Wednesday, December 22, 2010

See You All In New 2011 Year

I'd like to wish everyone peaceful, nice Christmas/Holidays time with family, friends and kdramas^^.
I wish everyone in the next year more to watch, more to listen to, more to admire. I hope the next year will be free from scandals, free from useless deaths, free from stupidity displayed by both viewers and artists.
Let's hope our loved ones will have wonderful, fruitful yet not disturbed year.

And since it's a tradition, my Christmas gift is another photoshoot of our beloved, encamped Kim Namgil-nim.

Secret Garden - new pictures


Yes, I can't sleep, why you ask?
I just watched Ajusshi, but to write a review I need to watch it again. I like violence on screen.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cafe Noir and The Murderer

I mean cuts from movie shows.
But first, let me express my gratitude to all who ruined my second account by hotlinking. What is wrong with you all? I have nothing against downloading and re-uploading even claim the cuts as your own, I don't freaking care, but do not hotlink.

G-Love: new stills and videos

I can't wait. That's all. Just one thought occurred (ohoho, a success!!): lately I've been seeing in almost every movie/drama someone who uses sign language. It was used in The Devil, Goodbye Solo, and now here. Hmm, what can be a meaning behind all these?

Park Yucheon - interview on scandal

Ahaha, catchy title, right? Actually this is about the rumor that he was "close" *wink* with Park Min-yeong. Well, the chemistry between those was right there, but I think people see more than there is, in fact.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jeong Jaeyoung... and the rest

   Yesterday was my first time with Baidu. And apart from zhi shi wo de pengyou... I can't say much more in Chinese (and totally ignoring the tones, ehehe), I loved it. Actually, to be perfectly frank, I have heard of Baidu for almost 2 years now, but somehow managed to escape the great pit. I was content with DC Inside. But somehow that wasn't enough to satisfy my greed. Ekhem... so I lost my mind, my self-esteem, my sleep and my sanity over on Baidu.
Pictures below are those of Jeong Jaeyoung and Kim Namgil^^

JYJ - Interview

But first, 10Asia article. Well, with one small mistake...
Then, another one.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

KBS Drama Awards - voting

Omo, omo... what was the password for my account on KBS again? Daamn!
Vote, good villagers, who have travelled from near and far.
Don't lend me your ears...

Winter Wonderland - Yucheon

Picture found today, on TV Daily with date 2010-12-19. Fans' comments are, as always, the best - " I want the hat like this!", ahaha... you can leave your hat on, boy...
Nothing else, just this picture.

Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2010

Hm... I think all of you are aware of a little "scandal" with voting, so this year's results may be a little off. I don't mind The Table... ekhem... Kim Hyeonjung winning in 3 categories, he was hugely popular this year, but Gays... I mean Jang Geunsuk wasn't. He wasn't featured in any poll during the whole 2010. Well, not my business anyway.
And my usual rant...
In the article featuring Kim Hyeonjung's winning, there was this one funny sentence: 'Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards' is a global promotion that gives out awards based on search rate. This year, from November 8th to December 1st, the winners were voted through Yahoo! from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

JYJ - on career and lawsuit

I keep an eye, and sometimes even two, on their activities, even though I'm not a big fan. No, actually, I'm a bad fan. I was kicked once from the community by saying one song is horrible. Don't remember which one now, it was a long time ago. I was honing my claws and fangs to tear apart Yucheon in SKKS. I was slapped hard, fine... I was glad. Not that I'm maso or anything. But damn, I liked it. I did!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buzzwords of Year 2010 in Pop Culture

Article found on KBS Global, keke.

Melon Awards


I couldn't describe that better. I would use more poison, though. It was one of the worst aw(kw)ard ceremonies I have ever witnessed, and I was partly embarassed while watching this.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards

Jeong Jaeyeong all the way. I repeat - ALL THE WAY!
The 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards took place at the International Convention Hall in Seoul's 63 Building on December 15th.

