Friday, February 22, 2013

Little update

   I'm not dead yet, today I'm really close to it, however.
February is a horrible month for K-entertainment, one of the worsts in few years. And only SHINee shining comeback is actually the beam of light (well, a horrible flowery pajama beam of light, to tell the truth).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dear Sherlock K-Netizens

   I am writing you while completely smitten by your detective skills. Not only this, but keen eye and sharp Paint skills as well, which I lack and wish to improve (you became my role model, you see). I have always heard those stories about you, oh great K-Netizens but they seemed to be nothing more but myth that grows around an unreachable person. Oh how wrong was I! I will repent my silly mistake for ever and ever until the seas go dry (and you will probably figure out the cause of it). 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

B.A.P. does it again

   I'm still on the fence whether any of them can sing, and all they base on are huge, ribs crushing beats. Nevertheless, there's something that makes me want to replay "Power" everytime I need sudden adrenaline shot (and I don't have any to spare).
They released new MV, almost 7 minutes long that represents what's best in Korean MVs - stories. I wrote about that countless times, Koreans do know how to make MVs.

Kim Namgil between snacks

   Well, it's not my first time when I realize I live in a horribly wrong place among so many others.
Some recent pictures of Kim Namgil-nim. Better be prepared for a perfection that graces your unworthy and peasant screens.
Awesomeness heavy.

Post-Psy: Quo Vadis, Brand Korea?

 There is a quite good reason why Korea will always have the troubles to promote itself. Factions. It is still prevalent factor to country's inability to promote its cultural heritage as aggressively and wide as all the neighbours. There is always someone who says "but why your agency not mine?" and dampens down any efforts. I remember the Olympics in Seoul, and I remember there was nothing on Korea anywhere back then. Oh well, that pattern is not totally unfamiliar to me, in my country, we have exactly the same actions.
But then, if PSY is considered as Korea's brand, then maybe every viral video should be the symbol of the country it comes from? It's called "viral" for some reasons.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Apologies a la japonaise

   I have written this so many times, fanculture in Asia fascinates me almost on the same level as nationalism in Japan. Sadly, there is not even one opportunity for me to write any article dealing with that particular group of people so different from us like apes. We're not the same species, trust me, and I was a fangirl, sometimes still am. "Fanculture" fascinates me on the level more wise people than me called as "mysterium tremendum et fascinosum". And this is true, y'all.