Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Movies

First, I read an interesting article on KBS Global (my morning dosage of website started) about the change in popularity of some movies. Because the trend that it is a star in it that attracts the audience seems to be waning. Now, the viewers became more picky and base their choices on plot rather than on the celebrity. Good sign, because sometimes movies with "big names" (ah, daemul comes to mind, hehe) are just flops. You can read the whole article here.
Two new movies with no certain release date however.
Rolling Home With A Bull:
Formerly known as "How to Travel with a Cow"
A bachelor poet lives in a remote area of Kang-won province. He goes to sell a cow but the price is too low. He gets a call from his former lover, who married his friend seven years ago. His friend has died, and she asks him to come to the funeral. He goes to the funeral with the cow. The man, the girl, and the cow leave on a journey.
(Hancinema )
And the trailer:

Standing Sleeping Tree:
It's just I couldn't find any info on this movie. The release date is not specified yet. Only the poster and the trailer. I guess it will be a small movie. Cathegorized as melodrama, romance. 
Directed by Song In-seon 
Song Chang-ee
Seo Ji-hye

Yeo Hyeon-soo

Joo Ah-min
Joo Hye-rin

Ban Seong-geol
Hehe, and this is a nice piece of news considering the main actor, now all of the mommies can boycott the movie! Cause he's no one else than Yang Taeseop from the infamous now drama Life Is Beautiful.