Thursday, January 31, 2013

On the drama table

   This year started in a bad way. I have never thought I could drop Park Shihu's drama. Alas, I did. Worse - I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about this. There's no going back, crawling and begging to give one more chance, I'm not like a clingy "girl/boyfriend-from-Miguk-suddenly-coming" just to ruin a budding romance. Nah-uh. I dropped that, which is weird considering I finished Miss You which puzzled, irritated and emotionally drained me.
Actually it's not that weird at all. I like to feel emotionally attached to characters. That's why I don't care about many things like (horrible) fashion or (hideous) haircuts. But when something happens to characters and I'm "oh damn, I forgot to buy eggs", I know there's probably some problem.

22nd Seoul Music Awards

You're really sick when you see one thing...
Seoul Music Awards. Self-explanatory. Although I'm not happy with all the choices, but it's a given I just HAVE to rant and miaoul and maul other artists in favor of my own.
Oh yes, I'm high on sugar so I may not make sense.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some K-rock to try out

   I didn't forget my roots (oh no, it's actually Modern Talking, scratch that), so in case anyone's wondering if K-rock exists in Korea, this handy post serves as the answer proving that yes, well it exists. Lots of the artists participated in YDH's Loveletter music show, but sadly it ceased to exist some years ago, right now some appear on YDH's MUST (no wonder, man is a rocker).

Thursday, January 24, 2013

William Wei 韋禮安

   There is his website here so you can read info (or not). He has also small page on wikipedia in English, just in case. As I mentioned in earlier post, I got to know this kid through "In Time With You" OST, which quickly climbed to be one of the nicest soundtracks I listened to, it kinda gave me "Coffee Prince" vibes with its mellow, nice melodies.
Today I put the album I'm writing this short post about on my "Want it NAO!!" list and most likely will roam YesAsia or other evil websites for that (hay sis, I know what I want for Birfday).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music report

   Since I like to share what I'm listening to, what I'm discovering in music, here comes another post about songs. Some of them are new, some of them not. Some of the songs I listen I love, yet some are left alone because I find them better than Teletubbies only. But I don't rave about them and don't listen to them.
There are some albums piling up (like Lydia's) that I have no time to listen properly, but once February starts, I will. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Im Seulong's transition?

One of my great friends likes 2AM, and since I like them too, and I rarely post anything about them (because of no scandals, no weird things etc. only good singing, what a borefest!), this time, Seulong and his slightly different attitude from usual idols.

Troll vs. Troll

   In case any of you thought I forgot mah baby just because I mentioned him only once today, no no. Kpop is full with weird or fun friendships (what can they do, they have no possibility to meet other people so...) but those two idiots erhmm... gentlemen erhmm...  guys troll each other in a way that amuses half of the fandom. The other half is annoyed by Jjong's very existence so it doesn't amuse them.

Friday, January 18, 2013

January music

   Those who stalk me here or there know I have some unhealthy obssession with (very) few voices. I need familiarity (is this a word?) when I'm working on something and I don't want to focus on new sounds and get song all over to hear second and third line and maybe chorus too.
And although it's only half of the month, I decided to write a bit on songs/albums that go through my "miracle machine of happiness" that is winamp (or WMP). Big shout-out to one speshul friend who sends me samples!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Want to re-marry hubby? Hell, naw!

   The Chosun Ilbo has a great article on the question asked: "would you marry again your present spouse?" And not surprising, many Korean women have second thoughts. Men, of course, are more satisfied with marriage. Well, understandable, since Asian men do nothing except for going to work and women act as slaves housewifes. I don't even want to imagine having kids and working for woman. Under the article on the page there are links to more articles exploring a bit this topic, so you may click if you want.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 in Music

   Some people say 2012 was a bad year in Kpop, others say it was better than 2011. I've seen better than both, but the problem doesn't lie in Kpop as the bubble, but in those who blow it. If big agencies don't change, Kpop as a total mayhem phenomenon won't change as well.
There were some good things in 2012 music and some bad things. Anything fresh and outstanding?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Annoyingly subjective kdrama post

from tumblr

The reason why I started watching dramas is simple and somewhat shallow. I run out of the movies with Namgil-nim, so I decided on giving dramas a chance. It was My Lovely Kim Sam-soon and probably I’d missed his appearance there if I wasn’t on hot red alert all the time, so yes, I managed to spot the man there. After that it just followed.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Music tracks of KiNG

   Kim Namgil-nim appeared on MBC Music show called "The Track". Below are screencaps from it I took in some weird state of elation. The whole show (23:09 in duration) is on DA already.
I like the concept of this show. They sit in some hall under the bridge having Han river under the glass floor (not for vertigo people) and talk about music etc. Namgil-nim was talking about his project as producer of Assembly and about the music he liked. Of course, as every normal crazy fan, I noted titles and put them below the cut.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kdrama in 2012

It’s time to summarize the year that already drowned under the waves of dark waters of the past. Year 2012 in dramaland. I will focus only on those that I finished, but I will mention those I watched few episodes and dropped because of this-or-that reason.
One more thing, dramas are listed chronologically, more or less, so just to avoid (see how clever I can be?) being biased and putting some drama as the first one.
First, I also include those who started airing in 2011 yet continued to 2012. I always have the same problem with late year series. I also watched few raw dramas that no one picked up to be subbed, yet I don't write them here, except for one.

2012 in Kpop

From here

   Last year I prepared my first post summing up the whole 2011 in broadly perceived Kpop funky land. This time - 2012 in a perspective of one rarely serious idiot fangirl, that is me. Like it's any different from any other post >.> 
What happened to Kpop Imaginarium this past year? Quite a lot, yet not everything on huge scale. And to calm down all shivering with antici...pation - "Oppa didn't mean it" is also here.
I didn't include all 6589 debuts of nugu groups and all comebacks because that would use up all my bandwidth (and next week).

Friday, January 04, 2013

"Double, double toil and trouble;

Manekineko wishes you all good year and invites you to cray cray world^^
 ... Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

   A post totally made for fun and with fun (or frustrations, whatever). While I'm slowly trudging through award shows (12 parts to dl and watch), I prepared this for all of you to have fun.
There are "prediction posts" everywhere, in K-entertainment too, so to entertain ourselves, let's make predictions for year 2013.
What are your predictions? Free your mind, and the rest will follow^^

First ramblings of the 2013^^

   Sometimes I like to go out and just sit in a park, café or other place, seemingly doing nothing meaningful or worthy of any mentioning. But that’s not true – I’m spying. My stupid face is a perfect cover-up, no one suspects anything. I observe, take notes, compare with older experiences and incorporate into my worldview frame. There are people who can’t spot a billboard sign half their flat on their way to work (hay sis^^), and some see new fruit on a bush. I like to observe and see differences. Maybe that’s why I don’t pay attention to street name, but I always remember what building there is, what surrounds it and the colors. People ask me sometimes about how to get to this-and-that street (cause I have city info sign on my head, yeah) and I usually ask: but what building you’re looking for? Well, nothing outstanding and not a special skill anyway, but sometimes people amuse me. Do I treat them like items at some exhibition? Sure. Do I feel remorse? None whatsoever.