Thursday, March 29, 2012

Roots of everything is Korea

   Once I had a talk with... ekhem... a friend and we both disagreed on Western and Korean sense of humor. I said I can't sometimes get it. Today I got an email with only one link. 
I died laughing hysterically while watching those videos. Korean humor at its finest. No, not even a humor, the best trolling (except for Facebook Official, of kors).
Be prepared for something really, really hilarious. Koreans do know how to laugh at themselves, me seems.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The (Rooftop) Prince is here

Bow down, you wenches and peasants, before the Royal Derpness!
   I didn't want to write the obvious obviousness, because this drama already appeared on my side bar under "Watching" title, so... So far we have tons of whacky fun, but also a bit of exploring of human soul. It doesn't need to be Kafka-deep for me to be entertaining.

Monday, March 26, 2012

48th Baeksang Awards

   No, the ceremony will be held in April, but I started to stalk their website (link courtesy of KingKong Ent), and I came accross "popularity" part. Voting is from 3 parties: websites like Nate, Olleh, phone calls, and android app. Until April 23rd.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dummy Mommy

   This drama is my guilty pleasure. I started to watch this because of Shin Hyeonjun, and oh boy, he delivers! I've been always walking on a brink of war with SBS productions, but this year, it's the best broadcast so far from all main three. Salaryman, Rooftop and this one. Sadly, this drama doesn't get that much love, but maybe it will change when Kim Jeonghun will get more screentime, so that his fangirls will watch and swoon.
This is another drama that is based on a book, this time "Babo eomma" published in 2005. Maybe this is why it has a slightly different feel to it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

12 Men in a Drama

   I'm a bit snarky today. A lot happened this week, and in the end it left me both depressed and infuriated. To lighten my mood a bit, I started to watch 12 Men in a Year again, since there are subs already, and I'm not that self-conceited to say I don't need subs, because I'm so damn special I learned Korean while watching few dramas and through song lyrics. I need subs to get the jokes, just to name only one reason. D-A had couple of morons' invasions as well, no less destructive that Mongol invasion of Goryeo. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tei, again Tei

   I have few, unhealthy even, obsessions with voices, and Tei is one of them. I re-discovered his appearance on I'm a Singer from January, and last weekend was divided into this fabulous voice, some Jonghyeon (namely 7 Years of Love) and yea, some Kpop too (read: KRY's 1/3rd).
Not that the rest of my list was abandoned, but the repeat button was almost raeped.

Hero - antihero

   So I watched first, over 1.45 hour long episode of it and have one thing to say - I'm sold. Proper sci-fi series with visible OCN style and technique. Few minor flaws that don't undermine the overall quality of this drama. No, no drama, a series. 

Rooftop Prince update

   As we know, Yucheon returned to the set earlier than expected, and few new stills plus new teaser is out. Tumblr is already full of gifs from those. I guess, contrary to the beginning, this drama will have a special meaning to everyone, most of all, to the main man involved. But also normal, usual fans will be constantly aware of huge real-life drama behind it.
Anyway, let's hope it will be fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Military revolt in Goryeo

   The revolt resulted in shift in power from royal family tied closely to aristocratic families. Military officials (namely Choe) lasted for about a century and crumbled under Mongol invasion.
This is thought as the background for Mushin series, because the history layout in the first episodes may seem a little bit complicated. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

World Best of TV 2012

   Four shows in total made it to the finals from South Korea. Including - our all-time favorite Seonggyungwan Scandal^^

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yucheon and media

Boy has really no luck whatsoever when it comes to media.
In the late morning local time, the news spread like a wildfire about Park Yucheon's father's death. Fans were asking and pleading NOT to write to Yucheon's twitter, to not post anything so that he could find out from the family.
Turns out - media and some fans are brainless, idiotic hyenas.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blood and politics

   No, not JYJ right now, although the title can be misleading. It's a short presentation of two currently airing period dramas that I'm afraid to classify. Technically speaking, they're taeha. It's been a while since I watched any of this kind lately, King Geunchogo disappointed me heavily, and I couldn't get into Gwanggaeto. Pity, because they describe almost exactly the same time span - first Geunchogo conquered some land, then in 399 Gwanggaeto reclaimed it as Goguryeo land. Perfect, isn't? This is why I decided to finish Gyebaek, and after some time, I found I'm quite enjoying it (fangirling over ajusshi Jun Nomin, sorry).
But this time, Mushin and Queen Insu.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Rooftop prince is approaching

Article appeared on Asiae dissecting Rooftop Prince, basing on first teaser and press conference. I'm not any lofty holier-than-thou critic, I'm gonna watch this and I hope I'll enjoy this.

