Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ju Jihun

Time for a statement. 
Ju Jihun
Born on May 16, 1982.
Currently in the military.
One of my first true Korean crushes from before. Yes, because neither JJY nor KNG, nor ACH were my "crushes". They are gods. Period.
First thing I saw with Ju Jihun was The Devil. No, not Goong. After that, I watched Goong right away in 2 days, getting blood eyes like the evil Ha In Soo (from SKKS, but I was blinking at least, ekhem). And after that Antique came. This movie deserves special post and so will be. Jihun is this one person I have deep in my heart because of few reasons.
When I was watching him in Goong, I was: "Damn, this doll has the most beautiful smile in the Universe!", but in the same time I thought he was completely restrained, blocked and awkward. Some scenes were just perfect and some looked like if he played in some school play. After some research I got to know it was his first drama where he was a lead. OK, his first drama, don't count the previous one. In The Devil he was much better, more versatile, although the character he played was even colder than Prince Shin. More complicated, to just add. Mawang was blue, cold blue and I remember clearly this freezing gaze he appeared with. After this time, after watching many dramas, I still find The Devil (Mawang) as one of the bests.
Goong was totally different. It was teen, it was cheezy, bustling with youthfulness of Yun Eunhye crushed by the coldness of the lonely Prince. If we were to analyse Goong closely, it's not all that sweet drama at all.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More manly voices

   No, no Mr. Hong Kwangho this time, but I found few other videos of that enchanting gentleman and I will present it in a short time^^...
First, Kim Dongwuk. We were talking with Peggy on D-A about some singers (mostly old ones, cause we share the same passion for the music of 20's, 30's and 40's) and she mentioned one video featuring his song. Seriously, I fell from my chair recognizing the song. Because this song, in a different arrangement was used in a dancing scene in No Regret. And since I love this movie to bits, the love for JK (Kim Dongwuk) followed.
His voice is coarse, sandy, strong. It may not be everyone's cup of coffee, if you prefer delicate, balls-less, airy singing - stay the hell outta here. Because Kim Dongwuk shows how to convey the emotions - despair, love, loneliness, happiness. Technically he's great. He is not afraid of experimenting with his voice, sometimes he leans on the tune, and sometimes the music leans onto him.

One obsessed noona...

... is writing here, the rest of obsessed noonas is someplace else. Ehehe. I have to write something to distract myself from the situation I suddenly fell into. No place, no will and absolutely no need to tell everybody about it. But, to make myself feel better I started to watch Sungkyungkwan Scandal. I was soooo biased. I was tempted, on the one side because it's a period drama, but I was so strongly against it on the other hand. Why? I don't trust idols. It's as simple as Kim The Table Hyun Joong's spectrum of emotions. Am I hatin' again? No, I have nothing against his personality, we had this talk on D-A (in different places), but he's no actor, let's face it. During this year since BOF he developed one more facial expression. My godss of the Netherworld! In 20 years he will have so many of them!!
Anyway, SKKS is about a young girl who is very talented as a writer, but in order to support her family (mother and ill brother) she writes certain stuff (like letters) in somebody's stead, or she delivers forbidden books in a secret. (I'm stupid, of course, forbidden = secret, you moron!).
But then, thanks to: part of her clumsiness, part of her sacrifice and part of her courage, she (as a boy) got admitted to the school. But the life in school is hell. Oh well, nothing new, phew! Bullying sunbae, lots of things to learn, out-of-book teachers, plus fluttering heart. Oh, and some nice boys that like to sleep naked when drunk. Really hard to... I mean, OK, I will stop here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's new in Movie World?

First, Happy Birthday to Kim Younghwa (director of Take Off). Speaking of Take Off... On Friday, September 17, in Japan started 3rd Old Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival, and this move was an opener. The movie itself will have the premiere in Japan October 23.
Another Film Festival in New York:
Featured movies: 
"The Housemaid - 2010" (하녀)
2010. 106 min
Director: Lim Sang-soo

"Good Morning President" (굿모닝 프레지던트)
2009. 132 min
Director: Jang Jin

"A Frozen Flower" (쌍화점)
2008. 133 min
Director: Yoo Ha.

