Sunday, May 30, 2010

Korean new movies: trailers

First thing first: I posted trailer to Iggi somewhere else. That is why, although I would love to post it here again, I will not duplicate it.
This is Part 1.
Some movies were introduced to theatres in Korea, some will be.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


   Watch this movie. Seriously.
We see at the very beginning introduction to the situation of zainichi in Japan. The protagonist, Sugihara, is zainichi. Going to North Korean School in Japan, he decides one day to transfer to a Japanese high school. Of course his background is known, so we may suspect he will become the victim of ijime.
But there is one thing his oppressors don't know. Sugihara's father trained him in boxing since Sugihara was a kid. He sometimes uses this to beat his son senseless.
So, everyone who wants to pick up a fight with Sugihara, ends up in blood.
That's good, I like fights. Fights in self-defence are not violence. But to make things worse, he starts seeing a Japanese girl, Sakurai.
   First half of the movie is like a collage of sharp cuts, dynamic angles and montage. Then the story deepens. Not to the boring level, though. Isao Yukisada handles this very, very wisely. This crucial point is the moment of the death of Sugihara's friend from times in Korean school. To be honest, his only friend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late Spring thoughts

I was coming home from work on foot (I forgot my wallet and didn't have time to buy a monthly pass earlier, as I said, I'm dumb lately) around 9.30 pm, and I was walking along one of two biggest cemeteries in my city. Then I smelled this unusual smell. You may say all cemeteries smell alike. It's not the reek of cadavre, no, no, it's more like humid leaves after the rain. Something mixed with smoke from candles and feeble, almost undistinctive smell of the flowers. There are always trees at cemeteries. I have mixed feelings about it. One is a romantic feeling: picture someone sitting under the tree on a bench, in the shadow of a big breech or oak, staring at the grave of someone loved. The other reason is more practical: birds just give a sh*t about graves and solemnity.
Suddenly I felt strange. I'm not sure what feeling was in majority in it. It was rather a mixture of uncertainty, loss, relief, awe... I don't know...

Pictures of you^^

Because I'm slightly out of balance in sleep (too little), and in stress (too much).
That is why I waste my time sometimes to just wander around different websites and go for more videos and pictures. Because there are no news at the moment I'm unaware of.
I guess I have some receiver in the back of my neck, that triggers some impulses to my brain (is there any??), and I sit in front of my lappie and start searching for some news.
Lately (I'm retarded as I mentioned, ne?), "discovered" I can type name of JJY in Japanese and look on japanese websites (I am so unbelievable dumb...).
That is why I decided to place here some latest random images. Credits to different news websites.

Asian MV: light years ahead

Now, when I think of it, I have to admit one thing: I may not be a big fan of Asian pop music (which I am btw), but their MVs are simply beyond everyone's else. Example?
Luna Sea: Gravity. This was made in 2000! Some artists never achieved such visual perfection in 2010. Lady Gaga claims to be something different. Yes, she is, she's better in visual department than anyone else right now. Except for Asia (I mean Japan and Korea, I know nothing on other countries pop music, and I'm not gonna change it. Sue me!). She's good enough for America and Europe, but no big whoop in Asia, really.
The latest video from Big Bang (alright, I'm not a BIG fan of the boys, but I do admit: they have talent, good management, and one of the best MVs!) shows how to make a little movie within appr. 5 minutes. This is why I liked Lee Soo Young videos (with JJY^^) and Shin Ha Kyun. They were beautifuly shot and told us some stories. Twisted and sad ones, to be sure, but I remember them well even in the dead of night after few shots, hehe.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Japanese Cinema and History

Unfortunately people who write books on some peculiar topics think the world ended some time ago, because they are lazy. Yes, lazy. The same goes for some professors. They end up lecture on times 30 years ago because they are lazy. There is a good book in my mother tongue on Japanese history, but it ends on 1972. So, every teacher who has lecture on Japanese history, ends his/her own teaching on the Seventees. I'm sorry, but nothing happened between Okinawa-in-Japan-again and Yukio Hatoyama's victory? This sickens me. I want to be different. 
Actually one of the books I'm referring here on movies ends in Seventees. Like if there were no movies after all.
I know, it is called A 100 Years of Japan Cinema, but it's not the case.
No publications on dramas.
No publications on variety shows.
Because it is difficult. It's not repeating the words of others but actual, hard work to gather all data necassary, to understand it, to achieve some conclusion.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upcoming dramas: June

