Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ignorance is a bliss!!

   Just had to printscreen it. OK, here's the article:

And now my usual rant, because I have this unsettling feeling that I have to give a reason why I write about this fact and not about, ie. another meeting of divided families between North and South Korea.
We, who after some time found our way to Korean entertainment, usually feel like neglected children. We have to put up with idiotic websites that don't allow foreigners to subscribe (yes, you KNG Official Asia!!), we are dramas deprived, movies deprived, events deprived. All we know we owe to ourselves and our comrades in those hard times.
Yes, we are fans, but "shadow fans", they perhaps know about us, but they can't grasp us.

   And this is why we are overlooked in total account of fanbase. Oh, I forgot to mention, Western fans.
And now, another blow on the face.
Are you, people in America so stupid? People have other interests than your culture solely, you know? I bet it's hard to understand and confirm, but that's the truth. Is american music the only music on this freaking planet? Are your movies the only movies??
Your dramas suck (with few exceptions), your music sucks, your ethics suck. You can have Twilight for all I care, we have better movies on Korean side.

   My sister was once at one lecture. And the professor arbitrary said something along: "You know, in Chinese... but I bet no one of you know anything about Chinese language..."
I was studying then, or was shortly after graduation, can't remember. You know, I studied Chinese for 2 years, so my sister naturally knew all what she wanted to know about the language. But the idiot of professor assumed everyone sitting in front of him, was an imbecile.
This is this kind of ignorance I'm talking about. The headline of this "news" report is of the same cathegory.

   Even before my total plunge into Korean world I heard of DBSK, who didn't? It's the first band name you learned when you got into any given website. But then again, I'm into Asian stuff for soo damn long.
After that it was looking for another stuff. But DBSK and Rain (Bi) are the first.

So yes, maybe in some backwoods areas of Kentucky there are people that don't know who is the President of France, or where is the France actually, but don't assume everyone around is that stupid. People have other circles of interest than Justin Bieber and Aerosmith. People tend to look around, to search everywhere, to learn from many different sources.

And there is another story from my Uni days. One day we had our boring classes with this older teacher. He did everything except the right material, he had the habit of talking about his journey to Patagonia, and about his wife leaving him without a penny, his annoying kids and the taste of cicadas in Japan. One day he wanted to share his new wisdom he acquired via Planete: there are no snakes in Ireland! I bet you didn't know that, stupid gakusei!
I mean it's ok to share the news you just learned with everybody, but not with assuming you are talking to the idiots. There is always a probability you are talking to an expert. This is why I'm always super-cautious and when I deliver some news, I always add at the beginning: "But you probably know about it", because even if they don't, I don't impose my super-questionable-knowledge.

   To sum up, Yahoo made the biggest illiterate and idiot out of itself. But it also denied the existence of all those people who actually know what stands behind JYJ letters.
(with stress on the middle)