"JEON WOO CHI : The Taoist Wizard" (전우치)
2009. 135 min
Director: Choi Dong-hoon.

"Sisters on the Road" (지금, 이대로가 좋아요)
2008. 91 min
Director: Boo Ji-young.

"Eighteen" (회오리 바람)
2010. 95 min
Director: Jang Kun-jae.

"Bestseller" (베스트셀러)
2010. 117 min
Director: Lee Jeong-ho.

"Land of Scarecrows" (허수아비들의 땅)
2008. 90 min
Director: Noh Kyeong-tae.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Green Fairy

**heavy sigh** 
I lost everything I had on my PC when it crashed. I tried to salvage what I could in a safe mode since Wednesday, but on Friday I lost all my hope. And I would be happy if only... if only the CD I tried to burn all my stuff on wasn't now inaccessible.

As I said it few times: I would be hit by a brick in the wooden church. And I start to think I'm the most unlucky person. Come, on, KNG, bring it on, now you can't brag about the title! 
And I don't want to cry over those thousands of pictures and videos, many dramas and movies still on HD, but the articles I gathered for the last 1.5 year, the dictionaries and books, and most of all, my damned research stuff.
OK, pitiful of me, but I really needed to write, and I really need to drink. Heavily.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


   Not much Asian stuff, unless we count Burmese Cat as one. Just to do them justice. I have always felt my "caternal instinct", that is why in the past I had 7 cats. Not in the same time. But if we believe in curses, I was living in a cursed house, and all of my kitties just died. I love all the cats (I have even the compassion toward those Sphinxes, poor naked cats...), normal and usual, European kitties, and those of a high breed. If  I had a stable (read: boring) future ahead, my own apartment and lifelong job, I would immediately take one from the shelter. But since I plan to go overseas, far, far away to snatch the other kitten (mehehe, that's funny even for me), a cat now is not an option. It didn't stop me to befriend all neighbouring kittens. And I'm not like most of the people who melt over seeing a young kitteh. I admire adult cats. Because only grown up cats can fully display the grace they embrace. They are the epitome of grace. I love everything about them. I love their slyness, their indifference, their commitment, their strong will and perseverance. Yeah, they are dumb sometimes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

18th Icheon Chunsa Film Festival

   IGGIIIIIIII!! OK, I'm calm, I am. Iggi gathered in total 7 awards, including the Best Picture Award. But I guess you just sighted with relief for no news on this movie hehe. And no, here I am again. After 3 cups of coffee in a row, so maybe I'm overreacting.

KNG... video, sadly one

   Maybe few videos. If this works. I planned to put some others earlier, but it looks like they overwrite each other and instead of 5 different, I have 5 exactly the same ones.
That's my luck again. Blogger hates me, I guess.
Nope, it doesn't work...
Nothing works today.
After frustrating hours at work, that's not the end of my adventures. I bought a ticket for a street-car, and validated it right after entering (yes, I don't want any encounter with nice, big gentlemen who check the tickets occasionally^^), and as I wanted to play some music, I put the ticket between lips (starts like a good por... emm... erotic. Damn, such picture on the left and "erotic" is just... nevermind...) and since I'm stupid and was in no hurry, I wrote a message to my dongsaeng, I started the music player, got the earplugs, and finally put my phone in the pocket. Then I took the ticket. The tingling sensation on my lips was as if I ate a lemon, but I paid no attention, since "I'm going Slightly Mad" started to play. After some time I caught terryfied gaze of two small girls (I can't tell the kids' age, forgive me, for me they are all 5 and then 18). I tried to smile at them (because I know what impression I can make, haha!), and then I felt metallic and salty liquid on my teeth. Quick look at the window-glass... and yes, <----------- that was me. Maybe without fangs. With the ticket, I removed the skin from my lip. Funny as hell.
I mean, why even such things keep pouring on me??
What have I done in my previous lifes?
Or, I know, not being an oppa-girl, and genetically brain-deprived kyaaa breed has finally paid off.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesss... more live music

