Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fluxus strikes back

   Because anything is better than reading about key-hole shape tombs in Korea and Samhan tribes. I've been suffering lately from Tei withdrawal, listening obsessively to his 4th album and stalking Fluxus YT. This way, I present new MV of Annyeongbada/Bye Bye Sea (their vocalist clearly saw Molko in his best make-up period). Song is awesome and MV is damn nice as well. Apart from that, another song that has been on my loop since some time already.
And since I have nothing to report ( I mean I would, but that would deem me insane) of any value, just two songs today.
Oh, and btw. Ga... Asia Princes cut his hair. Let's make February's end international mourning day for Princess' curls.
Anyone knew 'some angel' had Tokyo fanmeeting? Yeah, this is why it's called 'fanmeeting', not 'let the whole WORLD bow down to my glory'. Especially when you have nothing to show really.

Star Special Lecture Show

No way, Korea really does know the term 'gay'? But still can't differentiate between homosexual, transsexual and transvestite.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oppa didn't... ooh, it's eonni!

   New semester started and I had no time to make a proper post, but I just got back from work (yes, this semester also on Saturdays), filled meself with tortilla (I'll starve until Monday after that, I bet), ready to roll in the deep. With Kpop.
My oh my, so much happened! I don't remember now, but I don't think I was THIS busy updating myself with western entertainment world when I was misguided then and it was before I discovered one true path leading to enlighte... to rofl, OK.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is the only moment: Kim Junsu

One Junsu interview to grace our mundane, grey lives.
Please, Junsu, stop getting more and more perfect (as if it was even possible). 
Pay attention what this flawless being says about entertainment and being an idol.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2011 Kdrama OSTs

   Bad thing is - there wasn't any OST that I would buy in a heartbeat. There were some nice songs that fitted the drama, yet nothing as spectacular and powerful as, let's say, Chuno OST or Revenge of Gumiho OST. Oh yes, 2010 was a good year for dramas. Maybe last year of some quality in main 3 broadcasts' productions.
But if I had to pick up the best score - it would be NToG and What's Up! But the second drama started in December and ended in February, so it's not entirely 2011 one.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

History of the Salaryman

   Title sounds painfully boring, right? The plot tells actually nothing more. Synopsis, according to koreandrama.org is even worse: "‘Salaryman Chohanji’ depicts the trial and tribulations of the average salaryman, from humble beginnings to success. This drama portray the salaryman’s loneliness and isolation, struggles, sorrows, hopes and successes in a realistic light." I mean, how funny can a series about stocks, something, managers be?
I started this because one wicked girl wrote she loves it. This particular girl may be maknae, but damn, she's not young to guttering at all. And damn she's right. The series is hilariously funny.

Arrow – the pointy thing

The road to Rivendell is... oh no, wait, wrong story.
   Weirdly enough, this movie’s title is simply “Bow" that evolved into Arrow – The Ultimate Weapon. Don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea. There is also another title - War of the Arrows. Each one better than the previous one. Despite this, and despite the hype, this is a really nice movie. OK, maybe not everyone will like it, because it's a historical movie. And it's not shiny and silky at all.
There are movies that are pretentious and there are critics that are pretentious. Pretentious movies try to show trivial things as if those were uncomprehensible, transcendental ideas that our simple and unsophisticated minds can't possibly comprehend. Those artsy movies that show plastic bag in the wind for 20 minutes. Pretentious critics, on the other hand, try to find the second, third and maybe even 20th meaning in a cornflakes CF. 
I have only one criterion to judge movies - my personal opinion that may be summarized to - like/dislike. I'm a simple girl, I do like Ockham's razor theory. If a movie is about a bow, I will not try to find its hidden meaning about one's own destiny etc.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Believed I Was an Angel

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   Here's the thing, the beginning of this translated interview starts exactly like the rest, so I spared you talk about café in Samcheong-dong, flower boy past blah blah.
They did write “he carried the manly aura” around, though.

Some Junsu in our lives

The first performance of Elisabeth is over. First reviews come.

Monday, February 13, 2012

So smile, everybody!

