Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have fun!

   I want to wish everybody happy, peaceful and wonderful Christmas/Holidays, with your family, beloved and friends.
Some dorks are wishing you the same. Brace yourself for Yucheonnie^^

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oppa is safe??

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   So, Kim Jong Il is dead and girls all around the globe worry about... yes, you read that right, their oppas in the military! The son of late dictator is said to be far worse than his father, Japan braces itself, S. Korea, Australia and USA are iffy about political and military consequences.
Fangirls, on the other hand, have more serious problem. Oppa is in the military!!
Yeah, like they will be ever sent up front, if any.

Monday, December 19, 2011

So, people, What's Up!

   OK, after few busy days, hectic days ahead. I moved out (old flat owners being jerks, but it's normal here), and since I have warm (WARM!!) room, I restarted watching dramas. Two, actually. The Cutie Vampire Prosecutor and What's Up!. Since I rambled few times about how awesome vampire... I mean the show, show is, now I will spazz how awesome What's Up! drama is.
Basically - this drama can be enjoyed even by those who are not into Kdrama. Why? It's about music, and believe me, music knows no boundaries, no language barriers etc.
It's universal in it's portrayal of musicals.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ali's confession

Recent song by Ali has stirred up the public opinion, otherwise known as netizens.
She wrote a song about a rape victim, being herself one. And now she is forced to remove the song from album just because as the title she used the victim's name "Nayoung". 
There are many songs with people's names as titles, "Maria", "Susannah", "Johnny B Goode", "Billie Jean", "Frankie and Johnny", or infamous "Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus) mehehe, just to name the few out of dozens that come to my mind right now.
Maybe it was a bit risky to use it, especially in Korea, but I still can't fathom the fuss around it.
Very disturbing story follows, so enter on your own risk.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Award Winners

Something for Ara^^
She knows how to gutter me. This is paybaaaack!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kisses genres

Great, my screen is clean again^^ This is called "screen kiss".

   This is fun! I thought a kiss is just a kiss, but no, not in Korea. There are kisses and KISSES according to this article on HanCine. While reading this I suddenly realized that those categories are just lame and inadequate to variety of Kdrama kisses! "Foam kiss", "kimchi kiss"? Oh, pleeze, spread the word, good villagers, and let's create challenging (because Kdrama writers are sometimes" challenged" already) kiss categories!

Not for teenagers, mothers and all that element in society that feels uneasy seeing kisses. Imageheavy post.

YB again!

Certain someone here will be happy^^
Their title track I posted some time ago,  ㅋㅋㅋ...
Oh well, double post won't hurt anyone, mehehe.

IS 2 stars

This time, MV by Ali and song by Hong Kyung Min.
Have a nice listening^^

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kdrama musings

  With 2011 going to its inevitable end, here comes the time of different statistics, charts and summaries. I will do it as well, because it’s tempting, it is, but not right now, and since I re-submerged (is this even a word?) into Kpop crazy fandom and find it hilariously funny (if you don’t take it seriously, it’s Kpop after all), I will focus more on this than dramas. But dramas, don’t worry, won’t be orphaned at all. Oh no, too much happened in this particular world to let it be overlooked. And don't worry, I won't mention INFINITE (much), because it's boring to write all the same: "OMG, spazz spazz, flawfree, spazz spazz!". Even I get bored like that quickly.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Curses and courses

   I'm starting to believe in curses. Happy me lived her entire life shunning this and putting this into mythology pages. But it's real! It has to be real, because ever since August I had maybe 2 weeks of relatively good health. And now probably students who haven't learned kanji on time wished the classes were cancelled.
Oh well, there is a rational reason for that - my flat is too cold and too crappily built so accidents and sicknesses happen like that. But what's even more suspicious - ever since I started working here, I never was on a sick leave. Hmm... I bet it's Illiterati... I mean Illuminati's doing!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Monday, December 05, 2011

Love peace ebbryone

   JYJ Berlin concert interview with subs and Chunface. If you feel bad, or down, just look at that face and all your troubles disappear. 100% efficiency.
He should be prescribed... Hmmm... *naughty fantasies alert*
And since I'm in a fuzzy wuzzy mood (I finished an article in 48 hours, and I'm going to get dead drunk to celebrate that, my other article got published! yeah...) Big Dipper Christmas video.
I guess they decided to not to wait for Mayan end of the world and die from overworking.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Ju Jihun (and Hong Kwangho)

  Sorry, had double eyegasm, and have absolutely nothing of any sense to write. "'ve been double cast with Hong Gwang-ho this time, who nobody could win in terms of singing."