   Since I'm on my daily dosage of some nice, powerful performances, and I managed to track down which TV  station actually broadcasted the musicals, I am so heppey! Less heppey knowing that one of those is SBS. Here I come!
After seeing new FT.Island MV, the manly looking, manly singing men are like a heavensent. I like Hongki, but his hair in the Love Love Love video... well... just awful. Am I the only one who thinks like that? I guess, for the girls who call him oppa, it's cool to look like Angelina Jolie in Changeling. There is just this minor problem that oppa-girls tend to overlook. Miss Jolie (damn, another YAB reference, I am so clever! {Keunsuk style} chuckling) is a woman. A woman! Hongki is not. As far as I am informed, but still, 8 hours of the time difference, so everything can happen. Still, he's cute. Cuuute^^
Anyway, back to less cute but more talented men. For now, one man.
Tomorrow, if the schedule permits, I will present another singing man, the one I was pointed to on D-A by Peggy. Somehow I didn't realise I knew so many of his songs, but his husky, sandy, sometimes even hoarse voice lingered somehow at the back of my head. The Devil OST, No Regret OST, aww...

Singing Actors, Acting Singers

   As we all know, poor me is on the drama/movie shortage for the next 2 years. Iggi is slowly coming to me, so tomorrow I will probably pass out, but I can count on no more than 2 movies per year from that ungrateful JJY, so I started to watch musicals. Korean ones, to be exact. And... damn I love it.
And while watching one version of Jekyll & Hyde, I started to have some strange creeps. I was watching and I realised that I know the actor singing so fabulously. Jo Seungwu. I was in complete shock, He sang great in 70 70 Go!, but it was the movie, so, you know, studio recording can make everything. I can even sound like Aretha Franklin (maybe not, ok), but this was some live performance. I knew he was a nice actor (Jina-sshi, kamsahamnida^^), but somehow his singing abilities didn't strike me that much in this musical movie. The stage is different. The stage shows everything. If an actor is weak - it will strip him of any delusions (sure, some can just make it up by different aspects), if an actor is good - everything will just stop, and there will be only him/her on the stage and you. Not a person from the audience. You.
   I'm far from my point of this post. Actors in Korea sing. Better or less good (ah, I am so euphemistic, back to my normal self - they suck!), but they can sing, or at least hold a note. I was slightly biased towards singing during FM (fanmeetings), but KNG changed my mind. He doesn't have any spectacular voice in singing, he sings higher than his speaking voice, but clearly and not "airy", I hate airy voices. Plus, he doesn't make an idiot out of himself when he sings on the stage. Yes, I watched what I could, even from 2006, when he had his hand in the bandage. So... OK, without any inappropriate adjectives.
Godss, I lost my point again, damn you, Namgil-nim!
My point is - when you sing, sing well. I don't buy an excuse about the fatigue, I don't buy any excuse about "not being the singer". What a cosmic bullsh*t. If you record an album, or a single not as a part of the OST, you are moving toward singer-zone. Sorry. So do it well.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lady! ... Farfelkugel!

