Thursday, August 16, 2012


Have fun without me! I'll be back!
Hopefully with at least one post ready.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eh, Asia Asia...

   Yasukuni is not a typical shrine. Well, in terms of architecture - it's like every shinto shrine of the mixed, later type, nothing outstanding. But Yasukuni is now a symbol of Japanese neverending nationalism.
I'm having a ball these days, seriously. So much is happening I stopped reading comments just to focus on main story (or stories). We all know about the feud between Japan and Korea regarding tiny islands of Dokdo (yes, I'm using Korean name). In 1910, when Japan annexed Korea, those island, as part of Korean teritory were included into the Japanese Empire. All ended on August 15, 1945 (yes, today, it's not a coincidence, wait for the later part) when Japan surrendered and all land returned to Koreans. Somehow Japan started to think that Dokdo should belong to them. Don't ask me why. Following this logic, maybe Seoul and few other cities (ah, hell, half of peninsula!) should belong to Japan too? No, let's not stop here, give Shandong, Shanghai, Philippines, Burma to Japan too. Just because.

Monday, August 13, 2012

It's just airport. Korean way.

   The year 2012 is most certainly sponsored by letter "F". Like fandoms, freaks and few other words starting with "f" I'm not supposed to write in the first sentence.
After reading this article (well written for a change), I realized that blaming only fandoms or only managers is just stupid. We should also blame artists themselves for being idiots. Oh we know their managers are lazy and greedy, they care little about those idols yet care a lot about the revenue those are generating. It never occurred to them that with fandoms becoming more and more violent, idols need some devil's invention like bodyguards maybe? So that no one would go through to slap an idol or grab him by the head. It's an insane situation, yet it stands still because no one cares to do anything.

Kim Namgil

Just because of reasons.
Pictures below are from DC Gallery.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nice Guy Posters

Fall dramas... Goddamnit.
More official posters below, but Song is... Damn, I really hope he will become an awesome actor.
Taken from KBS twitter.

The 8th Jecheon Int'l Music & Film Festival

Picture from the official website

Launched in 2005, JIMFF is the largest music-themed film festival in Asia and it is gaining popularity among both filmgoers and music lovers alike. Last year, JIMFF introduced about 100 music films from all around the world and over 30 live concerts. This year, 2012, as we host the 8th edition of JIMFF, we strive to make it the leading music film festival which combines film and music in artistic depth and contributes to a new era of culture and art. 
(after: Official Website)
It's a nice way to get to know more music, movies and artists.
But be warned, the official poster for this year festival has butt-naked guy about to jump to the lake. So it's probably not for everyone.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

You have Answer to 1997?

   Let me say one thing first - I worship tvN and their dramas. I don't know how they do it, but they can bring freshness, originality, boldness and ideas main stations are shy of. I'm not saying other broadcasts don't try, but since tvN is a cable one - it has a lot more of freedom. And uses it wisely. Last year's I Need Romance's ending disappointed me, but one drama doesn't make the exception a rule. And the rule is - tvN can make series.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Friends and Foes

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   George Michael sang in Star People 97: "It's a dream with a nightmare stuck in the middle" and this one sentence perfectly describes the latest mess in Gaksital. I want to say it loud and clear - I don't like the love line there. I just don't. And it's not because I don't like love story in a drama/movie/book in general. I do like it. But a proper one, when I actually can see it. If I don't feel those knots you (or maybe just me) feel while looking at some love on screen, it means I don't care about characters, and I usually have no interest in drama either.
I don't feel "love" there between Kangto and Oh "Pansy" Mokdan. This is why it's this "nightmare" in the middle of an overall great series.
With few ladies we devised even a plot for her - self-sacrifice for her "wuuv", for her country and people. Just, please, disappear. In Capital Scandal we also had a main love interest of our own Seon Woowan (Kang Jihwan), but the girl was brave and had guts! Mokdan is just lukewarm, overcooked noodles.
Enough of this, back to politics...

Kpop haz it

Picture from here
   The first half of 2012 had its share of scandals and rumors and bad things that were going around (JYJ controversy), but second half of 2012 started with a bang. We all know K-entertainment is a place where even Rambo would have difficulties to survive, and every now and then we are bombarded with news related to this-and-this group or singer. Oh, 2012 is a good year.
Better people than me wrote about the latest T-drama, and since I don't even listen to them or follow them, I was watching the unfolding series from the sideways.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Sex in Korean Schools

   Actually it's about the education, but this title is more catchy and screams scandals, so forgive me the need for attention to this post. I'm putting this here because one user who mentioned this had Jonghyeon's pic as the icon, so you know... the shower now.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ju Jihun's update

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   I'm mostly off these days, and instead of getting my blood boiling with K-entertainment, I have my blood boiling because of Olympics. But still, I cannot let myself stay behind, so I'm reading here and there (between volleyball matches and weightlifting, ehem).