Sounds like Jun, ehehe, ekhem... I should probably start behaving my age. But what's the point? I'm having fun with myself as I am now. OK, I guess, I complicated something. Anyway, I don't wanna change my life as I have now. I watch dramas, I cry at the end of some of them (ah, Dae Gil, why did you break my heart ?), I listen to the music I want, I read what I want (and what I have to, just remind myself and repeat like mantra: "this is what I like, I like, I like"), I don't have to worry about anything more personal. And yet I have friends, who maybe not exactly understand my world, but I can talk with them for hours. 
Wait, what I wanted to say?
Ah, upcoming dramas:
Road Number 1: starts June 23
Bad Guy: starts May 26
If I had to say anything on dramas I expected for spring, seriously, Sunao ni narenakute disappointed me. After the first episode I knew it is like a clog. Every possible problem has been thrown into the cauldron.

Flood, foxes and Chuno

Yes, apparently those three words have nothing in common. But they do. I mentioned it's been raining, right? Update on this topic: actually I'm thinking of building my own arc. We have flood in the place I live. Classes cancelled, bridges closed, streets under water. And the rain - still coming from the lead-grey sky. With this kind of weather outside I managed to end an article on kitsune, japanese fox. Also, I started to watch (again) Chuno. To be honest, the first time I watched, I was just under such impression I couldn't collect my thoughts properly. But drama ended at the end of March, so after a month break, I decided to watch it properly. Not drooling over Jang Hyuk, no no... OK, maybe a little. But who would not? I mean... his smirk, yes his smirk and voice... Aishh, it started again.
OK, forgive me all OJH fans, but I don't like Tae Ha. Really. I don't.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This shirt... driving me crazy. I can't stop thinking about it. I have to shift my focus somewhere else, but how am I gonna do it? So I decided to share some good pictures. Oh hell, they are good!
I wonder why such men don't walk on the streets in my town?
Well, now it would be hard to walk, better to swim in some canoe. It's been raining third day in a row, some streets are already closed, the river and streams just afureteshimatta, nice raining season in the Spring.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's been raining...

...and during the times like this, my energy level is not-so-surprisingly low. Drinking red wine helps? Only if you don't overdo it. Damn... Yesterday I went to the cinema (yes, I go to the cinema) to watch Robin Hood with  my friend (thank you, Jina-sshi, it was so much needed^^). I'm not gonna say a word on it, because I'm helpless fan of both RC and RS. The movie itself was so-so, but RC as always the best.
OK. enough on this. This is not a place and time to write about any non-Asian stuff. I just want to share my thoughts on people's behavior inside the theatre.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


"G" like "Greedy me".
You know, I'm sick (yeah, cough!who have thought! cough!) and this is because I forgot to take my medicine some time ago, but I can't help it. The closer July, the more agitated I am. Article is not new, it's from January, so I mentioned around that time this movie. Well, partially because I've been writing this blog since January, so this is maybe the reason, but then again...
Who's the girl over here?? Jealousy just burning my incestines to the cinder. I just want to fly over there and say: I have my eyes only for you (hope Jun won't hear that^^), I have my ears only for you, I have my... uhmm... nevermind, I'm getting dizzy.
No, I know who's the girl. Some people just can't tell whether I'm joking or not and make a lot of fuss around.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Guns And Talks: Music Videos

Hmm... since I'm in this state, I will post this, don't mind some other boys wriggling.

JJY: a bunch of trailers

   Some are videos of good some of bad quality, but I just was hanging around watching Tamasaburou-san Sagi Musume dance and I felt the urgent need to watch even 30 seconds of JJY^^
I couldn't help it. I watched all what they had. In trailer department, that is.
But there was something hypnotic in Kabuki dance. I will write more on it soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Personal Taste - It tastes like hell

Well, only under that condition that hell can be classified as having  some taste. What happened to nice, well paced, full of good humor drama? Nothing, it got a twist which is called: an abnormal Jin Ho's mother. She's crazy. No, actually she's cuckoo. What's more sad, Jin Ho really loves her and cares for her, but now he's between love for his mother and love for Gae In. I hope he will choose the latter.
What a melodramatic and low turn for that supposedly stylish woman to feign fainting. Besides, she shouldn't have listen to In Hee, is she not aware In Hee is a real b*tchy B*ITCH? I have seen such a character a long time ago for the last time - where? Let me think, who was the last b*tch?