                                                    Marion didn't stay out all night (part 1)
    “Being a singer and a genius is really tough.” thought Spark, taking a quick glance at his black, worn-out shoes. He was trying to write a song. He decided to write a song. He cried and threw a tantrum to write a song. But in fact, he had little, if not zero, experience in writing even ten sentences, so naturally, writing a song wasn’t the easiest task under the bright sky. His band of troubadours left him. And there was no one under the bright sun who could provide him with a shelter.
I’m sitting on a rock
 But this is in fact grass…
Rock sounds cool
                                                      But grass is softer than that…
No, no, this wasn’t the right song. He knew he should write a sad love song. He should make those thousands of girls palpitate and lose consciousness (and wallets). It should have been a song that can move the mountains, that can cause the sky to cry, that can stop the storm… His shoes looked as if they started to resent him and didn’t want to help. So he stopped looking at them and instead looked around.
           He was sitting on the grass, the forgotten now lyrics were true. He noticed strange faces of the people that passed by, but it didn’t make a big impression on him. Spark was used to it ever since he was a kid. He had to hold of a parasol to protect his skin from sun, but it raised many eyebrows. Many well trimmed eyebrows and many unkempt ones as well. This was how the band of troubadours found him. They decided that a girl would collect money from spectators easily. When they realised how big mistake they made, it was already too late. The fair boy was doing just fine.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hong Kwangho

   Forget about sissy idols. Forget about sqeaking voices and not hitting the notes.
There are many manly voices in Korea, Yoon Dohyun, Lee Seungyul, etc., but this talented young man just comes and shows everyone their place.
My first contact with his voice? I guess like many others - Queen Seondeok OST, and Balbambalbam. I had goosebumps everytime I heard it in the drama and while listening to the OST.
Lately I started to stalk him.
Born: 1982-04-06
He's mainly stage musical actor. His only movie was 70 70 Go! (which I liked btw.). He performed in Phantom of the Opera, Sweeney Todd, and many, many other musicals. In Sweeney Todd (and this is the information for those who watch I Am Legend) the role of Mrs. Lovett played Hong Jimin, she plays the bass player Hwaja^^, and she has fabulous voice).
Listen to some of his songs.
His voice is huge, resounding, captivating, haunting...
I'm on my way to cut his another performance^^ I did it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Personal Demons (?)

   Nah, nothing like that, I don't have much from my past that may haunt me. No dead dogs... OK, a dead cat, my first one, I loved her and I watched her die. The truth is, there are some things that may still linger in the back of my memory, I just sorted them out and decided not to cry over them. I won't change the past, I don't have the time-travel machine, I can't fix what has been broken long time ago and all I see now it's just some pieces. Of course, even though I got rid of all "what if" thinking from my life, there is still this bon'yari shita fuan, as Akutagawa once said. But "what if" thinking leads to nothing, leads to blind alleys, leads to guilt. It's better to regret doing something than regret not doing something. And most of all, do not regret anything. Pain? It is inlaid in our life pattern, and all feelings are just right. Love, hate, remorse, humility, pride, fear, boldness, devotion, betrayal (wait, I wrote about Queen Seondeok, right??).
Demons I intended to write a bit are just those existing in the minds and literature world.
As some may know, this is my field of research.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kim Namgil: some pics, some videos

  OK, since I'm now converting the videos I found in many different places (you don't wanna know where, I don't know where), a pic^^
Truthfully, I have a weak spot for his stupid facial expressions (and he's willing to give that, due to his goofing around on the plan), so the more dumb he looks, the more I fall for him.
He can be pretty as the butterfly on the orchid (or the orchid itself), but I prefer his not pretty images, but like the latest, with longer, loosely tied up hair, and yes, I will say it at loud - with facial hair! Cause without it he looks like a candy. I don't like candies, I got a tooth-ache after too much of them, mehehe^^

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kim Namgil: Seoul 2010.09.10

 The website:


  There are some movies that I'm waiting for. And today appeared the first trailer for The Murderer. Directed by Na Hongnim (yes, he directed The Chaser), and starring Ha Jeongwu and Kim Yunseok. Those gentlemen met on the plan of... The Chaser. So I guess we will get another heavy and intense tale. The story is about the man who lives near the Korean border running from his debts. One day, after returning to Korea, he is accused of murder and the game of who's chasing whom starts. Because the role of another assassin plays Kim Yunseok.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Baekje World