Upcoming movies: beginning of 2011

The date for G-Love is set. January 27. Wrooom, wrooom my engines...
Late Autumn with our Hyun The Dimples Bin has no date yet. 
Also on January 27: Detective K, Pyongyang Castle.
But first, the movie which release date was postponed over a year, with Shin Hagyun. Finally, at last, ahaha!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chuno - the best drama of 2010

   Weeeell... let me get things straight: no. I mean, it is a great drama, I didn't have any nails back then, I watched it 3 times... OK, maybe it is. But there were some things that bugged me back then and I can't still get over them. Like Lee Dahae. I don't like her. I don't find her stunningly pretty even. He's a doll. Moving, talking doll. I didn't connect to her. And, as you probably know, when there is no click between me and the character, there is no spark.
I found an article on Daum (from December 15, heh).

Winter Night's Dream

   I know that astronomically  it's not Winter yet. But to the person who has below 20 degrees C in the room and sees tons of snow every day, December 21st is another day.
During those dark times, I made few wallies^^
And about the words above on the pic?  Well, I had to write something so it wouldn't look so boring and empty.

Kim Hyeja named as the Best Actress by LA Critics Association

   This means something more than just praising of all us who are deep into sh... uhmm... I mean Korean Entertainment (I hate SM Ent, have I mentioned it lately? I think the last time was the last month, so...). This is actually a proof that what we think is not necessary a blabbering of some idiotic fans who ~swoon~ over the actor/ actress. Nope. I loved her in Goong, but then again, I loved Goong (yes!), and probably I'm the only one fan who liked the "boring part", that is: talking. Oh, yes, talking is boring, omo... 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

G-Love: poster and new still

   There is something wrong with this connection I have now. I'm not complaining, at least I have one, but still...
It's weird.
Muahaha!! Another still from the movie and the official poster! 
The movie will be out in January, according to the poster, but no day set yet. Some time (well, 6 months, OK) I heard the movie was scheduled to the middle of 2011. Ah well, no complaints here, no...
So, my theory from before about the "glove" is actually true? Ohoho...

Secret Garden Cast Interview

    Oh my, such a long hiatus. Trust me, not from my own fault. I threw a hell here to get my connection with the world, and I'm honing my claws for those who come on Monday to establish a normal, permanent connection in my flat. Oh my, poor souls, they don't know yet what will befall them! *shrugs*
There is so many things I'd like to report, so many things happened, like Golden Disk Awards, yes Yu Ah-in was the host at the ceremony, ladies, yes. Like the rumor of JYJ performing at KBS Drama Awards, keke.
But now a great interview with Ha Jiwon, Hyeon Bin and Yun Sanghyeon^^
Plus if anyone come across an interview with Kim Seong-oh, let me know, I love the man, and his Secretary Kim portrayal. Honestly, I think I'm watching this drama from the second episode mostly for his small scenes, ekhem...

Thursday, December 02, 2010

10Asiae Awards!

Seongkyunkwan Scandal got recognized a lot!! Life is Beautiful won too!!
It's the editor's pick:

 The original is below.
PS. Should be Lee Jihye, and Kim Suhyeon, I made a typo, mianhamnida...
I try to translate part of the articles soon. But right now is kinda hectic here...

Exotic charm - Stars vs Soldiers

  This article left me puzzled. First, I wanted to sit and translate it, but when I managed to take my eyes off of two guys featured there I sssaw... I saw... Kang The Creep Dongwon. OK, I know everyone loves him, but he seriously scares the living sh*t out of me. Even his smile is haunting as for me. Have no idea why. "He didn't kill me" (to quote a now-famous quote from DA), but I simply can't look at him without fear of nightmares again. And no, I've seen some movies with him.

Secret Garden, Secret Pictures part 2

  Another pack of pictures.

Secret Garden, Secret Pictures part 1

  They are very hush-hush. So much I haven't seen them even on DC. Well, *shrugs*...

King of the Sparkle Strikes Back!

   Latest fashion display of Yucheon just killed me, so I have to turn to something more appropriate. Well, considering tracksuit as appropriate, you may imagine my horror. Anyway, if only Hyun Bin wasn't that starved... He would be even more handsome and edible. That reminds me I haven't had any lunch and now it's dinner time.

Tei - deep, soothing voice

   Ah, yes, I have something for men with low voice. But they have to look like a men. Cheers to all pansies! Some info first, just in case someone may not know this gentleman, unlikely, but possible.
Real name: Kim Ho Kyung (not to confuse with Kim Kyung Ho)
Born: April 4, 1983 (ugh, another one for the army soon?)
1. The First Journey (2004)
2. Ucu Pra Cacia (2005)
3. A Third Opinion (2005)
4. Lover (2007)
5. The Note (2008)
6. The Shine(Mini Album) (2009)   

In this time of year, when sun is so far away, and the darkness comes at 3 pm, ballads come like a refuge. I have nothing against ballads, I know people who don't like it. Well, I would probably die after the whole album of Trax, but not after the whole album of Lee Seungyeol, i.e.

