Sunday, June 29, 2014

Through June With Music

   Or whatever is left of June anyway. My persistent habit of writing random words into YouTube, and now spotify, has been always paying off with finding few really nice artists like Jordan Chan Siu Chun (Traditional Chinese: 陳小春) whose album was a pleasant surprise (oh well, year 2001 in Asian R'n'B was a good year). Or some progressive metal band...
Special thanks go to Viande, who linked Yong Junhyeong's mini album and I fell for it hopelessly. My neighbours are probably less grateful to you, hon^^

Video heavy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dominion - First Impression

   I had little trust in the series based on movie "Legion", but I said to myself: whatever, it can be different, the creators could just borrow one or two elements and make a nice series after all. If "Dominion" is a nice series, it's not visible yet. There were only two episodes so far (it airs on Thursdays), and with some series it's hard to say whether they are good or not, especially after 2 episodes. I will continue just for the sake of some research points I can see here.