And I feel good with... obsession.
Why shouldn't I? Besides, that shirt, that shirt... crap. Now I have to focus on something else, right?
Why oh why it had to be this kind of shirt? Nice color, hell, great color, and the cut.
I'm not that much of a strong woman to resist and contract my imagination. And - to quote Han Solo - I can imagine quite a bit.
It's not like I don't fight this sudden urge to... uhm, OK, I don't fight it. I'm such a weak woman... I really, really need to watch Divine Weapon this month again. Or Going By The Book, or...
Here we go again...
By the way, I noticed someone on the left side of this picture. I wonder is there something wrong with me eyes? If so, oh, damn my eyes... this shirt again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JJY: more on Iggi

Finally, official website has been launched!
Picture on the left from:
VIP 시사회 (2010-05-03 ~ 2010-05-03)
You can also read Iggi (but unfortunately in Korean):

Ok, I can't think properly right now.
Here, you have 3 videos on Iggi:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jang Keun Suk: any news on Maybelline line?

I think I need to straighten things up. Jang Keun Suk is an idiot now.
I really, really liked him in HGD, Itaewon Case, and I loved him in Beethoven Virus. I had mixed feelings about him in YAB, but for the time being I called it craziness. Ever since YAB ended Sukkie seems to be possessed by some strange, disturbing demon of stupidity.
No, I'm not his enemy. I want to love him still and see how his career unfolds. But now, the only thing that unfolds is his make-up purse. Or clothes. Brr...
I'm not one of these crazy girls at some place else who scream in teenage pleasure while seeing guys like from BEAST, ZE:A, SS501, 2PM who wear heavy make up for the photoshoots and Music Shows. 
It's not that I don't like guys with make-up, but you need to remain guy, for the love of eye-shadow!
I've seen many, many guys who wore make-up either for photoshoot or for appearance on TV/movie. They all did it without getting overboard.
What Sukkie is doing now, simply irritates me.
And no, it has nothing in common with his latest preparations for the movie.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iggi: Press Conference - continuation

I'm not obsessed. I'm just very, very, very focused. 
So, the thing is, suddenly, there's been more than 7 pages on Chosun main website about this press conference, and I was able to get more pics. And video, for that matters^^
Yes, these pictures are different from those posted two days ago.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Some more in Iggi

Well, not much on Iggi, so on JJY^^
Hancinema was later than me in posting those posters, ha! What a feeling!
And this lovely picture on the left comes from a press conference on the movie. JJY said it was tiresome to wear a lot of make-up and characterization, and he probably grew old just because of that.
News Nate 2010-05-07
I'm in the middle of frantic searching for the video of this press conference.
And I'm able to dig up every news I can. My daily ritual to check every website twice. 
For those not sure about what I'm so excited since January:

Iggi (Moss):
Directed by Kang Woo-seok (강우석)
Screenplay by Jeong Ji-woo (정지우)
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: 2010-07-15 (?) -  South Korea
Movie remade from a popular internet cartoon. The story of the few people who live in a village, and a man who comes to the village for his father's funeral. He tries to figure out the mystery of his father's death, but the villagers watch his every move.

Personal Taste - I know how it tastes like^^

Episode 12 ended with a huge cliffhanger. I would like to sleep until Wednesday, because anticipation will most likely drain me.
It's not like this drama is perfect. It's not, it has many flaws, but they are in a rush, that is why I can forgive some (editing). Directing is kind of Ron Howard-like, I mean a bit heavy in some moments. But overall - I have such a great time watching it! Lee Min Ho is just perfect.
With lots of humour, this drama touches the topics that are not so funny at all. I mean, in every episode, "gay" Jin Ho is being insulted and treated as "half-man". This shows how a society really treats "personal preference". And one of the greatest characters in the drama - director Choi is a real gay, but hidden. It's not so easy to confess in a society that crushes everything that is ifferent. I'm under deep impression how his character was created and showed to us. It's all thanks to Ryu Seung Ryong, who is a great actor.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Castaway on The Moon: Award in Italy

  On May 1st ended Far East Film Festival in Udinese, Italy, and Castaway on the Moon was awarded. The main aim of the festival itself is to introduce Asian cinema to the European audience (they don't have to, I think^^).
General rating for Castaway... was 4.7 points, and the next Japanese movie Accidental Kidnapper was 4.34 points. Rating by the fan audience was 4.56 points.
In Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Awards in Estonia won the Audience Award, as well as at the Hawaii International Film Festival, the movie won an award for a film.
Just nice^^

JJY: teaser posters for Iggi

 I mean WOW. Teaser poster revealed is... well, teasing. I'm nervously jumping. July, July, July...
Plot looks interesting, and presence of JJY makes every movie worth watching.
I feel like some teenager.
And according to some sites (Chosun mostly), of course image of JJY was the biggest surprise. I was surprised as well.
No doubts, I read that some fans had their doubts about it, but I guess they don't appreciate JJY enough.
Oh, I got it. Me neither. I just worship him.