High Kick 3 - KB cameo

He made a cameo yesterday, playing heir of some department store, but... his character probably had ALL phobias of this world.

JYJ about recent situation

I'm not sure if it's they that should be apologizing right now. Oh, sorry for being famous and having to suffer because of sasaengs' mental problems. But well, in Korea they apologize for everything (having girlfriend ie.) so...
Good they did that though, and to all that stopped supporting JYJ basing on this issue - go to hell. And stay there.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

‘JYJ assault controversy’… The media and Sasaeng fans’s violence?

From JYJ3:
“Jaejoong oppa, you’re taking a photograph now, right?”
Sasaeng fans were persistent and swift. Without a doubt, ‘sasaeng fans’ caught up with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong during his interview with ‘Oh My Star’ last summer.
That day, two females in their early 20s waited at the door of the office anxiously and hired taxis to go after Kim Jaejoong’s car. In the end, it disrupted his schedule. We were certain that his face hardened for a while when he heard about the constant appearances of ‘sasaeng fans’ who were unconcerned about the interview held in the news organization.

K-pop singers and stalker fans

From JYJ3
MANILA, Philippines – Just days before they were to do a concert in Peru and Chile, members of boy band JYJ were swept into an issue involving the so-called “sasaeng,” stalker fans who follow Korean stars 24/7, harass them and invade their privacy.
News articles and audio files, which were reportedly recorded by sasaeng people back in 2009 when the three were still with boy band TVXQ, were uploaded on Korean websites alleging that two JYJ members cursed and hit these “fans” out of exasperation of being constantly stalked.

JYJ/TVXQ: Plagued By Sasaeng Fans

Translation of an article from JYJ3

After yesterday’s story about JYJ’s sasaeng fans became a hot topic, sympathy towards JYJ from the fans and public have been pouring in.
One fan even alerted Top News about pictures that have been taken over the years by Sasaeng fans.
Though media is to be unbiased and show all sides of a situation, unilateral attacks against JYJ were made by a “D media source” and aroused the anger of many fans.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Shit hath hiteth the faneth

   I was about to immerse myself in Unified Silla article, yet I went to tumblr. And the storm there, the storm...
First, I will present you a short story. There is a very famous guy. And there is another guy who is stalking him, well, not exactly stalking, sasaeng-ing him, meaning - he has double keys to famous guy house, he left blood notes, he has ID number, phone number etc. One day this guy comes to the famous guy house and get's slapped. No one cares - it's man to man, mano-a-mano blah blah. Another story - there is this girl, very famous, she has a stalker guy who breaks into her house, wears her underwear and lefts some 'personal fluids' on her bed. One day she comes back and the guy is waiting so she kicks him in the groins making sure he'll never be a father. Brave girl, right?
Now we have two things combined.
Update: just got that via twitter. Read.
Truth about JYJ stalkers 

Monday, March 05, 2012

A bad drama

   The worst drama-llama is always, always the one connected with real life. Taking a break from seonggol and jingol, I just have to vent my frustration. No, not The Diva, although second teaser is already out for Love (b)Rain. He annoys me to the point of numbness lately, so I don't even have the will to bash. I'm annoyed more with so-called critics and them self-proclamed writers (like me, kkk). Few years back when our gang of lovely ladies (and some bitches) met on D-A, it was a lively place, tons of posts everyday, cat-fights, laughter and tears, now only wind echoes in this deserted, god forsaken place... People moved elsewhere, and half of them started either blogs, lj communities, or other places no one cares. Ghosts of drama past are roaming around only.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Some music in March

I just got back and I'm on YT spree. I bet all those names sound already familiar to you, but since I have this strange urge to share what I fancy right now, the videos.
No Tei this time :(

Friday, March 02, 2012

Tiger JK educates Korea

But in English, so probably no1 currs. If this is going to be translated into Korean, I hope it will be printed and handed out to all kids in schools.

My Prince^^

   No, not Asia Prince, the dork prince. First teaser is out (yeah, I'm a bit behind any news), tons of pics are out too, but most of them are stalker ones, so I don't bother posting it. Go to JYJ3 if you want it.
Seriously, I'm waiting for this drama. Not only for Yucheon, but Lee Minho as well.
I hope this is gonna be good, cause my list of watching dramas is shrinking (it's the cold, probably).
Official Site is here. As much as I have the issues with SBS, it's the second (after Salaryman) drama that seems fresh.

Korean Music Awards 2012

Winners of Korean Music Awards. And you'd be surprised.
I guess indie is not as not-mainstream as it pretends to be. This is why I can't take them seriously.