Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday Ep 01

Why not a new tradition (however weird that sounds)? I will try to go down the memory lane every Thursday and present a handful of MVs from the yore and yonder. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Music

A handful of music gathered the last month.
Some of those are older though, I simply had no time to write a post.

Friday, April 22, 2016

"Fear The Walking Dead" - Resurrection of Nick

This will be somewhat a personal post. Those who know me, will probably know why.
There is a talk about the season 2 blurring the clear view of the apocalypse as it was seen through the eyes of three families and a shady mane name Strand. I find it somehow different. What's better than this setting? Not Los Angeles, a big city with places (where new zombies can roam, OK), but a boat? Surely, for fans of the gore elements, it won't work. What we get here is rather a slicing-and-dicing of relationships and families, already strained by the events. We get to see that stupid people are acting stupid regardless of the circumstances (read: Alicia in every-damn scene).
The first season of Fear The Walking Dead left the main characters (all of which deserve to perish, if you ask me) boarding the ship called Abigail. The second season picked upon the deck, and this way we got a very condensed soup of completely different characters, and worse, who felt estranged among themselves. There is no love lost among them. And I watched the first season not growing fond of any character; the first episode of the second season did not make anything different.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maxwell - Lake By The Ocean (single)

Rumor has it, this long-awaited album will be released this year. So, if nothing happens, 2016 will be a nice year, in terms of music releases. 
This little, cozy song proves that Maxwell still has what it takes, especially the lyrics. He was known because of it, after all.

Monday, April 11, 2016

[Review] Ash vs Evil Dead

From the same network that gave us Outlander, came this little gore-y wonder of the television series. This is not for the weak of hearts, this is not for people who feel nauseous at the mere sight of five liters of blood, severed heads and spilling intestines. Or hands growing eyes.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Upcoming series

For few past months, I really had no time to commit to a series and I'm not confident the next months will be any different. However, since the US series adopted a new format (or at least some of them), that is shorter seasons, there is few that I'm anticipating.
And in case anyone wonders why I don't post anything on Korean series - well, I'm waiting for something to watch and not question my poor taste every goddamn 5 minutes. I really wanted to watch Descendants of the Sun, because I'm easily sold on military stuff, but not even uniforms could keep me interested. It would be so much better if they just concentrated on the army presence in this fictional country, without silly and preposterous romance shit. Or just changed the script, like 100%.
I have nothing against romance, no, but make it a part of the plot and not the whole plot itself. Kdramas lately remind me of the idea of building the city on the scorched desert. Instead of building wells and pipes first, they start to build a huge super-high-technology-smart mall with brand stores. This is their love story they organize the entire plot around. Who cares if the city they built so quickly will forever remain a barren, ghost city?

Upcoming/returning series I am waiting for are listed below. So far, I gathered only those that start in the first half of 2016.