Jang Keun Suk: Did you hear that (my heart's breaking)?

Title of the song is on purpose. This pic is normal. I will put under the "read more" sign those that made few people feel aghast.
He's nice, he's cute, but lately...
On the other note: female lead for NNP was selected. Shooting will start in the second half of the year.
And this is what bugs me.

KNG interview

I just found it, and what not to love?

After allkoreangossip:
Q (reporter): Why do you always choose to act bad characters?
A (Kim Nam-Gil): There is a difference in depth. I do not feel attracted to a good character. After drama Queen Sun-Duk, I was considering two thriller genre movies. My new character in Bad Man is another bad character. I will differentiate my new character from my previous characters by my acting.

Q: Why is your new partner a married woman again?
A: At first, I thought ‘why married woman again?!” But I found good points about having a married woman as an acting partner. There is no worry about having a scandal.

Q: Would you keep having your mustache?
A: I am thinking about getting rid of it. I will get rid of it on episode 6 of Bad Man. There is a change of emotion on episode 6.

Q: What about bed scene?
A: I just try my best in acting it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

素直になれなくて : Sunao ni narenakute

As title may suggest, it's hard to be honest.
I was waiting for the drama, maybe not like crazy, but I wanted to see Eita again in something. Then, in some point anticipation became a spiral without safety line.
So I watched first and then second episode, and my excitement went pffffff. Like an old baloon.
Something clicked around middle of the first episode. I did what I have never done before: I checked the remaining time. Damn, I was in the middle of the episode and was already in the "I-Don't-Care" mood.
I didn't like the beginning, with Nakaji trying to barge through the door under which blood was flowing out. Oh, please, a pond of blood. Yet again. Exactly on that moment I knew they will make twist over a twist.
There is a joke on Twin Peaks that suits Sunao... as well.
Agent Dale Cooper is recording: "Elaine, I would have solved this case a long time ago if screenwriters didn't screw it up".

Sunday, May 02, 2010

JJY: movies

This is basicaly for those who have no idea who Jeong Jae Young is. Be damned to hell!
I've seen many videos uploaded on Veoh, so right now I'm going to easy your life and give links to it. Watch.
But first thing, you need to install Veoh player, it's very small and handy. You can also download videos with it.

Going By The Book


I was wondering lately why so many people try to publish something they wrote. In my country there is a bitter joke about it. It says: "We have 300 thousands of poets and twice as much writers". I think it comes from the certainty that everyone who can write a short message by phone or a memo is able to write a novel. And here we are, poor readers of such created monstrosity. Maybe I'm biased, OK, I AM biased, but for me, true literature ended with:
poetry: in 1891 - death of Rimbaud,
short story: in 1927 - death of Akutagawa,
novel: well, Ursula Le Guin is still alive, but she's one of maybe 5 people I admire.
These people were, or still are, the masters of the word. OK, maybe I am too much into the first two, but I love those troubled geniuses with all my heart and mind. I love every, even weak work of theirs. Whenever I read L'Eternite, Ophelie, or any short story by Akutagawa, I got goosebumps. The rhytm, melody, and composition are just perfect.
 If I experience this, over a hundred years after Rimbaud's death, over
 80 years after Akutagawa took his own life, that means it is eternal.
In contrary to most of modern writers.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Korean Culture

One nice monthly magazine. Called simply Korea. They changed the format a bit few months ago.
Available for free download on their website. It has articles on politics, culture, food, literature and so on. For those interested in Korean culture - a monthly must-read!

Japan Culture

There is some downloadable magazine published monthly by Asahi, called Highlight Japan, two editions: either Through Pictures, or Through Articles. Right now, I'd like to introduce nr 49.
One thing bothers me though. Many items, I mean articles, and the whole books are available on Korean official websites for free, and there are 2-page leaflets from Japanese websites that are charged. I would love to read something each month, but I won't pay an astronomical sum of money just for few pages. Like Aera, I really like it, OK, I have some paper issues, but I would like to see Aera in downloadable pdf. That wouldn't be so bad idea, right? Some people prefer paper versions. Hell, if I lived in Japan, I would buy it, not download.
Or there is some place like this, and I'm not aware of it.