Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Music again

   Buhwal. The name is an institution itself now. Formed in 1985 the group changed vocalists so many times, and perhaps the most famous out of them is Lee Seung Cheol.
Kim Tae-Won (guitar), Jung Dong-Ha (vocals), Um Soo-Han (keyboards), Seo Jae-Hyeok (bass), Chae Je-Min (drums).
Former vocalists:
Kim Jong-Seo (vocals, 1985), Lee Seung-Chul (vocals, 1985-88, 2002-03), Kim Jae-Ki (vocals, 1993-95), Kim Jae-Hee (vocals, 1995-97), Park Wan-Gyu (vocals, 1997-99).
Despite the fact that new one, Jung Dongha sings a bit in Japanese "singers" way, I can give it a go because he has a good voice. And is nice^^...
They were guests in the latest Kim Jeong-eun's Chocolate. First thing, I like this actress, second, this is a very good, yet low profile show. Not with that much hype as Music Bank, Music Core or Inkigayo, but still good. The other one that is as good as this and sometimes maybe better is Yun Dohyeon's Love Letter. Damn, I love YD's voice, and the band, so naturally I follow.
But this is not the only think I'd like to present, because I got more videos I managed to dug out. Haha! Mr. Hong Kwangho on The Musical Awards, June 7, 2010!! Fangirl time!
Chocolate from 2010-10-03:

The cut is available here to download. I don't care what you will do with the actual file, you can repost it anywhere you please, I'm not insane about the credits, but please, do not hotlink. I had to create another account on DivShare just because I run out of bandwidth.

Hong Kwangho and the whole crew along with "singing insanity" as they call him, hehe:

Host : Oh Manseok.
Singing Seasons of Love from the musical RENT as the opening song.
from the left, Shin Youngsook, Cha Jiyeon, Kim jintae, Lee Honey, Kim Suyong, Jung Sunah, Hong Kwangho, Kim Sohyun, Park Gunhyung (whoohoo^^), Song Yongjin,