Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life Is Beautiful-gate part xx

The whole article mainly focuses on Hong Seokcheon's appearance in the latest Strong Heart, when he thanked the writer of the drama for putting such big effort in portraying a very complicated family relations. He also added that this drama gave courage to few people to ome out.


Actor Hong Seok-cheon appreciated writer Kim Su-hyun's work.
Hong Seok-cheon appeared in 'Bold Heart' on the 19th. Through this program, Hong Seok-cheon sent a special thanks to writer Kim Su-hyun, who wrote the drama "Life is Beautiful". Hong Seok-cheon is the star who made his coming-out 10 years ago.
Hong Seok-cheon said, “After Kim Su-hyun's "Life is Beautiful" went on air, a lot of things changed. I feel thankful to her.”
He added, “There was a boy who had many problems due to his sexual preference. After he watched "Life is Beautiful", he got the courage to talk to his parents and made his coming-out. Even though his father was a very strict man, he understood his son's preference, just like in the drama. 'Life is Beautiful gave a new life to one family, one person.”
On that day's 'Bold Heart', Hong Seok-cheon joked, “I understand that we can be disturbing to many of people, but we don't like all men. For example, Kang Ho-dong and I have same gender, but he is not my type.”
(via: hancinema of kors, but the original source is Nate of kors )
OK, I know you are absolutely right, but trust me, anti-gay fear turns the brain into mashed potatoes. For a straight people gays are perceived as people in constant heat. It makes no sense, but they see it through a distorted perspective. Distorted with fear against the unknown.