Something against cold nights: Jalgeum 3 Inbang^^

   How to put it... Better bluntly: a gutter time, dear readers. A gutter totally biased, personal and unfair. Oh, by the way. I'm looking for some nice place to buy an apartment there. Preferably in the neighborhood of my other Thorns. Yes, you... I decided to stay in the gutter.
Because there is so cold here, my flat is cold too, I almost don't feel my fingers. And the hot beer with spices warmed me a lot, but for a short time.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Park Min-young - an interview

   I rarely post interviews with ladies, because I don't find them interesting. This one I read from the first to the last letter. Park Min-young seems to be a cheerful, but thoughtful young lady. I liked the interview, this is why I post it here. Plus, she reveals some of her thoughts on Seongkyunkwan Scandal, and I'm still, a month after its ending, reeling from the withdrawal syndrome. I'm strong, I will not rewatch it till February.
And she's one of the honest actresses there, she openly said about her plastic job on the eyes and nose. I have nothing against it, really, if I had the chance I could change this or that myself. But what I trully hate is the blind negation of some starlets. I mean, sometimes it's obvious.

Oh, snow in December? No way...

Leoprint - the king of patterns.

   Imagine yourself in the middle of hissing sounds. Those sounds come closer and die out, they tell you about the rest, the neverending rest in the white, soft, impeccable bed of sparkle. Everything around seems as if taken from a fairy tale. There are many different fairy tales, this one is made of the hissing void. The wind on your face comes as if mountains breathed into you. The strong, primordial breath of the caves and halls deep inside, where the dark corners are even darker because they never knew of the light. You can almost hear the whisper, the voice, husky and sharp, yet barely audible. The voice tells you about frozen clouds where no bird dares to fly.
And the hissing sounds are accompanied by snowflakes that burn your skin in their final flight. The wind makes the air smells of ammonia and blood... The whole air sparkles, the fireflies of snow fall from the sky and you have this eerie feeling you are treading on diamonds in the middle of some maelstrom of cutting needles...

I hate it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The concert videos

   Hmmm... Did I ever say I like 10Asia? They are not bunch of screaming fangirls for whom every blink and move is a hierophany. This is why I tend to read Korean serious fora than fanpages. Come to think of it, where and when I was lately on some fanpage? Nevermind.
But I was on Clubbox... omo... what to start with?

JYJ - a what the hell!

I observed today while browsing through 20 different Korean websites that fans start to call Yucheon by his full name, not using the nickname. Good. I have never used it and I hate it. I HATE it.

MAMA: Mnet Asian Music Awards

  Our pretty gir... I mean boy, Song Junggi was hosting today's event. Oh, busy, busy, yesterday he went to JYJ concert, today he did this. I hope this whole stress won't affect his porcelain skin. And I have to say one thing: looks like our flower boy watches Secret Garden, but instead picking up Juwon's fashion sense, he went to some Oska rampage... Oh well, I can accept that. Two days ago he was dashing.
Oh Ji Ho was handing the award to 2PM.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Secret Garden - rest of the pictures

As I said, I love this drama, no, WE love this drama so far so much we watch it raw... we count the days and hours down. And we anticipate what will be after the body switch.
And yes, Lee Philip is among those.
And yes, leoprint dress is among those.

Secret Garden BTS and stills

   Yes, another set of the pictures, both BTS and regular stills. The last time I went for the similar rampage was... oh my, SKKS... But with KBS broadcast and website it was much, much easier. Don't see the reason why SBS is acting as such an asshole. They created a wonderful drama, it is airing right after LIB, I really can't understand their greed for ratings and behavior on the website. Why not to throw some goodies to fans? Like free wallpapers, chibis or ie. the sounds from drama, like message alert. I liked the one Ra-im had when she got the message on her phone. That would be nice^^.

