Saturday, October 09, 2010

2010 Videos mix part 1

   I found this while browsing some website. I believe my headache had its roots in this particular video. Someone made it really good, and stated it's just part 1. So, we are waiting for part 2. Hopefully with Jongh... eww, the whole SHINee, ok.
And there is one tendency in MVs. Boy groups tend to have dark, gritty ones, and girl group have pastel, sickening sweet videos. I don't count Lollipop video of Big Bang, which is... oh dazzling!

Please, once again, do not hotlink, I provided the original download link so download it for yourself and repost. If you want, but it's quite a mind washing...
Hmm, the fact that I can distinguish around 80% of it, means I have to catch up, right?

The video hosting provider by blogger is of such mediocre quality... the actual video is much better.

2010 Part 1

But SHINee is featured in 2009 mix:
2009 Part 1
2009 Part 2

Thanks to original creator^^