Thursday, April 28, 2011

Delispice is back!

I'm heppey! I was hopelessly waiting for any news, but this is a good news^^

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beauty on the Backstreet of Old Capital Seoul

This is a title for a 3-part docu-drama about Joseon period.
History+me=wild excitement.

Again music and videos

   In Movie World, at the beginning, there was a comparison of few similar scenes in movie pairs. First pair was Glove and Silmido. And the second - Take Off and The Chaser. Don't have to explain who linked those movie pairs respectively.
So yes, a proper fan like myself made a cut.


   I was thinking (yes, it happens sometimes to me. Extremely painful. Kids, don't do that at home!) of my lost chances in life. But instead of depressing myself and reaching Mariana Trench of self-esteem piercing, I looked down on the bright side of it. Ironically there is one. And what's more ironic in it - it started (not, not with a kiss) with SKKS. Even though Park Yucheon was my little darling in DBSK, I have sworn I would never watch any drama with an idol after suffering whole 30 minutes of Heading to the Ground. So this was on my ME-NOT-WATCHIN-AND-DO-NOT-PERSUADE list. Gender-bender and pretty, pretty Park Minyeong as a fake boy was just a big extra reason for it.
The scale of my mistake I understood somewhere in the middle of the first episode.
So I said to myself: Do not judge the book by its cover! So that you won't have any regrets!
So I did. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SKKS - Oricon

A good drama is a good drama. Period.
SKKS DVD has topped in first five n Oricon charts.
Plus some news on JYJ? Their tour has started (Taipei) and from what I read thousands of fans watched the first concert. Next stop - US and Canada from May.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yucheon... errm... JYJ videos

OK, let me... collect... my... thoughts.
I found super extra HD of the commercial...
Truth be told, this CF is making some waves out there. Not as high as marriage-divorce scandal of someone else, but...
And yes, the CF has absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Secret marriage, secret talent

   All Korean websites are buzzing today with news on Yi Jiah and Seo Taiji divorce. Why? Because no one even knew they were married. Getting any other news is not that easy today. 
Divorce aside, it happens, but keeping the marriage secret for years? I read they could meet in private only in US, so they spent some time there. Let me ask it one more time: WTF??

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JYJ - new honor

   Members of JYJ have been appointed as Ambassadors for the World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association (World-OKTA). 
"We feel that JYJ fits the image to become the honorary ambassadors for World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Association since they have played such a big role in leading the Hallyu culture overseas," an official World-OKTA was quoted as saying. (Asiae)
Article on Nate: Right here^^

May 9th


   Yes, I have some spare time. This is why I had enough time to look up some pics in the previous post. Meanwhile, my also busy sis took two pics for me. Aww^^
But yes, I'm not in a sugary mood. Actually, I'm in my normal, regular mood. That means - run, if you don't like it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gutter, the best place for me... gutter...

Paraphrasing D'Artagnan, yes... 
Suddenly my PC decided it would play HD files, so I'm so heppey!
Therefore, Tei's cut is quite of the volume (almost 400 Mb), but it's worth it. He got nr 1 score once more. But I also liked Im Jeonghee's aria. She managed to do the difficult staccato part well. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 Best Couples

  Accoding to Entertainment Weekly, episode aired today. Well, the place nr 1 isn't exactly the biggest surprise mehehe...
List gathered with pics by yours truly.

Bad Westerner

   Some time ago I terrorized my ladies by sending one link to them. Yes, The Princess An-An pictures link (you may click on it if: a) you haven't eaten past 2 hours, b) have nothing to lose, c) you are extremely bored, d) nothing can scare you). Now I found that my mocking was actually true to the bone. An-An, the magazine that features sometimes half-naked Japanese men started to show girls on the cover. And inside. Actually Princess made a breakthrough. Right now, KARA is on the cover, but who knows what future brings? But no, I have nothing against it. I don't really care for An-An anyway. Good to see the changes. 
Comparing to us, Balrog is just a pre-schooler.

Few news

   Finally I have few minutes to spare and... yes, I was hit by Ripley right away. Why, oh why it had to be LDH??
First good news is the fact that Tears of Amazon won the silver medal at the 54th New York Festivals.(after Chosun Ilbo: The New York Festivals, one of the world's leading media competitions, grants awards to creative and innovative TV programs, commercials and films through five competitions)
Some of you may ask why I'm even reporting a documentary on half-naked Indian tribe and Amazon River environment? Well, Kim Namgil-nim!! He was the narrator for it, keke^^
OK, for the movie version, but still. Am I finding any excuse? Yup.

