Friday, June 30, 2017

[First Impression] Fight My Way

I came here looking for fluff and fluff has been found, albeit with the bitter aftertaste. And this "first impression" is a downright lie - I watched all episodes available, that is 10. Or make it 12 right now.
The main story is not about some chaebol, for which I will be eternally grateful. Main characters struggle with money, own weaknesses and stupidity (yes, I'm looking at you, Juman!). There is something ringing very true in this drama - the pursuit of dreams and whatever the happiness is made of. But there is also something touching - friendship.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Throwback Thursday Part 37

On this day in 1613 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre burns down, so today's Throwback Thursday is to the fire. And you thought it would be to Shakespeare so I could fangirl over Mr. Sewell. Ahahaha!! I'm not that kind of girl! Except for Johnny Cash, no obvious choices like SHINee, Billy Joel, The Doors or BTS.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

[First Impression] Circle

I see a ship in the harbour. I can and shall obey
But if it wasn't for your misfortune, I'd be a heavenly person today
And I thought I was mistaken, and I thought I heard you speak
Tell me, how do I feel? Tell me now, how should I feel?
(New Order, Blue Monday)*

A good science fiction is a really difficult genre, both in literature and in moving pictures. It's not enough to mix few weird ideas, add blinking lights and Deus-ex-machina solutions. A good sci-fi has its own mythology, its own air, its own laws within which it operates. And after a recent slump in TV science-fiction, past few years are marked by the genre's revival (most notably 12 Monkeys, The Expanse and Stranger Things) with fresh approach and new ideas. And Korean TV wasn't that kind of a medium for sci-fi, so this is even more satisfying.
Sci-fi feeds on both fear and hope, those are two main motors of countless stories. And fear and hope are two rails of the same tracks carrying the train of characters' fates.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Z-Class Movies (Part 1)

It is safe to say that the first half of this year was pretty intense, when it comes to fighting giant snakes or battling a group of Tasmanian devils. And since I'm trying to keep every Friday as a Z-Class movie Friday, I decided to divide in two the list I planned to make in December like last year. Therefore, in 2017 there will be two lists, one now, at the end of June (because I will have troubles watching in August, so less movies), and another at the end of the year, rounding up all these awesome movies I have the pleasure to watch and live-tweet.
And since action in these movies starts around 15 seconds in, we're jumping into the list right away!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bookshelf Part 6

Yet another pack of books some people might find interesting enough to read. And some might question my - why yes - questionable taste.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Throwback Thursday Part 36

On this day in 1342 (according to Shire Reckoning) Bilbo Baggins returned to his home at Bag End, but today's Throwback Thursday is not to the Middle Earth. It is to the theme of travel, visiting places and so on.
Because, as the poet once said:
Let us wander where we will,
Something kindred greets us still;
Something seen on vale or hill
Falls familiar on the heart;
So, at scent or sound or sight,
Severed souls by day and night
Tremble with the same delight -
Tremble, half the world apart.
(R.L. Stevenson, Swallows Travel To and Fro)
Today's music is very world music.

[Movie Review] Pandora

Starting a movie or a drama with Kim Namgil is like opening a Pandora box indeed - you never know what horrible death awaits his character by the end. Probably his own fault because no one can surmount an enormous mountains of suffering and deep, soul tearing pain as beautifully and hauntingly as him.
Even here, in this uneven and a bit too long (2:16) movie, he managed to show a fracture of his talent, and his last moments have been haunting me for months now, so as a cathartic treatment, I decided to write a bit about this movie.
Plus, Namgil-nim speaking with saturi.
Spoilers ahead, because I don't give a damn about your soft shells hiding even softer flesh.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

[Review] Baekhee Has Returned

This is a 4-part drama that aired last year, and last month I stumbled upon it and then, completely spontaneously, I decided to give it a go. And despite the style of it being over-the-top comedy, this little series is pretty heavy from all the social issues it tackles.
The review is short, don't expect any in-depth analysis.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Throwback Thursday Part 35

On June 15th 1991, we witnessed the eruption of the Mount Pinatubo volcano (Philippines), the second-largest volcanic eruption on Earth in this century. Therefore, today's Throwback Thursday is to the year 1991. 
I also had songs about volcanoes in mind, but I was afraid that one pun-loving man on my t-list would have a field day.

Unwatchable - a short movie about rape as a warfare

I was on my "war movies" path to continue watching many of such on my list, but lately, and unexpectedly, I have seen probably one of the most horrific depictions of war.
The movie is called Unwatchable and it's about the conflict in Congo. And the very specific method of the warfare - which is rape.
This is a short video, around 22 minutes in total and consists of 3 parts: first one (the main movie is around 6 mins. long) introduces a white family in rural England destroyed by a group of soldiers, and the fragment asks: what if this would be happening here? Here being in the rich, sophisticated West. And then we have the narration of Masika Katsuva, a survivor of something unimaginable.
Warning: the movie is cruel and not for people of weak nerves.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Throwback Thursday Part 34

In 1989, albeit on the 6th of June (yesterday), there was a second that made the date: 01:23:45, 6/7/89. Therefore, today's Throwback Thursday presents songs titled as those numbers.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Throwback Thursday Part 33

Since today is Children's Day, today's Throwback Thursday is to the songs that have "child" in their title.