And this is how sanity leaves me, leeeaaaveees meeeee!! Nanana...

Some songs

   Since What's Up! finally arrived, maybe two videos. First - of course Lunatic by Daesung, and second - YB (some people will be happy they won an award lately at MAMA).
Before I put those here, one small clarification. I do like Dae's voice a lot. But in the video they used raw material, and it doesn't sound like mixed properly (there is a huge gap between how his voice sounds and how music sounds), and it looks like demo version. The audio alone is of better quality.
Second, if it's not any hoax, I'm shocked. I really am.
I do hope it's not a hoax and it's really Dae, cause I love this song.

Adopt me!

Uhm. OK, after crawling back from gutter, I'm there yet again...
Full resolution of pics, and some others that didn't interest me are here under that link.
The campaign is called Love Letter Campaign and targets the adoption of abandoned babies. Not that maternal instincts suddenly kicked in, but any reason to mention flawless being that is Park Shihu is a good reason.
Three more under the cut.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Winter is coming

   Sorry for lack of any activity here, but my invisibility will last until December 10th. On the day before, one conference takes place and I have loads to prepare.
But when I close and settle everything, I will troll and I will spam yet again! Kind of resurrection soon.
I'm also looking for a new flat with one condition I'm taking as the guidepost - warm. All I need is more than 15 degrees in the winter, and I don't find it too extravagant. The place I live now doesn't even deserve the rent fee, not to mention private owner fee.
When snow hits my city, I will post some pictures as well, hopefully my shoes will be fixed then, my DVD drive will be fixed then, and chain of my extremely bad luck this year will be broken then.

“Best of the Best”

Oh, I already now who will win, but anyway, doing what I can to rig the polls, mehehe.
The voting website is here.
Again, another poll on popularity more than being best, honestly.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Matricidal student had no one to turn to

Another article from JoongAngIlbo.
But Korea prefers to focus on banning dramas and shun real problems, right? Oh well, escapism is nice and cozy but leads to really "warm" times and broken glass.

Dancing Cat is dancing!

Article from JoongAngIlbo below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Prince of Asia is so generous!!

   OK, I have enough of alcohol in my blood right now, so whatever I write may be just taken as blabbering. JYJ young men and Jaejung alone had made the donations (they are probably the most charity obsessed people in showbusiness) beside ELLE editorial. And now what I read? That our beloved Queen... no, not yet, Prince of Asia donated to his Alma Mater. U jealous, Jang? In this article (beware, some photo there is) this honorable deed is mentioned as if he saved million kids in Africa from hunger (and no Twitter to brag about, ooh). Don't get me wrong, donation is a good thing, especially from people who have something to donate. But... This action is wrong on so many levels I had to drink another mug of mulled wine to clear things out.

JYJ donation for Thailand Flood Relief

JYJ worked with the World Vision in Thailand Emergency Relief for Flood Recovery group and donated 200 million won to help them with their fundraising goals.
This amount will be able to provide victims of the flood with emergency food and aid, mosquito nets, blankets, water purification systems, and other non-food materials such as information books and other items to help victims recover what they had lost.

PSH - uhm, my mind?

What is it anyway?
Click on your own risk
Yes, I can't sleep so I google all my men (and young men). Yes, I had an encounter today with a big frakking, beasty dog. I love this little ironies in life.

