Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn thoughts

   So it came to this, we've been called homophobic on DA. If anyone gives a damn, please read this blog. Please read my posts on D-A, not just random ones gathered from the past 2 weeks, in one thread, OK? Then, if you find anything, you can call me a homophobic person. If not, don't even appear in the same place as me. Orion (ah, my Queen of Thorns), came up with the nickname for JKS: Gaysha. I find it very, very descriptive and accurate. Those who don't like it are either overreacting or play sensitive to any offensive word toward gays. I mean, is this some kind of sacredness that you can't make a joke? No, you can. You can make jokes of everything, just keep the jokes on the appropriate level. Hell, I like religious jokes, really, and I'm not a fighting atheist or anything. A joke is a joke. If I watch any GTM and I don't like it, I have to swallow my disappointment and just say it was awesome because I may offend anyone?

   And one more time, judging the actors from their behavior is within our tiny realm of rights as the audience. I don't care about their personal lives, but I'm concerned about what kind of image they project. Do I have to take everything without hesitation just because 99% of society takes it? No. I will not.
And there are few other ladies around who are not afraid to say this. True, we are mostly from Europe, but this doesn't mean we can't understand the Asian culture, just don't start on this one, please. We are educated, we are unbiased, we are critical, we are devoted. Exactly in this order.
   So, who is Gaysha? See, in every movie that features gay characters, they are garish, sparkling creatures, apparently born to wear make-up and sequined dress. This is the stereotype and Rupert Everett won't change it that fast. There is nothing like this in Asian (I'm focusing on Korean) movies. But Asia has geisha (Japan this time, because nowadays, Japan is the centre of the Idol cult. And about the looks of such idols: just type in google search anyone from Johnnies). So it is just those two words combined. It is offensive? Not for gay people in my opinion. Not for geisha as well.
   Forgive me then my any harsh words toward immaculate JKS image. I may sound bitchy, hell, I know I'm a bitch, but I can't lie to myself. I did try to do it, but I failed. Seeing how he was faring throughout the last year, forgive me I have no high expectations toward his part in the drama. Some of the idols try hard to shed their idol status, and some just jump into it willingly and bask in the rays of the limelight.

But, if he can prove me wrong, I will be happy. Not a fan anyway, but happy. I'm a scientist, I need to be proved wrong from time to time in order to change the methodology.

But seriously, I see two girls here...