Monday, October 18, 2010

Hong Kwangho - Singing Insanity

  I almost drooled all over my keyboard. The only existing reason I didn't do that is my consciousness. I have a laptop, so pouring my saliva all over it would only destroy what I fight for... eemm, wrong quote. I gathered some videos, 11 to be exact, found in different places. Some are from different renditions, that is why the double titles. Or just the video/audio recording is better. Obsessed hoomin is not sad over too much of the videos, you know...
(Edit: somehow I can't embed more than 4 here, dammit!!).
And, what's even more important, I found the OST for Phantom of The Opera. It's amazing to actually make the audience like you even though you play the ultimate bastard. The movie from 2004 with Gerard Sparta Butler ruined all the magic this story had for me. I liked the sombre aura that clogged everyone in it. Movie was just a Hollywood story, without any other sublime allusions. Well, hell, there was a rape, anger, betrayal, vengeance. They made it into a love story...
When my internet stops from being such a crappy mess? SKKS is not here yet! Damn...
And yes, I drooled because of this man. He can look deadly handsome, creepy, ugly, freaking me out, but there is one trait that overshadows everything - enormous talent and stage presence.

I have this stupid habit that when I like someone, this person automatically beautifies in my eyes. If someone has talent - I can go to every length for it. I don't need to know anything apart from the next play/movie/drama. Ah... enough of the ramblings.
So yes, at least QSD did one good for me, apart from having me nervewrecked and frustrated towards the end. It introduced this gem of a talent into my little world.
And I introduce him to others^^...
A link to the folder with those 11 videos, pardon me they are not renamed, but I thought I did that, and now I don't see the change. But if you click on the particular file, the link will redirect you to the renamed file.
Yes, I'm stupid sometimes.
The link to the Phantom of The Opera OST 2009 (Korean cast):

The links to other musical albums (sadly without Hong Kwangho)
The Count of Monte Christo 2010
Jekyll & Hyde 
in progress^^...

And the videos:




the rest in progress...