Music again

   Nothing big, but just 4 things I found out and thought maybe someone will like it. And as you see on the picture above, another live performances from Opera Star are available.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Festival of Flying Pink Elephants

   And this ain't Monthy Python Flying Circus. This is Kdrama Flying Circus.
Yes, mocking post ahead, save yourself!
Among many dramas I'm anticipating either with terror (Miss Ripley) or with delight (Lie To Me), or just with shallow fangirl flutter about nekkid Minho (oh wait, he won't be nekkid? Who Lied To Me??) there is this drama I swear I will watch the first episode as unbiased as I can. But honestly, how can anyone stay unbiased reading something like this: 
Lee Shin (age 21) is a university student majoring in modern music. He is the vocalist of band "The Stupid" and also plays the guitar. He is known for his good looks and for his strong passion for music.However, he is a cold person and is uninterested in things non-music related. He has no dreams nor plans for the future. In the drama, he initially likes a dance professor at his university. But it is all going to change as he meets Lee Kyu-Won (starring Park Shin Hye).
Lee Kyu Won (age 21) is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family, and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. She is a very outgoing. Kyu Won's grandfather, Lee Dong-gun is one of the top 3 traditional music singers of his age. And his biggest wish is to have his grand-daughter trained to become a traditional music child-prodigy in 10 years' time. Trying to live up to her grandfather's expectations, Kyu-Won immenses herself in traditional music training and becomes a university student who knows nothing about anything besides traditional music.As Kyu Won's friends are fans of "The Stupid", she was forced to go to the band's concert with them and there she saw Lee Shin, performing live. She is immediately captivated by him.(dramawiki)

I agree on the band name, though.

They see him rollin'...

... they applause on their feet!
Another cut, this time not mine, because I'm lazy.
Ah well, I did make a cut for download. The video is slightly, slightly out of sync anyway, and I tried all releases I could find. Problem with the broadcast I guess. 
Plus, fans (read: stalkers) are really good. Jonghyeon baby made an appearance again!! Proof below.
Perhaps my last post until Friday. Unless something happens during (too short) Tuesday.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some music

   I may look like the most free person on this world. No, I left somewhere my book that I need badly for tomorrow's lecture, but instead of crying and going into hysteria, I finished my wine, made a ppt for tomorrow, wrote another portion of an article and will watch some drama.
Why so serious anyway?

Open Music - Hong Kwangho

   I'm elated. I'm almost dead with some strange happiness. I was watching the show completely unprepared, so when one lady said that the next performer would be Hong Kwango with this song, I stopped doing whatever I was doing (sudden amnesia, don't remember). This man could sing the microwave instruction and I would explode. He sings here "This Is The Moment" from the musical Jekyll & Hyde. And if I may be frank, Jo Seungwu, even though I like him and he has fabulous voice, may hold a sheet with notes to this man. Too bad, Seungwu is more recognizable and gets more attention.
Still can't understand what CNBlue were doing there...

New Tales of Gisaeng: pictures^^


   I'm kyaaing right now. Mainly because I need my coffee to stabilize metabolism of huge amount of sugar I swallowed lately (over 300 grams of meringues, and I crave for more...), but also because of those pics^^

Saturday, April 09, 2011

My Toy Is Better Than Your Toy!

  Why? Because it's MINE.
And since I have some time, I decided to write the final thoughts of my few-months observations. I fear I may turn into a sociologist one day. Buwahahaha!! What a lame joke, lady... 
We have the urge to be seen as individuals with highly developped characters that distinguish ourselves against the rest, the mob. But somehow people tend to forget that the more they try to stand out, the less they will be visible. Why? The reason is simple - everyone wants it. This is why an individual who thinks he/she's unique and one of the kind, is nothing more than just a pixel in a mob of "outstanding" people. Examples? People, especially young ones, manifest their uniqueness in the easiest way possible - by belonging to some group. Sounds like a contradiction? Not at all. They start to listen to some music, and follow the trends - clothes, make-up, behavior. On the background of few random people they may be visible, but there are 2 hidden traps.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Maya - Mnet Countdown

   Too bad she didn't sing in Family's Honor, keke... Oh, I loved her there.
Cut below.

New Tales of Gisaeng: Finally!!

   One word: kyaaa!! I was cleaning my flat while watching Midnight Entertainment, and suddenly I heard the music I like so much. Good thing I didn't hold anything hot or heavy. Ahahaha!! Finally, NToG is getting the recognition it deserves. Beautiful drama, perfect shooting, great, not typical characters! And the music, costumes... ah...
I was wondering why SBS didn't promote this drama as heavily as others. I mean, both Midas and 49 Days were everywhere. Not to mention Secret Garden. Oh hell, this one was milked in 100 ways. But somehow long dramas are not that hyped. The same thing is with Twinkle Twinkle. I only run into the interview with the cast (not Yuhwan, though) some time ago for the first time. Too bad.
Oh well, I know, those are not idol-filled, mind-not-required kind of drama. Plus, NToG is one of the most "over-talked" drama I have seen. Some people were complaining that Goong was boring because of the talk. Hehe, try this one! I like slow drama, with talking, but with characters that actually can reflect upon their own acts.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

JYJ - errhmm... again

Oh, kitties!! Kitties!!
   Previous post was just to separate another post with JYJ. I did this so not to be perceived as an obsessed lady. I'm not, everyone knows that.
As you probably know, JYJ donated 600 million Won to earthquake and tsunami stricken Japan, and on June 6th (or 7th, my memory sometimes fails me), there will be big Charity Event by boys. And as you may expect, there are no tickets left.