Monday, November 21, 2011

C-Jes Family Shares Happiness


One of the best 4.50 in my life lately. It sends so warm feelings, so nice as if you just sit by the fire and watch your hot chocolate steam.
The best moment? Derpy Jae dropping hot potato? Or Junsu's beautiful smile?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Song Junggi is a wolf boy

   Waiting for this project as well. His character's outline reminds me of "3-Iron" that is among my favorite Kmovies eva, and it's an achievement to play such part. And play it successfully.
Article below.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ranking singing abilities

Are your favorites here? Mine are, except for few, but I can forgive, they debuted last year. And cat is out of the bag. But Taemin being on that list and WuGyu duo not? That just makes me chuckle.
I agree on Junsu, he wins in every ranking and he wins because he earns it. No problem. But Taeyang? Pleeze, don't let me start (TOP should be here too).
I might be deaf, but Niel being higher than Key makes me uneasy. The same goes for Yoseob, just don't see what others see. And Yonghwa. That's all. And since when Kyuhyun is better than Wookie? (eh, Ryewook, forever ignored).
Plus, you know, I love Yucheon, but really?
Plus, as I read on boards, list may be fake, so I just disregard it.

Evil, evil everywhere!

Here, the ghost possession was captured on film. I wouldn't mind if he possessed me.
   It's too late to pack your bags and run. Chances are you are already under menacing influence of whatever group of "highly secretive society" that wants to take over the world. And yer souls too. And color pencils too! No, it's not a plot for another James Bond movie. It's the truest true, internetz says it. And internetz is all true. 
To tell the truth, I had no will or time to go through those hundreds of MVs I watched up to this point, be it Kpop, Krock, indie or OSTs. I just took few the most known ones.
And yes, THEY are everywhere. Our fate is sealed, there is no escape from evil elements in MVs.
Especially SMEnt.
And to those that don't visit this blog often - I mock a lot. I mop the floor with idiocy sometimes. So no, don't take this post seriously. This is my own Vigilant Ethlenn take on Kpop^^.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor leader

   It's my duty, I guess, to oppose every damn thread on few communities, and to state my opinion as well. Personal stories follow, so this may be uninteresting for some (and they are not THAT stories, we have msn for that).
It was reported that leader of INFINITE is afraid of dogs. And before anyone starts to suppress chuckles, think twice because I will get you. I do know what it means.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where's the fluff?

   What happened lately to Kdrama world? It may be me and my overreacting, but the happy fluffy dramas are shrinking. The last truly nice and leave-your-brain-and-enjoy series was... hmm, lemme see. Something like Coffee Prince, to enjoy good story, good acting and fabulous music? Since I was confined to not moving for past 2 weeks, I watched and caught up with all dramas I wanted, and while finishing Babyfaced Beauty (yes, I finished that finally), I had this strange feeling that fluffy dramas are somewhat in minority now.

Some music

I'm preparing my own dissecting of few MVs that I find threatening to our children, minds, hamsters and chives. Meanwhile, I found these nice MVs.
Ara, beware! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KPop takes over yer minds!

   That's true, when I want to remove everything from my mind, I watch SMEnt videos. They are just pure entertainment and have absolutely no meaning. What possible meaning "Ring Ding Dong" can have? Anyone? (apart from turning few nunas pedo, true, but that's goal, not meaning)
Turns out, I was wrong. You were wrong as well. Looks like we are under the menacious influence of Illuminati who want to control the world, refrigerators and gods-know-what else. They claim they have been here for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Well, if that's the case, the world conquer goes nowhere as fast as they probably planned.
I'm more likely to believe in White Walkers now than this.

MAMA voting

Like I even care since JYJ is banned, and this is basically popularity awards. The truth is - I care for my 7 Derps, and I wanted to vote, just like the last year, and the year before etc. The thing is I can't. There is a statement on MAMA voting page that each ID can vote once per day. And I'm reading on various fora that it's not only my case.
Mnet Asian Music Awards accused of vote fabrication
Accusations of a rigged voting system for the MAMA's "Best Newcomer Award" have been popping up on various websites. Netizens who participated in the voting allege that "it seems there is a system that automatically increases Huh Gak's votes by two or three every time you vote for another nominee".
Other comments left by netizens go along the line of, "Huh Gak gained popularity through Mnet's 'Super Star K2' and has a lot of mass appeal, so it's possible to conclude that those votes are legitimate. However most people wouldn't go [to the website] to vote everyday and besides, it's hard to understand how fandoms that are three times the size of his have recorded lesser votes."

A representative from Mnet responded to the ballooning allegations saying, "That is something that absolutely will not happen. It's nonsense. Does it make sense that the system is rigged? It is completely untrue. The voting system in place is very fair."

