Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Is Beautiful-gate part ...

  This is the lady that created all this hell out there. The screenwriter, the beautiful mind, versatile tongue and imagination transcending the narrow and bordered horizons of others. This lady, Kim Suhyeon, wrote on 23rd that she felt as if SBS smashed her face with a wet rag. The reason? Oh, the reason is always the same, ever since few months: a couple. The scene in the episode that was aired was supposed to include Taeseob and Keongsu scene where they seal their confession in the church attending the wedding ceremony of Hoseob. Their scene was cut.
Apparently the people of the church on Jejudo where the scene was filmed filled the complains against showing the scene. Kim Suhyeon explained that she has no idea why and was enraged by the outcome.
But there is one funny fact. Actually the broadcast station wanted to air the episode the way it was written, but after such complaints, bosses changed their minds. I mean, are they really that soft? Complaints of some hypocrits against a huge base of approving voices? Where is the logic in it? Why did they yield? In fear of losing the viewers on Jejudo? Hell, everyone knows SBS is not my favorite station, but LIB was the last hope I had for them. I kind of admired them that despite all the flames of fury, idiotic Mothers Union ads and all, they can withstand all this.

Looks like not. They backed off.
SBS is very cautious in showing the interactions between Taeseob and Keongsu, that's true, but they managed to create a true gay couple that is not flamboyant or ridiculous. I will probably vote for this drama as the best drama this year on SBS website (oh, no love, no Bad Guy, sorry) but the whole halo around this is gathering a lot more attention pointed in the wrong direction. Many people started to watch this drama just because of the mentioned couple. Because of different reasons. For some it's tasting of something forbidden, for others is just watching it with skewed mind and criticizing. Some people watch it for pure pleasure of witnessing a really good drama. And for some, this subplot opened few doors in life.

Ara^^ pointed me here:
On dramabeans there is a translation of the cut scene:
The doors of a church open, and Kyung-soo and Tae-sub enter holding hands. Looking at each other… still holding hands, Tae-sub leads Kyung-soo inside…
Kyung-soo – [Looking at Tae-sub, he quietly follows]
Tae-sub – [Stopping, looking ahead] “…It’ll be okay [to go inside] even if I’m not religious, right?”
Kyung-soo – [Looking ahead with him] “I think so.”
Tae-sub – “I was envious of Ho-sub.”
Kyung-soo – [Looking at Tae-sub] …
Tae-sub – [Standing face to face, he holds out his hand wearing the ring]
Kyung-soo – [Takes the hand wearing the ring]
Tae-sub – [Two hands clasped] … [He looks at him]
Kyung-soo – [Looking back] …
Tae-sub – “…I… am praying.” [Looking ahead, with hands held]
Kyung-soo – “Try it out loud. If you don’t like it, I’ll redo it for you…”
Tae-sub – [Opening his eyes, looking forward] “Until the day we die…”
Kyung-soo – [Looking back]
Tae-sub – “Let us be forever… That’s my prayer.”
Kyung-soo – [Looking at him] “Then I won’t have to redo it… I feel the same way.”
Both – [They embrace quietly]
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