Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : in danger?

   Apparently, KNG got another notice urging him to enlist. In March he was granted the extention for 3 months, but I don't think it will work this time, and if it does, some may say he's avoiding the military. And that's not true. He said in one interview, that he can't wait for it to start.
There is this "but". Whose butt? Anyway...
They filmed 11 episodes so far, and even if the rumor about the Episode nr 17 is true, still, it leaves 6 episodes in 2 weeks. That would be hard. And he is not in the top shape either.

Another useless death

Actor Park Yong ha was found dead in his own house. There may be many different reasons for that, the fact is one - a young (32) man is dead. According to various sources he suffered from insomnia for the last 14 years relying on sleeping pills. Also, after starting his own management company, due to another manager's mistake it went into a crisis.
This is not the firs, and not the last, I fear, death caused by an unbearable pressure.
Last year the death of Jang Ja Yun shocked everyone. After that, her letter was discovered in which she explained she was being used by her management, and even forced to have sex with some high-profile bosses. As she had no parents, and apparently no friends, she chose suicide as the only choice.
Korean entertainment is like hell. We may admire some actors, but if it comes to some young "idols" created to fulfill the needs of the younger audience, the pressure becomes too hard to cope with. If some "stars" have the back up from their families or friends, they have the possibility to release their stress, to just feel "normal" for some time, even short. But when they are under the control of a big Agency, they can do nothing. They are forced to sign the contracts that can be described as "slave" contracts (boys from DBSK said that once). I know, they wanted to be famous, one may say, so they should be prepared for the hardship. But it's not that simple as it may seems. Of course, they should know that being a star it's not only candies at the parties, but also a huge expectations and less strength to meet them.
That is why some numbnuts are popping around the Asia as a big bunny or glitter in the dark, but they don't think for themselves. And if they do, and it's all their own idea, they're just dumb, lets face it.
Another useless death. if only someone paid more attention. If only... there's always some stupid, useless "if only...".

Be born again in a peaceful world, Park Yong Ha.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : BTS and Ep 06 preview

Clubbox hates me. It hates me with all its might. Plus MU hates me as well.
I just have to be even more patient than I already am. Eventually, the interview I'm waiting for 3 days will come to me. And then... and then I'm dead for the next 24 hours. No, seriously, I can function despite my mind being occupied by 2 men. Strange. I never thought it is possible, but I developped it. 
Maybe I became a totally new specimen of hoomin? Maybe I... damn, too much movies, too much books lately.
I need to go back to my Korean, cause the last 3 months were a horrendous hiatus in my learning. Two more exams ahead (not mine, I just conduct them, hehe), and then... I'm terrified  from the slightest thought of the freedom I get since the middle of July.
I will finally have time to watch dramas, to watch movies properly and to write reviews. To read books I wanted to, but had no time... To listen to some new music. With the latter it may be small problem, cause I don't listen to everything.

Iggi: if anyone is not bored yet...

   That is why some actors have before their names: 탤런트 or タレント, and some just 미남 or 美男. Oh my, am I mocking Keunsuk again? No, I left him behind with all the idiocracy I can't stand anymore.
The article can be found here:

And talking about the other talent before the name?
We know who.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Upcoming New Movies

Korean that is. First, movies without set date, but from the closest ones to those set in the distant (?) future.

Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25 1950

The beginning of The Korean War. It is actually called The Forgotten War. No wonder, no one cares nowadays in the world. It's the same as in Japan. I was watching a documentary on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the reporters asked young people on the streets about the dates: August 6th and August 9th. No one knew.
It's sad, because the nation that forgets about its past, doesn't have a future.
Some horrendous conflicts or facts should never be forgotten. It all depends on us - to maintain the memory of the past and pass it.
This war should never be forgotten. As well as WW II, not only in Europe. I would like for us, Europeans to start thinking globally. Instead, Europeans are focused only on their own history, neglecting any other conflict, ignoring the scale of it, belittling it. As if the biggest battles were in Europe, as if the biggest losses were in Europe. The truth is - Europe is just a part of the world. Not its centre. The colonial thinking should be long over.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : new pictures

The special is on Jun 27. It's Sunday.
I hate SBS.
KNG didn't want to make new drama. It was his hidden daimonion to speak wisely. But eventually he did. And problems have been accumulating from the start.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Korean Culture - to read

I mentioned a long time ago some great website with lots of links that are free to download. I love Hanguk for it! Most of Japanese websites have paid pdf downloads.
Today, new ones, plus some (3) articles in pdf to download.
All are available in English, so don't worry.