Showcasing the cultural heritage of the Baekje Dynasty, the festival is a global event in collaboration with China and Japan.
Date : Sep. 18, 2010 - Oct. 17, 2010
* Buyeo- Nakhwaam Rock alongside Baekmagang River
Enormous performance of 2000 actors against the backdrop of Nakhwaam Rock, featuring a love story and the founding spirit of the Baekje Dynasty
* Gongju- Gomanaru Ferry alongside Geumgang River
A dynamic performance telling the story of a bear in the ancient history of the Baekje Dynasty, and various historical stories reflecting the glory of the Ungjin Period during the dynasty
* Special Exhibition of Baekje Relics
Displays hidden relics of the Baekje Dynasty reflecting its rich cultural heritage
* International Academic Conference
Discussion of historical aspects of the Baekje Dynasty by experts from Korea, China and Japan, focusing on the theme of “World Historical Cities & Festivals, the Ancient Cultural Exchange between Korea, China, & Japan, and the Future of Cultural Exchanges of the 21st Century”
* Digital Hall of Baekje’s Cultural Heritage
Displays lost relics of the Baekje Dynasty along with historic sites, cultural properties, and architectural techniques, the last of which transferred to Japan
1) Instruments by Five Musicians of Geumdong Daehangno
2) Time Travel to the Baekje Dynasty
I think it's a pity, because everyone knows more or less on Japan history, but Korean one is totally neglected. Even if we are unable to go to the exhibition (sniff), I gathered some quite useful links to read.
Those of you who watched Queen Seondeok may know the name of Baekje. Those of you who know something on Japan, may know this name as well (in Japan this kingdom was known as Kudara).

Team Potato - Aja!

    Potato. A potato plant is a leafy vegetable. It has a thick, uneven shaped plant stem (tuber) that grows underground. This eatable tuber is also called a potato. Potatoes have a thin skin that is usually red, yellow, or brown. Inside the potato is pale flesh. (from:
Hmm... I really spent sleepless nights trying to find this one and only potato that has two legs, two arms and it was talking (singing occasionally). I'm sorry, I couldn't.
But! It seems like this nice vegetable (nomen omen) has made its way to some Ladies' hearts. While reading their perfect and tremendous achievements in poetry, I decided to give my furor poeticus a way. But first, poems of those distinguished Ladies.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Soothing Autumn Sounds

    Some weeks ago I stumbled across a new song by  the Epitone Project, and my warm feelings returned. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I've always had those "returning" things. I like to call them "Returning from the Netherworld". No difference whether they are people or music, or things. Autumn blues hit hard. Hit with the blunt, unidentified object. So, apart from FT Island and SHINee on my playlist, the rest is made with those little gems. Actually, there's more, but I don't think the whole world is dying to know what I'm listening to.
First, Casker. As much as I love W & Whale, Casker is pretty close. It consist of the vocalist Lee Yoong Jin, and producer/composer DJ Lee Juno, who also sings the back-ups. Both Casker and W & Whale's male back-ups are simply stunning. I have a thing for bass, and for back-ups. I know, a bit exhibitionistic here, but... How can I not to praise what's worth praising. As I stated someplace else. The voice of Lee Yoong Jin is sometimes mellow, sometimes sassy, sometimes eerie. The music is in general a fusion of bossa-nova (you heard it in Coffee Prince drama OST), very distinctive beat and something casker-ish.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kim Namgil - AD HOC

Not the new one, the previous one. I finally snatched the video of making of it. Nothing new, but the pictures are alive, at least.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ha Jungwoo