   If there is one thing I truly hate (no, not Diva-ness this time :P) - it's laziness. I had small incident with people's stupidity again, so I had to take meds that knocked me off my feet, but after 2 hour long sleep, I'm back! You missed me?
While making cuts few days ago, I made one I totally forgot about, because I named it "11a". Turns out, it's the smiling combination from Padam Padam ep 19. That was such a bright and lovely moment.
So here you go.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mistaken identity

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Learn the difference.
   I’ve been planning to write on this topic for a long, long time. Somehow other things got in a way and this was postponed. Finally, I had some time to spare and collect my (scarce) thoughts and write a post.

My affair with Korean entertainment developed into serious relationship, this is why so many things amuse me now. Fangirls are one thing, but illusions that fangirls have, are infecting, oops, I mean, influencing the journalism in Korea. And this is not about ‘we-all-know-which-website’ articles. This is about the trend that has roots in fangirls’ perception of their bubble world and how it affect the real world.

Discussion on ‘minam’ evolution theory.

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   Are you bored yet? Like I care (sorry, I'm obnoxious like this). Next two articles will be here today. One, on the topic titled above. Oh, we all love 'kkotminam', 'minam' and all that crap that is coming some guys way. They look good, fine. But let's not get overboard with that. Looking good doesn't equal talent at all. It's simple, but perhaps not for some eastern ethics. Oh yes, I know well about gunja ideal and so on, don't try any tricks. I know in all far-eastern systems beautiful looks were equaled with beautiful character. But guess what, it's not working like that.
Anyway, after a long and boring intro, some guy's words.

New level of journalism

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   I've said that so many times now - Nate has crappy articles. They have bad journalists. I'm not the Pullitzer candidate either but maybe, I hope, my sentences make sense. Or at least majority of them. Nate articles make no sense, usually. They also cover some ridiculous topics, gossip and hilarious polls. I wouldn't even write about this if I didn't go to HanCinema yesterday and I saw one article translated from Nate. It may be the translation, or it may be not. I translate a lot and I may say one thing - even the best translating skills won't make an Einstein out of ie. The Diva, so I wouldn't blame the translation just because the base article is stupid behind any limits.
The merry bunch of some of us from here went there and commented.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chunnie's shekshi tape is not Chunnie?

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   Yesterday the bomb was dropped, as JTBC news reported that 'certain idol and actor' is involved in sex-tape/pics/whatever scandal. Everyone assumed that it was our pack of sunshine a.k.a. Yucheon. Well, I bet it was him too from those blurred pics, but anyway.
As soon as all reliable source, that is allkpop reported yesterday, the hell broke loose. Today C-Jes stated they will fill their 655343972 suit against the broadcast for that.
The second likely candidate was CNBlue. 2012 is surely getting more and more interesting.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Breaking the shell

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Oh good, some people started to work on those, as there are tons of articles (way over 15 now). This way, less work for me and I can concentrate on other things.
But KBS Global didn't give the original source back. Talking about copyrights. Tsk, tsk.
Here is the original (plus use the backlinks, it's scattered).

Met Jeong U-seong through dream*

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I swear, he's such a weird young one. 

Anyway, this is the first part of the biggest article. The second part is the one with Jekyll and Hyde reference, post below. 

Jekyll and Hyde?

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I had this interview left as the last, thankfully I don't have to do it right now.
Someone was faster than me.
Why as a last one? Because I have my own secret code of assembling articles for translating. It's a cat thing.

What is Padam Padam to ‘bad angel’?

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Another translation is up here^^
This makes my contempt and disdain for certain Divas even deeper.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Some interview with...

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... someone who is not into this business for 20 years!
Another translation.
Oh, this is such a guilty pleasure.

Bath scene - we saw it all.

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Short, cute interview from today morning.
Bad thing is, I was in a frenzy of making .doc out of those interviews and I forgot the website. 
The good thing is, I found 3 more while looking for the original.

I Am Murderer

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Good to know.
So, the movie has finished filming and according to this article it will be released in the secong half of this year.
More about this movie can be found here, if you want. As for me, I don't really care about the plot, about second lead, about anything. It's another movie of Mr. Jeong, and that's all that is relevant in this little world of mine.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Led Apple

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   OK, I tweeted that only two bands caught my attention lately. Be not mistaken, I doubt second INFINITE will come any time soon. But it wouldn't be fair not to mention other bands that exist.
Before I start, I have to say I watched ALL debuts and comebacks up to last weekend, that took me 2 days, yes. Talking about committment. I haz it.
Yes, we are still in Kpop funky town.
Don't like it, don't read it.