The MAMAs will be held on November 29th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7pm.

Source: Daily Sports & koreaboo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ban-ready dramas

Dear Commission for Pissing Off Normal Viewers!
I prepared the list (with help of some readers here) of dramas, that your board may take under the consideration of banning. And when you're on it, ban peppero sticks (phallic symbols), ice-creams (OMG!!), lollipops etc. and create the enforce law that would put everyone under zen meditation to get rid of all emotions. Oh noez, I forgot, it was already done. The movie was called Equilibrium, there was a drug  injection. You remember how it ended, dear Cosmic Bullshit Commision?

My Lovely Dino

Two derps, the left one is precious.

   Since writing is painful still, I just present a short video I found while getting out of my normal self with boredom. This time - Jonghyeon.
You know, all this talk about handsome, bla bla. I don't really care, he's mah baby and he's the puppy. He could look like hunchback from Notre Dame, and I would still stand by his side. Because I met this dino puppy by ears. Oh, the fact I have... uhm... not only ears fantasies... I mean... oh well.
This evil hair in RDD, yes, I blame this.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Europe Needs

Actress Jeong Ryeo-won and actor Park Si-hoo have been named promotional ambassadors to raise awareness of Korea.
The Korea Tourism Organization said, "We chose two stars with upstanding and sophisticated images to promote the charm and beauty of Korea". (source)

Oh yes, we here in Europe are in a serious need of Shihu. Uhm... the awareness, yes yes, this one. Uhm, whatever...
gyeolgug neon acha neon achahage doelgeol kkog acha

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Interview with Park Yuhwan

I love Park brothers, and if anything, I'll follow them to hell.
Interview with Yuhwan is below.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Another song

Since watching is all I am able to do now, I watch a lot. YT mostly and Big Dipper Concert. Shamelessly advertising what needs to be praised.
First song is the song Wuhyeon sang during Immortal Song 2.
I diedz...

Something to relax

   Nothing Asian. I just rewatched one movie I have special attachement to - State of Grace. And I thought of putting one small video of the actor I worship. I'm probably the only one person on this planet who has seen The Backwoods and other crap. And there is a lot of crap, I'm well aware of that. My friend bought me even a keyholder saying "Gary". Yup, I do have long-lasting affections for actors.

Oh and to all the single ladies: my msn died. Have no idea why.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Big Bang made baang! in Europe

I'll be frank - I voted every day and I'm not even a fan. I did that for Kpop.
I'm happy they won, it's like we are witnessing maybe some part of history? I don't know. Happy to see Daesung's smiling. That's all that is relevant. Because "Tonight" as a song is bad, Dae's part in it is good. Bias? Me? Neva.
TOP's outfit was just pure eyesore though.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Immortal Song 2 - report

I'm not in the shape to write, so let's keep it short. Wuhyeon thanked everyone for those 7 weeks and he expressed grattitude to seonbaes for the opportunity to learn. The show gets irrelevant again for me.
Performances below.
I will not write much this week.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Drama ban, next step - brain ban

   As promised, fairly moderate take on banning dramas, which I personally see as one of the most stupid moves people in Korea can take.

Chilling Romance

   Before I unleash hell, some nice posts. My dear friend Ori wrote about that movie some time ago, and I was just waiting for a trailer. Trailer is out, and boy, this looks fun.
I like Son Yejin, no, better - I really really like her. Lee Minki didn't make any impression on me with this drama of his (Really Really Love You), so I was going to watch this movie for our main heroine.
As you probably know, I have a weak spot for morons, derps and idiots of this kind. If this idiot screams like a girl while watching a horror movie - all the better. I have no idea what Lee Minki is in a real life, maybe he screams watching Ring too, but it's good to see that there are actors that actually have to ACT, and not just play themselves (ufufu, I'm taking on certain something again, ufufu).

Friday, November 04, 2011

Thousand Kisses on the black list

   Oh damn, sweet times of crusade, fighting, bashing and slashing are back! And I'm so thrilled! Over a year ago, I bashed the stupidity of people out there for their comments against LIB. Now, it looks even more fun! Few dramas are under fire. And, guess what, this rotten eonni/nuna loves better half of them.
Let me just come back from work...