Name: 하정우 / Ha Jung Woo (Ha Jeong Wu)
Real name: 김성훈 / Kim Sung Hoon (Kim Seong Hun)
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1979-Mar-11
Education: JoongAng University
Do I have something for men born as Pisces? I guess it's their own sensitivity that allures me so...
Yellow Sea / The Murderer (2010)
Love Fiction (2009)
And Us / Breakfast At Tiffany's (2009)
House / Boat 보트 / No Boys, No Cry (2009)
Parallel Life (2009)
National Athlete (2009)
You Don't Even Know / Jal-al-ji-do Mot-ham-yeon-seo (2009)
Beastie Boys / The Moonlight of Seoul (2008)
My Dear Enemy / Meotjin Halu (2008)
The Chaser (2008)
Forever the Moment (2008)
Never Forever (2007)
Breath (2007)
The Fox Family (2006)
Time (2006)
The Unforgiven (2005)
She's On Duty (2005)
Superstar Mr. Gam (2004)
Madeleine (2002) debut

H.I.T (MBC, 2007)
Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005)
Age of Warriors (KBS1, 2003)
Honest Living (SBS, 2002)

If I say I admire this gentleman, that would be an understatement.
In 2009 he was nominated for Asian Film Awards (sometimes called Asian Oscars), but he lost to Motoki Masahiro (Departures). He was nominated for The Chaser. And not that I'm biased or something (OK, I am), but I think he was better. Motoki did what an average actor could do. Probably I'm in the minority that thinks this movie is not that great. He is the one I believe is able to give a new face to the hallyu, and to the cinema, not only Asian, or Korean one. His every performance is stunning. He doesn't have the weak role, even in a weak movie/drama. And we all simply admire, adore him over on D-A. He's worth every second of watching. I can watch a movie with him even without knowing what the movie is about, who directed it.

Do we need actors?

   And the answer is surprisingly easy: no. Ever since the first caveman performed his first act, the acting itself has become a sacred ritual. Even treated like a hand of gods. I discovered this shocking story in my yard. I found in a box some stone tables... uhm.. no, that was actually the ones lost by Moses, forget it. I found another, older tables with script, without any doubt, the most archaic in the world. I deciphered it (oh, how many sleepless nights, how many buckets of coffee, how many lollipops have sacrificed their lives for just this one discovery!) and here it goes. Once there was a loose group of cavemen. They did what each caveman does, they polished their maces, they grunted, they ate yummy mammoths thighs. Normal, everyday stuff. The first acting was performed by the caveman whose name went into the oblivion with the wind of history. They were hunting a mammoth, a big, bad, furry mammoth, who happen to be more smart then them altogether. So, as they were waiting with a trap, this mammoth circled and stood behind their backs. Then a terrible roar tore the air. Frightened as they were they tried to escape but before them was a trap, and behind - big, bad mammoth. So one of those brave, stupid cavemen went two steps ahead and started to move his hands, legs and head, each in the opposite direction. His companions realised that he actually showed to the astounded mammoth how the world was created. In the meantime, his fellows went behind mammoth's back and... This evening's fest was sponsored by the letter M.
   But with time, mammoths started to see this as a trick and weren't that stupid to watch with open... mouth (?) the performance, and when one of them didn't show any sign of admiration and mashed the unfortunate performer, a doom hung over the rest. And just in the moment when the mammoth wanted to crush some more, another caveman started to gurgle something, moving at the same time as a possessed one. Sadly, mammoth was deaf. The next time another gurgling caveman was dressed in the most jaunty furs with lots of shells and started to move as if dancing, howling mercilessly. The mammoth run away to just not to hear that.
The tribe thought a new power - singing (read: gurgling) saved them. But the truth lay somewhere else. Mammoths couldn't stand the sound and decided to make a group extinction.
This is the true story of how acting saved cavemen, and how singing dressed as acting caused poor, stupid mammoths to commit a mammoth-cide.
Time jump: AD 2010.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ahn Sungki and Kim Namgil

   This is the right order. Because, no matter how much I admire the latter, the former is just bigger. More experienced. Pictures come from 29th Blue Dragon Film Festival that was held 2008.11.20. So yes, they are not new, but I rarely seen them on non-Korean or non-Japanese websites. I don't read swahili, so can't say much on those. The fact that they entered the red carpet together and stood there, the fact that Mr. Ahn speaks so highly on Namgil-nim, it all warms my heart more than any even the most beautiful picture of our encamped Mr. Kim.