In May I May Be Busy

   As we all, dear idiot, as we all. But in terms of drama as well. First, Miss Ripley. So.. what we were talking about? Yucheon, right... But finally Kang Jihwan has cleared his situation and is coming back with new drama. Unfortunately, not Faith (so yeah, I drop that, Lee Philip is not much of a magnet as for me), but Lie To Me. That reminds me of some song titled like that and the line from it:
So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There's some truth in it
 I'm not sure if the drama will be as twisted as those lines, since it is described as comedy. Oh, Jihwan and Eunhye are good in a comedy, so I'm not afraid.
Miss Ripley is another issue that would set me ablaze again, so I don't want to think of that horror before the horror come. The drama is scheduled to be Midas follow-up, and scheduled to be aired on may 6th. Hmm... that means Midas will get an extention? Or what? I wouldn't mind though, I'm enjoying Midas like he... I mean, like strawberries.
There is also City Hunter.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

JYJ - takeoff

   The article and few pics below. Images credited as stated, so thank you to whoever shared^^
And although I missed boys singing in Korean, I feel they are somehow off. Yucheon, my dear, either hit the studio again, and train more, or just give it up and appear on the screen! I can't believe this is the same deep-voiced vocal that took me instantly long, long time ago. Eh... But you know what they say - once a fan, forever a fan.
Gayshas and Divas excluded.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

JYJ synonym

The Oxford Dictionary classifies JYJ as the synonym to "troubles" used by some group of well... users. As for the origin of this word, let me quote it: "The use of JYJ in the sense of troubles comes probably from the proto-group original language called SMEnt-ese. This language, still used by few remnants of then-so-powerful habitants of Han River basin, is characterised by a very complex syntax and unique semantics that make the sentences incomprehensible to anyone outside the highly acquainted group of users". Examples of usage: Oh, I read some JYJ on the Nate! (meaning: I read that there has been some troubles in the Korean Entertainment world again).

Contemporary usage in the form of News cut below.

Monday, April 04, 2011


This time really quick. I know it's not much, but I promise I'll be better soon.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

How a man breaks

  I think surviving until the next Saturday will be hard. The events have accelerated. Dan Saran decided to become a gisaeng, and of course Ah Damo almost demolished Buyonggak when he stormed the place. For the last 2 weeks I didn't have the time to watch my beloved series properly, but tomorrow will be my re-watch^^. Some may say that this drama is messed up in terms of blood relations, everyone seems to be connected. Yes, but do not forget that this drama doesn't depict the society. It rather presents few people entangled in mutual fate. We have only 3 families here and Buyonggak (Gisaengs' House). Lots of other people are to complement the story. And since writers decided only for 3 families, don't be fussy. This is exactly the reason why I love Kdrama and not the Archipelago counterpart. 

Prettier Than Girls

  In today's Section TV there was a ranking (as always), but this time the topic was: Prettier Than Girls. Too bad G-Dragon and Taemin didn't make it, kekeke. The winner is also predictable.
The list, gathered with pics by yours truly, is below.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Finding Mr. Destiny

   Did I say I love colors in Korean movies? I do. This movie has similar color palette to that of Antique, but without such cold blue hues as the latter.
The literal title is Finding Mr. Kim Jongwuk (김종욱 찾기) and basically it's about it. But it would be very hard to describe this movie in one sentence. Before we start, few technical details on this movie.
Movie: Finding Mr. Destiny
Hangul: 김종욱 찾기
Director: Chang You-Jeong
Writer: Lee Kyung-Ui
Producer: Min Jin-Soo, Min Kyu-Dong
Cinematographer: Lee Hyung-Duk
Release Date: December 9, 2010
Runtime: 112 min
Cast: Im Sujeong, Gong Yu, Cheon Ho-Jin, Lee Chung-Ah, Jeon Su-Kyeong, Ryu Seung-Soo, Shin Sung-Rok, Jeong Seong-Hwa, Kim Mu-Yeol, Won Ki-Jun, Jeong Jun-Ha
This movie was based on the musical play under the same title and done by the same director. After the musical, she directed the movie as well. Perhaps this is why little me was happy seeing musical performance inside the movie, ohohoho!

Some music videos

And so my youth is wasted right in front of PC listening to some music and watching videos. This is why I prefer winamp playlist. And it looks like it will grow today.
I present some videos and music that I've been listening to lately. Yes, I have a weakness for Yi Seungyeol and TEI. Not to mention W&Whale. I just can't get enough of Moon Madness...
And I added some jazz album as well for one special lady^^.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Dokdo - continuation

I really don't want to sound biased, and I'd like to keep it cool, having in mind the tsunami and earthquake, but the calamity is one thing. And when I read that some of the former "comfort women" has donated to Japan relief, I just wonder if Japanese could do the same thing. And I already know the answer.
The article is below.
And update from the other source as well.