KNG... again

Hmm... I just love the way he speaks...
But I find the tone of this narration somewhat disturbing.
I had no access to Korean version of it.

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : interview with actresses

I have two interviews, one will be here and one in onother post.
I mean, I do hope SBS won't hamper this anymore. Because, the way I see it, someone/something is messing things up.

Update after visiting SBS website: WTF?? They really issued a death warrant upon themselves. I'm gonna rip their guts through their a**es!!
So I've been waiting patiently for everything, and now I got this?? They're f*cking joking with us!
A special will be aired the next week. Does Korea play today or tomorrow? Am I mistaken?? Crrrrrap. I really hate the mess SBS produces, First: the premiere date. We all were living on the swing: May - August - May - August.
Who will play Tae Ra?
Why disturbing scene in episode 1??
OMFG... I'm just really tired of all this. Yeah, World Cup is a World Cup, I watch the games too, but for the world sake - this is Kim Nam Gil.
If it was up to me, I would tear the heaven apart and make him a cover, so why this stupid...
Oh, nevermind, I need to drink and calm myself.
I'm usually a peaceful person...

JJY: again...

    So? Any problems with that? As I said, when I can feel comfortable, I can unleash hell. Hell of admiration that is...
I'm on my way to translate that article on KNG. Or another I found some time ago, but had no time (apart from printing and repeating to myself: nappeun, nappeun yeoja!!).
I'm waiting for this movie as some kind of freak. But my friends judged this trailer as one hell of a upcoming movie.
Well, one of my remaining friends said I have a quite strange taste in actors. Hell, what? I know where you live, next time you will come to my town for some Japanese food, I'm gonna kill you!
I had strange bite, I admit, but now, everything's back to normal again.

Korean movies: part ??

I don't know, who cares anyway?
I will start with the movie The Sevant (I just missed it somehow, I don't know why).
And again - a period movie, mehehe.
"A Story of Bangja" is a comedy based on the popular South Korean folktale "Chung Hyang." The movie then twists the story around to ask what would happen if Lee Myong Ryong was unattractive, while his servant Bang Ja Jeon was attractive? During Lee Myong Ryong's courtship with Lady Chun Hyang both parties use their servants to communicate ...(AsianMediaWiki)
Seems pretty interesting, knowing the story of faithful Chunhyang^^

June? WTF?

   I know, Innolife decided to assassinate me quietly. Some upset fangirls send the fake info. And stupid me found this today.

タレントキ ム・ナムギルが、6月末入隊する予定だ。
最近キ ム・ナムギルは兵務庁から、3月15日全北・全州35師団新兵教育隊に入所するよう令状を受けた。 3月は、新しいドラマ『悪い男』の撮影のため、日本に滞在中の予定だ。
キム・ナ ムギルはひとまず入隊延期申込書を提出した。 キム・ナムギル側 は、4日「今までも何回か延期してきた。6月末以降に、入隊日がはっきりするだろう」と伝えた。『悪い男』でキム・ナムギルは 男性的であり、セクシーな“ゴヌク”役を演じて、善と悪が共存する魅力を披露する。権力の綱渡りをしながら自身の運命を変えていく男の野望と愛を描くドラ マだ。
The article is from March. But how come? They finished shooting the 10th episode. Aigoo...
I really do hope it's not true, since few days ago I read it will be Fall.
But... the sooner he enters, the sooner I get him!! Muahahahaa!!
Plus, I translated the article.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On this gloomy night...