War with Unethical Dramas

An article popped up on Hancine about such pure nonsense I can't even think for any logical opinion on it.
We know Korea is weird, but now it seems the country wants to turn into censorship based fascist system.
I will comment on it later today, so far I quote what I wrote on Hancine:
Add Life is Beautiful for putting all young people under the terrible danger of becoming gay by watching only (and we know it can happen!!), and now-airing Thousand Days' Promise for portraying people as they are!
New Gisaeng Story? Someone please enlighten me how on earth this drama was "unethical"?
Advertisers - maybe you want to check some difficult words in a dictionary beforehand, because you are not using those in the right context.
And TV broadcasts - let's make a pulp about unicorns (although a phallic symbol, so maybe no), pink ribbons (although bondage is close), carrots (although...). OMG, there is NOTHING we can make drama of!

I'm off watching some highly immoral, rotten and unethical Thousand Days' Promise, hoping for more mentioning of condoms, lust and orphans. Because those thing don't happen in reality only in deprived minds of writers, yes yes...

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Signs of Progress in Ongoing Lawsuits between JYJ’s side & Avex/SM

   What more can I say? Is this some kind of progress? I want to believe (and the whole fandom as well) that this is this progress we were all hoping for. Maybe after this, law will finally hit SMEnt?
I could write many thoughts I have now as for why SMEnt is looking for reconcillation, although this is absolutely impossible now. Fear. SMEnt knows that if law rules in favor of JYJ, they will have to pay for the damage and obstructing boys' lifes and activity. Maybe this would be possible two years ago, when the thought about splitting was just forming and the cracks were deepening, but not now. Maybe then SMEnt could sit and talk it through with those three young men. But we know SMEnt doesn't sit and talk.
I will be updating everyone on this matter still.

MV parodies

Anytime, baby^^

   This is not a good day, but have something to keep me distracted. Parodies. My lovely companion in spazzing over Kpop on D-A, that is Viande, posted links to some MV parodies. And I must admit, I laughed my lungs out. Fact, the person who made those uses highly specific meta-language, so for those who are not into Kpop this may be not funny at all.

Double standards in K-Entertainment

   It's been on my mind for a while, but was wondering whether I should bother and cause another stir. But since it's my evil nature, I decided I should. K-entertainment is full of double standards, and non-equal treatment. We got accustomed to it to the point of numbness. I guess we all remember the "Han Ye Seul gate", so to those who somehow slept through whole summer - short recapitulation. Shooting of the drama in usual korean circumstances - 2 hours of sleep per week, 4 meals per week but 100% efficiency. You may ask how actors do it? I have no idea, frankly. 
Harsh opinions follow, this is a fair warning.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Proceed on your own risk.
Update on the DBSK situation below.

Heavy nosebleed here. 

Namstar Interview

Oh well, because it's been a long time three days without any news related to the specific 7.
It's really worth it, dear readers, to sacrifice those 10 minutes and watch/read it. 

Oh netizens, netizens

   I really like this breed. They are bipolar, untamed and fearless behind their screens. Someone, please, conduct a research on this specific subclass of humans. I'll pay to attend your lecture and buy a book. Oh, did I use "sub-human". Yes, yes I did, and I can repeat it. They don't seem as fully developped, evolved human beings. Example? Once netizens stated that members of girl group Secret are fat (girls are not anorectic sticks), and another day, they praised them for "honey tighs". I think this classifies as encyclopedia entry on bipolar behavior, no?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cat attack

I just can't. My kyaa glands just exploded.
New trailer is out on Hancinema and I thought about putting it here as well. And since this was mentioned already in the previous post about this movie (read first comment), those poor, homeless kittens remind somewhat of JYJ. And that forever changed my perspective.

Some video

Because probably I'm running out of time, so I'm postin' like mad.
Starting from Chunnie. Frankly, I don't give a damn what he says, but the way he says that. It has english subs, I noticed after third rewatch, yes.

Tei is quiet lately and I don't like it. I need some.

Fans United!

I probably got this from my daily tumblr update (not that I have any).
I love you, whoever are on this pic. And yes, in your face SMEnt!!