128: How oft when thou my musike musike playst
How oft when thou my musike musike playst,
Vpon that blessed wood whose motion sounds
With thy sweet fingers when thou gently swayst,
The wiry concord that mine eare confounds,
Do I enuie those Iackes that nimble leape,
To kisse the tender inward of thy hand,
Whilst my poore lips which should that haruest reape,
At the woods bouldnes by thee blushing stand.
To be so tikled they would change their state,
And situation with those dancing chips,
Ore whome their fingers walke with gentle gate,
Making dead wood more blest then liuing lips,
Since sausie Iackes so happy are in this,
Giue them their fingers, me thy lips to kisse.

(more normal version under the cut)

I think I need to raep my screen now.
(*Jjong, you bitch, you make me look like a weirdo in my friends' eyes!! Wait, they're all weirdoes too*)

MBC and racial issue

   Again. Korean media have to catch up with world trends. However, I have to add one personal statement - I'm not a fan of an over-zealous political correctness. It's plain dumb. It was best shown in one ep. of South Park when they had tests about "what offends you". People had their brain waves recorded by some machine, and the reaction to some words they find "offensive" was measured. And there was this hilarious scene: Christ - nope, chair - nope, camel - f*ck-you-man, that's offensive!!!
Right now we are living in a world when we have to be careful about every damn word. Calling someone lazy when someone is lazy may be seen as highly offensive. Kids nowadays are not lazy and dumb, but dyslectic, dyscalculiac, you name it. When I said once on one forum that if people can't wait for subs that badly, they should learn the language, I was called rude. Not the person who was wailing at subbers. In my country we also make fun of foreigners. Americans make fun of immigrants (Latin America mostly) and no one cares. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but people should just chill about some issues. Making fun of foreigners was always a part of the group character, regardless if it's a country or a tribe. It was "us versus them" game  and mocking was an element of a warfare. We are not afraid of something we can laugh at (oh, anthropology can explain everything^^).
Plus, people should remember one thing - Europe and US had over 200 years to develop democracy with all its faults and pitfalls (counting from French Revolution, sorry to all Greek philisophers). Korea has been in the process of it for merely 20 years. Think, people.

Infinite being flawfree again

   I know the anniversary was few days ago (2), but I feel I need to spam also here about this awesome group of 7. OK, fine, I now it's basically three of us on D-A, plus few amazing people I met on tumblr (*waves to Mrs.Sunggyu*).
Our boys' fandom is now in dire straits, there is lot of things I don't like about it, and there are lot of new fans that make fandom blood rot. Despite that, normal fans made a great anniversary deed.

Monday, June 04, 2012

6th Korean Musical Awards

   Man, even such a weak musical like Zorro was mentioned. I watched some cuts and I read reviews, very lukewarm reviews. Official website doesn't co-operate with me (~so gooodbye don't cry aaand smiiile~), I can't present the full list of winners, since there is no show to watch. I know JTBC broadcasted it, but since normal people in Europe have work at the exact time, I'm waiting for some kind soul to upload the show somewhere.
The only thing that is certain - Kim Junsu won Popular Actor Award and Oh Manseok was the host :P


   It has been a very tough year. No matter what there are fans who stay by this young man, they give him strength and support, they comfort and cheer him.
I hope he can just pass all difficulties without breaking. That's all.

June started, dramas started

   I know I'm not as active as before, and I promise I will troll (or irritate other people) more in the second half of June and in July, but now - I don't even have time to spazz properly.
Regardless, new dramas started and after first week I decided to continue with 3 of new ones. They are: I Do I Do, The Chaser and Gentleman's Dignity.
Three of them offer something different from each other and all entertain me in their own rights.