... I took my brush and wrote: 美人薄命. And I don't even know why. Finally the time for my rest is approaching. The time when I just will be able to sleep a little more than 4 hours a day. I don't mind my days being hectic, but there's this strange feeling sometimes reaching for the throat. The happier I am, the harder the payback. That is why I'm trying too keep my balance. In everything. Life is not always bright and pink. No matter what TV says.
I just feel it's not right to bother everybody around with the fluctuating emotions. That is why keeping an even style is the best. Not much "Oh", not much "ehh".

Sunday, June 20, 2010

~Goodbye My Princess~

It was a fad. I had actually other word in mind, starting with "fa...", but I guess I could get banned for it.
I'm not interested in drag. Magic or just plain. I'm not interested in someone who pleases 14-yo crowds and is so proud of oneself.
Yes, Keunsuk, it's you. I liked you in Beethoven Virus, I was entertained by YAB (although you wasn't that good in it as an actor, lets face it), but now? I tried to stick to all the stupidity that surrounds your image lately. But I couldn't. This actually helped me to realize it wasn't even craze. I was in a mood. I was taken by the surge of popularity. I'm not alone in this though.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Section TV 2010-06-18

This episode actually killed me.
JJY and KNG in one episode. Too much for my poor heart...

나쁜 남자 new pictures from the set

Ah, what the hell, I will post some pics. From the upcoming episodes. They actually shot Eps 09 & 10. Aigoo...
Just too adorable to be true, ne?
Aigoo, the military is coming...
Now, when all the heat with QSD is slightly over, I think I can make a "coming out".

Kim Nam Gil interview

Quite new^^.
The whole interview is here:
Interview with KNG: 2010-06-16
But since I'm not that interested in Kim Jae Wook, I won't quote.
For those who are, just follow the link. Interview is in English.
The interview itself is from June 14.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Movie OST

Korean that is. I will try to post about the best drama OST, but in the future (near I hope).
What can I do? Miindo won again. But this movie is simply stunning, both visually and in the music department. 
And here I would like to repeat after another, Western this time, artist who sang: There are twenty years to go, best of all I hope... I hope as well. I hope I will be able to witness many spectacular movies, I will  be able to listen to many beautiful soundtracks and OSTs. But as for now, this is my TOP 10 (now 5, cause I got no time till tomorrow).
And as always, the list is totally personal, subjective, biased, short...
Don't read if you can't swallow other people's opinions.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random thoughts

I have to prepare myself for an exam next week (the History of South East Asia) as well as prepare an exam for others to write, hehe, instead I'm just watching some dramas, re-watching two others and writing here. I started to watch When It's At Night, with Kim Suna Ah, but I'm not sure if I manage to watch the entire 16 episodes. The story is nice, about national treasures, a womanizer, a tough woman... so it should be good. Plus, it's Kim Sun Ah, dammit! I liked her in She's on Duty, and I love to bits My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. This one is kinda average drama, but I judge it after the first episode. If I had to judge dramas after the first episode, I would have never watched You're Beautiful, or I would be very sceptical about currently airing Bad Guy. That is why it is my policy to give a drama the chance to prove I'm wrong. I like to be wrong in that matter. But I gave up on Sunao ni narenakute and... the hell with it!

G-Love: more info

Does anybody notice that G-Love makes actually glove? Maybe I found the secret meaning of this movie?? My... My genius scares even me. Ufufu...
The young actor's name is Kim Hye Seong.
It seems that only me discovered the true meaning of this "G", in this article still is the same explanation as half of the year ago: "great", "give". Mehehe.

