Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Movies - info and trailers

   While waiting for Ahjusshi, and Recipe, some other movies to look forward to, hopefully. Sometimes when I start a movie, I can't believe it is made by the same nation as dramas. Korean movies are the epitome of freedom, comparing to dramas. This is understandable since dramas are broadcasted on TV. TV shows are watched by everyone, you can't put a monitoring device on the box to check who sits in front of it. In cinemas is easier - when you're under certain age - you can't buy a ticket. TV... Well, this is the main source of all of our frustrations lately. Because no matter how beautiful the sensuality between the people is, when it comes to kisses, suddenly everything just flats like a balloon. Yes, there are some nice, hot, great kisses in dramas, but in overall- there is a shortage of actors who can do it. And one of them is in the military, dumbass! Not his fault, I know... We agreed on this, first kiss can be awkward, but for our hearts and butterflies sake - don't make Amishes out of thirtysomething people living in a highly developped country!
OK, rant is over, because I could go on and on.
First movie is:
Love, In Between
Directed by Jeong Yoon-soo
Cast:  Sin Eun-kyeong, Jeong Joon-ho, Sim I-yeong, Choi Jae-won, Lee Seon-jin, Kwon Seong-min
Release date : 2010/11/18
Formerly known as "Two Women" or "Freezing Rain" (얼음비)
A man who wants all love, a wife who approaches her husband's other woman, and a woman who wants to keep her love. A classy melodrama of these three people and their risky encounter
Apart from the story that seems to be intense or even over-intense, I like the poster here (not the one above). This ash-soaked violet color is both repulsive (it reminds me of the funeral accessories) and enticing (hedonism). I like how it "leaks out" from the sofa like a deluge from a broken dam.

And the trailer:

Directed: Song Jeong-woo-I
Cast: Kim Tae Woo, Park Seong Wook, Hwang Soo Joong, Kim San Ho
Release date : 2010/11/25
Something always happens when I meet him.
The guy that I wanted to kill was found as a 'corpse'.
Yeouido, where political world, media industry, and stock market are concentrated, is a work place for Section Chief Hwang Woo-jin. He is number one in the lay-off list in his stock company. What is worse, he is dying slowly because of his heavy debt and endless fights with his devoted wife. He even finds out that his trusted co-worker is trying to lay him off with the help from Woo-jin's boss. He dwells on his own misfortune to his friend Jeong-hoon, who will do anything to keep justice, 'I want to kill that bastard'. Surprisingly, Woo-jin's co-worker is found dead in next morning.
Chances that came with no notice to the guy who wants to survive. And…
Because of his co-worker's death, Woo-jin gets a second chance in his company and gets promoted but the surprising chance is not good for him. People who treated Woo-jin wrong are getting killed one by one and he becomes a suspect. He now trembles for fear from the supposition that Jeong-hoon is an actual killer…
Pictures and info: Hancinema