Saturday, October 30, 2010

47th Daejong Awards

   As we all know a month ago So Jisub got the special one. On Friday, yesterday, the awards were handed. And as everyone predicted, Won Bin (yes, Aili!) got the award for the Most Popular Actor as well as for the Best Actor. Which is debatable considering Jeong Jaeyoung had also a nice movie this year... Let's fight!
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Winners are:
Best Movie Picture: Poetry
Director Award: Kang Woo-seok (Moss)
Actor Award: Won Bin (Ajusshi)
Actress Award: Yoon Jung-hee (Poetry)
Supporting Actor: Kim Hee-ra (Poetry), Song Sae-byuk (The Fixer)
Supporting Actress: Yoon Yeo-jung (Housemaid)
New Director: Jang Chul-soo (Bedevilled)
New Actor: Jung Woo (Wish)
New Actress: Lee Min-jung (Cyrano Dating Agency)
Planning: Kim Joon-jong (Barefoot Dreams)
Visual Effects: Jung Do-ahn (Ajusshi)
Music: Kim Joon-seok (Barefoot Dreams)
Sound Effects: Oh Se-jin, Kim Seok-won (Moss)
Hallyu Popularity Award: Choi Seung-hyun aka TOP (Into the Fire)
Popularity Award, Actor: Won Bin (Ajusshi)
Popularity Award, Actress: Lee Min-jung (Cyrano Dating Agency)
Special Foreign Film Award: Abdulhamid Juma
Special Award: Shin Young-kyun
Achievement Award - Choi Eun-Hee
Best Cinematography - Kim Sung-Bok - "Moss"
Best Editing - Kim Sung-Bum, Kim Jae-Bum - "The Man From Nowhere"
Best Music -  Kim Joon-Suk - "A Barefoot Dream"
Best Lighting - Oh Seung-Chul - "I Saw the Devil"
Best Art Design - Jo Sung-Won - "Moss"
Best Visual Effects - Jeong Do-An - "Ajusshi"
Best Costume Design - Jeong Kyung-Hee - "The Servant"

And links to download the whole ceremony:
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