Friday, September 03, 2010

In case anyone is watching Japan TV


 And that would be all. I should start to laugh here as a troglodyte, but I will not. Consider this a gift of civilization from me. But they could just come up with better description than 美しく激しい男性同士の愛の形!(Stunningly intense love between men). Crap, this movie is about love. Difficult love, but love nonetheless. I hate when there is always a tag "gay love", GTM. It's a damn love, you morons! And here you have a solid fan of a good GTM, and sincere hater of yaoi. It works like this somehow. Damn, it irritates me, and I'm lately like a furious hornet, do not approach!
Plus, I found tons of interviews with our sincerely missed, encamped KNG-nim on Japanese websites. When will I have the time to translate it.
Ara, you don't need that, hun, right? Can I put them all here? *^^*

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Veni, Vidi, non Vici

   I crossed my own personal Rubicon. I broke my own principles. I violated my own laws. I watched Playful Dead-Fish Kiss. OK, the title is Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss), but my own title describes the drama and leading guy better. Period. Everyone who can not agree - get the hell outta here!
   First, I have to praise the drama for casting quite nice (although not stunning) stallion (no, I'm not talking about Mr. Wooden Table), but some white horse^^. This horse's expressful eyes and mouth just got into me. I think it deserves a bigger screen time, really. He can carry the action and emotions very good.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Actors' strike? Dramas' strike?

   KBS and Entertainer's Union (actors, singers, staff) reached an agreement. I heard a bit about the holding up the dramas, or even the strike of actors and staff, but I couldn't actually believe it. Or it was rather a disbelief. I couldn't believe they finally did it. Of course, I'm on the side I want to watch dramas, but not at all costs. I want to see the actors healthy, I want to know they are paid for their hard work. And believe me, being an actor in Korean entertainment is not picking the flowers and eating a pie. I'm talking about real actors here. Kim Eungsuk (43) leader of the Union, said the broadcaster (that is KBS this time) promised to guarantee an unpaid salary and establish a joint body to improve the outsourcing guidelines (...) The union had claimed that there were overdue appearance fees and other unpaid wages totaling 4.4 billion won ($3.7 million) as of July(hancinema). But it's not the guarantee on the future, it's not the solid statement like: "Yes, this-and-this day you will be paid". It's just a delaying. Since the subcontracters are responsible for not paid salaries, three biggest broadcasting companies are at fault as well. Kim Eungsuk also said that companies threatened the actors if they participate in the Union's strike. Some dramas will be affected though (Baker King: Kim Tak Gu case is solved, so fret not!), but: Mischievous Kiss, Dong Yi (both from MBC), and Life is Beautiful and Giant (SBS) actors refused to play. Plus Life is Beautiful is on hold as union said that SBS refused to accept the Union's demands.
   I mean, I just love SBS. For me this is the worst broadcast out of those three. It has the most viewer-hostile website, and treats both actors and viewers as slaves and imbeciles respectively. I hated how they dealt with World Cup by holding up two dramas. I hate what they did later broadcasting two episodes of Bad Guy on the same day. I hate that I can't find the exact date of Daemul, cause it's being scheduled and re-scheduled (the same thing was with Bad Guy few months ago). This way, I see why Jang Hyuk dropped Secret Garden. I hate how they are treating actors in the dramas. I hate the lack of proper promotion. Kim Jaewuk said he slept for 2 weeks after drama ended. And we all know what happened to Kim Namgil-nim.
Actors are not machines. They need to sleep. They need to make a living. They need to rest.
They're humans, treat them as one!