Sunday, October 17, 2010

SKKS - Behind The Scenes part 2

   I remember saying that if I liked Playful Dead Fish Kiss, I would drink all 200 ml of the carrot juice. All carrot juices: rest assured! But it's good I didn't make the same bet on SKKS around August... My daimonion was watching over me... 
But then again, it would be with some benefit to my poor eyes. Still, it's not that bad as yesterday. Note to self: do not apply anti-wrinkle serum during day. It's made only for a nighttime, I guess.
Yes, I started to use those, so what?
I have to look all radiant and beautiful in 2012, kekeke...
Dignity, always dignity...
So, BTS in pictures, because I spammed D-A enough already.
Umm, and yes, mostly Seonjun focused, ahahahaa!!
But you know, seeing how cold it is, I'm really worried about their health. It was raining with the tent scene, and in ep. 15 there will be a plunge into the river. Brrr... Being an actor is a hard life...

But yes, I do not only BTS, regular pics as well:

pictures credits: 
various news sites (logo is on the pic),
the great Official Website (seriously, comparing to SBS this one is love^^),
the great and fast as the lightning SKKS DCGall community,