King of the Sparkle

   Yes, there is only one King of the Sparkle. There are many other Princes and Princesses who would like to claim the throne for themselves but not for now. And I'm not talking here about Mr. David Bowie. I'd like to propose the Fashion Oscar (omo!) for anyone who came up with the idea of sequined tracksuits. Yes, I know, they are custom-made, sewn one by one by some Italian master, yeah, yeah... 
All pictures come from SBS website. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SKKS - Withdrawal Syndrome

  Perhaps it's because I keep myself away from it and don't watch. I have to conduct this test in February. I just have to ... well, test it. I am so redundant today. Perhaps too much Hyun Bin this very morning? In a leoprint tracksuit... yess... I just want someone answer the question we've been asking for some time already. WHAT'S WITH EFFIN' LEOPRINT?? Did someone decide it's the biggest top pattern in the last part of this freaking, bad 2010? Believe me, the Mighty Creator of this Trend, 2010 was bad enough without it. I see it in every drama (or outside of it) - high heels, clutches, bags, scarves, blouses, leggins, pants, jackets, robes, even tracksuits. 
Wait, where was I? Ah SKKS. Some pictures, yes...

JYJ... ekhem...

   Still, interested only in 1/3rd of it. Today there wil be a big concert in Seoul. Good or bad, I wouldn't mind going there just to... yes, stare. With a big suitcase. Hmm... so you can be an actual singer and behave normally? Man, some singer-wannabies behave as if doped and exaggerate both outfits and attitude. Ah yes, add to it an overblown ego. This world is strange.
If they disband I would be the last to cry, seriously. I wish them all the best and hope they can win over SM Ent (ahaha, such an optimistic thought this Saturday! It must be Secret Garden in 10 minutes, haha!) but no big despair if they ceased to exist as a band.

Pure cuteness - Song Junggi

  Otherwise known as Gu Yongha. He got the charm. He got the talent. He got every nuna's heart. If only mine wasn't already taken, cutie, if only... Hmm... but maybe, maybe, I can find a room for this cuteness overload. And to add my usual 2-cent ramble. A SUIT!! A manly haircut! See, you can be beutiful as a flower and still manage to look manly. No need for flashy accessories, no need for silver jacket... 
I never paid much attention on him, but if he behaves like this in the future, I may.
In actors and presence department that is.

Jeong Jaeyoung - Winner of Blue Dragon Award

It may not be his best role or movie, but please, if you want to stay alive... He's this kind of actor, if you can't praise him, just shut up. I love him, every role, even in idiotic movies, love his method, his approach, his power.
This time, I'm totally biased.
Yes, I'm happy. I'm elated. Let me stay in this state for a while. Until bitterness of life smothers it again.
Update: OK, you can say what you want. I don't care that much.
Ah, and I found the video, the video... *faints*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random pictures

I found some funny gifs on Asiae. Simply great, especially the one with fan. But well, he's Gu Yongha.
And yes, this time I managed to see others not only Seonjun. After 3rd rewatch of pics. Ekhem...


The funniest thing that happened during that conference? A guy who took upon himself the role of Ockham's Razor and said that it's pointless to do any research for something that doesn't exist. OK, I don't believe in demons either, but it's not the point. I conduct the research on their ontic status IN Heian period (and a bit earlier) based on Konjaku. Actually, the true topic is a bit different, but it's no time and place to discuss it. I try to establish their place in the world. Between human and otherworld. I like to read about the stuff. I enjoy it. I want others to enjoy it as well.
This is why I transformed (sounds ominous, almost as demons that could transform themselves into the beautiful lady, ekhem, and here where the similarities end...) small part of my presentation into a movie^^.
Music by: Tearliner.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The progress

   I came back yesterday at dawn, accompanied by rain and cold. Rain and cold liked me so much they became somewhat my shadow throughout the whole journey to the conference and back. In terms of the research, I may say the trip was successful, in terms of fun... well, let's change the subject.
First, our trip to the actual place was quite nice albeit long. When we finally lodged into some nice, cozy hotel, almost dying for food (and some alcohol, ekhem), the wind blew so strong and so cold, I cursed I was born. You know the feeling, when you're hungry every slightest obstacles drive you nuts. And even breeze may feel like a squall. So there was me, and two other ladies. Hungry and pissed off because of that. We left our lair and went out into the darkness of the city (ahaha, my furor poeticus ticks in!) to hunt down some pizza. Nothing.

The first message...