Copyright protection

Picture from here.
   This post will have nothing or very little to do with Korean stuff. This has, on the other hand, a lot to do with the reality. Or even if we claim it has nothing in common with our hobbies, with our internet lives, it will still be a concealed lie, OK, I admit.
Last Saturday I met with few ladies working with me in the same Department at our Uni. And today, during our monthly meeting, we demanded some crash-course on copyrights and how ACTA affects our line of work.
The problem is - ACTA makes it darn hard.

Padam Padam Ep 20

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So it ended.
It ended...

Monday, February 06, 2012

Guardian Angel Kim Beom explodes

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   I wouldn't mind him giving... erm.. OK, let's stop here.
I was bored out of my mind during my consultation hours at work (one student came), so I was browsing mah friend that is google (yeah, they can track me) and I found one easy article but in Japanese. When I wanted to find the original for it, I must admit - I was defeated. I couldn't find the original source. The Japanese website didn't give the link back to the article. Talk about copyright protection, mehehe. Anyway, it's hard to believe (and concentrate) but 5 minutes ago I found the base article, by sheer chance (don't ask me what I'm doing). They are not exactly the same as the wording and some sentences are totally different, and I'm devastated enough to not re-translate it this time from Korean. I just added missing lines.
Forgive me my sleaz... laziness. 

Padam Padam Ep 19

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I'm not ready for the last episode tomorrow. Damn not ready.

Runaway wife cause of JYJ

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This is really, really, really hilarious.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


   My sister-in-bitchin' made a post about the city, but I was bugged by one picture. The one above. I wasn't sure if the painting was real or was it just a momental happening in the series, as so many things here. I wasn't sure was it just an illusion that disappears while we blink, or was it real. 
So I watched all videos on this beautiful place where Padam Padam is filmed, and finally I found the answer. The painting is real, the series used it craftily.
In the video below, you will see it's from Dongpirang Village close to Tongyeong. If anyone read the interviews here, you are already familiar with the name Dongpirang.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Being alien in Korea

Multiculturalism in Korea... hmm. It's growing, but still not as smoothly as desired. The problem is always brought up by the 'foreign brides' issue. The fact those women are from Asian countries doesn't speed things up. 
I bet if it was up to us, western strong-willed, independent b*tches, Korean society would go through a revolution, mehehe.
Right now, the number of foreigners is slightly above 2%.
When we're moving, ladies?

Upcoming dramas

   Padam Padam ends, What's Up! ends, my life... well, no, I'm not that much of an emo fangirl to say it ends as well. There will be some movies, some dramas too. And with PP I found my New Year's resolution - not to shun drama because of the script on dramawiki. Each year teaches me something new, SKKS has taught me not to judge idols by their covers (that sounds really bad, but my head is pounding heavily, me no think), and PP has taught me to stick with nuna guts not dramawiki script.
And since I refuse to go back to 'normal people land' as my sister is calling it, I'm sticking up with Kdramas still. Is there a drama that caught my attention? Yes, actually there is.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kpop worldwide

   Oh good, I need to feed my starved dark heart and will for bashing with something, since I actually feel no joy whatsoever in mopping the floor with Diva. He's already below that. On KoreaTimes there was an article, stubbornly repeating the mantra about Kpop in U.S. and some success (or not). My opinion is as follows - Kpop will never be successful in U.S. And not because American music is of better quality, it's not, it's a crap, but few factors are easily forgotten by those who eagerly want to open the champagne.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Celestial Cat rules the world

   At least he rules the K-entertainment world. Lately Jaejung tweeted he's sorry for something. Turned out... OK, better sit, cause this is good. Celestial Cat is sorry for CGV theater cancelling the movie about JYJ. Sky is blue, grass is green, JYJ get crap everyday.
Why the hell he had to apologize for some company that cancelled in a really fishy way their agreement? But well, this is Jae. He just acts this way.