   ...after my coming back home was the message sent by my sister. "North Korea shelled South Korea". At first I thought of it as a bad joke, but somehow I managed to get up from bed and check the news. Nope, she wasn't joking. North Korea did fire dozens of rounds and South repelled by firing around 80 rounds towards North shores. The tension escalated to this. In March, South Korean ship Cheonan was allegedly sunk by North (they never pleaded guilty in this, saying all evidences were fabricated), few days ago North informed about the nuclear facility with fully operational system. And what's more, North always says it's South that is bringing the peninsula to the brink of the war.
An american carrier left the base south of Tokyo and went to South Korea waters to conduct the exercises with Korean naval fleet. This move will enrage the North and probably irk China.
   I really do hope South can show some dose of political wisdom and hold up every aggresive move. Because if not, every conflict with hanging over the abyss North will end up with a total war. Meaning - nuclear war. The peninsula will be devastated. I hope it's another, more violent though (latest reports say about two civilians killed on the island) cry for help from impoverished North. I hope it will vanish with time. But still, as long as the dynasty of deranged people will rule any country, Peace and War will have their games all over.
And yes, I have to go with my sister in faith, Aili, those numbnuts fangirls worry about actors in the army. Damn you all people, when your country is in danger, nothing counts.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kim Namgil-nim: a tradition

   Yes, if a second time we can call a tradition, then OK. The second time I'm going off-line and the second time I bid my farewell with His pics. What can I do? I love the man? Actually "love" is not an appropriate verb here. Admire? Yes. Adore? Yes. Love? Well... I don't wake up close to this person, I don't put up with his eating habits, I don't see him after indigestion. So "love" is not suitable her. I love his work, screen presence, persona and character he displays and an enormous talent, but... I try to remain normal, you know. The price you pay for being sober too often and not indulge in fan-fantasy.
Fan-fantasy is not bad. I have it on a daily basis. But still, I know my place.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

JJY: interview

   Eemmm... because everything is better than research. Apparently. Drooling versus Research - 1:0.

Friday, November 19, 2010

8th Korea Film Awards

  And... yeah, Won Bin. Soon he will be charged I guess. Because he's taking "too much care" of little Kim Saeron. Geez, people are so dumb. She starred along him in Ahjusshi, but if it were her parents always with her on every gala, people would say they want to use their daughter's moment of fame. If it's Won Bin taking the responsibility for her, he's close to being called a paedophile. Note to self: never, ever, sit 2 meters to any kid, I may be seen as a pervert too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Secret Garden, some pictures^^

   Aaand I'm back to my normal self. That is: bitchin' about what needs to be taken apart or just haul somebody over the coals. It's not like I enjoy it. No, because my normal self like to writes paeans to somebody's glory. But if anyone thinks I will stop criticising (in the original meaning of it), better move to another kindergarten, because I won't. I can't write a poem for a crap though. I'm not as talented as Baudelaire who could write A Carcass (Une Charogne) to contrast an evening and some hideous corpse. Anyway, some random pics from the drama that saved my faith in Kdramas, after the mountain of rotting cliches that are called Marry Me, Mary. That's it. I said that. I think petitions to the Pope, Dalailama, and Asahara for my excommunication are on the way. *shrugs* couldn't care less.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last hope

   Hmm, I wanted to title this New Hope, but I don't believe in this myself, and I promised myself I will not be lying anyomore. Looks like the final trial against SM Entertainment is on the way and Girls Generation were asked to testify. To those not into the matter: hell, where have you been the past year?? As we all know DBSK disbanded because of what some boys/men called " a slave contract". And I have to second that. This WAS a slave contract. And now what? SM Ent. is doing everything to hamper the career of JYJ. I wouldn't be surprised if the visa thing was also their subterfuge. Because after reading that they (SM Ent.) contacted all biggest broadcasts in Korea to ask not to promote JYJ's activity is just... well, Mishil would probably be very proud.
Fine, not a big fan of their music, but still was interested in 1/5th of them back then, and now I can follow 1/3rd of them without any guilty feelings (ekhemm... don't ask), so naturally I'm susceptible to any news.
I don't believe the outcome of the trial will be of boys' favor. I want to be wrong, but... I have not that much hope.
And to make things worse, SHINee is also under SM Ent. Wonder how many years they will endure... Maybe SM gets some brains and gives a whole week (damn, a whole week!!) every year as a holiday to them?