Iggi new poster and release date

Can anyone buy me a ticket to Korea for a movie premiere? Pretty, pretty please... OK, I'm back to normal. I will endure. Here is a new poster for Iggi.
So we got a very exact date, July 15. I will get dead drunk on that day.
There is also more news on G-Love that was supposed to start shooting this month. When I saw another actor for it, I had my doubts: a boy? a girl?
What's wrong with all the latest boys in Asia? I will post it in separate entry for G-Love.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bandō Tamasaburō V

His full name: 五代目 坂東 玉三郎 Godaime Bandō Tamasaburō. Born in 1950, versatile kabuki actor. He is best known for his onnagata roles, but also plays lion and men's parts. I saw once Wistaria Musume, and I fell under the spell. I forgot he was onnagata. After it I saw everything I could find.
Tamasaburō has also appeared in a number of films and special dance performances such as BESETO in 2001, which celebrated the entertainment traditions of China, Korea, and Japan. In 1996, he collaborated with Yo-yo Ma and performed at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo, dancing dramatically to Johann Sebastian Bach's "Suite No. 5 for Unaccompanied Cello." He also performed alongside taiko drummers Kodo in 2006, as part of Kodo's 25th anniversary celebration. (wiki)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Public Enemy Returns

I'm very disturbed little girl, I know that.
I have always liked movies about gangsters, with fights, violence and not too much women in them. Public Enemy Returns is an ideal one for that point. To be well informed about the main protagonist, the police detective, I watched two first movies, but somehow, as for me, shallow girl, they didn't mean much. The third part is better.
The pace is a bit slow, it's maybe not too dynamic, but I don't mind. Sometimes it's not the tempo that counts.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nouryoku Shiken

We all know this year the exam will be different. What's the difference? 5 levels instead of 4, with N-3 as the most difficult. It is something between old 2 and 3. Hence here the difficulty lies.
For everyone who wants to prepare oneself for it, book for the old 3 kyuu. It will help, but you need to go through all of it very minutely.
Take alook here for more info on this new system:

New Korean Movies 2010 - second half

   Ahahahaa!!! Who would have guessed I will begin with this movie, hm?
Movie: Moss
Revised romanization: Iggi
Hangul: 이끼
Plot: A man (Park Hae-Il) enters a reclusive country village to attend his father's funeral. During his stay he investigates the death of his father and uncovers what appears to be a conspiracy. The man then confronts the village leader (Jeong Jae-Yeong). The secrets of the village then start to unravel ...(asianmediawiki)
 I really do hope I will be able to watch it as soon as possible, otherwise I will wither.
On the other note, I can't find the information about the "secret project" of Kim Nam Gil before he goes to the military this fall. But please, eat properly, don't let the same things happen again as in the last year, OK?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

JJY in EW Ep 1327

I officially died and went to heaven. But then I came back, and my evil plan of seizing either JJY or KNG is 10% complete. Muahahahaaaa, ekhee, ekhe! I was watching Entertainment Weekly Episode 1327 (they have a new host since few episodes back, guess who: Shin Hyun Joon!! He's great in in. But back to the story, I was watching and then I saw the face of Ahn Sung Gi, and I was like: WAIT A MINUTE... then I saw JJY. As always he was backing off to allow others to speak (better if he's the only one in the interview), my fangirling just took over and I was extremely happy.
I'm going to cut this and put it here, as well as pointing to the file.
That was unexpected...

Asian Fashion

Hm, don't get me wrong, I admire the boldness of Asian fashion (Japanese and Korean, I know nothing on Chinese one, sorry), but the latest trends especially in men's clothes just make me wonder: who are they designed for? And it seems everyone in Asia follows the same trend.
First, the lightest matter: pants above the ankle. Actually if a guy has long legs, it just looks good on them, but short people look shorter. At first I saw it in Personal taste. Every young character was wearing those. It started to grow on me, especially when I saw it on LMH's legs. Then I saw pictures from the press conference for Bad Guy, and I was like, Oh My Gods of Blood and Lust!  don't really care how KNG dresses. But I guess it was just one-time accident. He usually dresses with much taste (wait, few minutes for fangirling*_*). OK, I'm back to my senses.
Short pants are not the worst what can happen.
Tight pants are much, much worse, and from what I read in GQ Japan, this season, again, skinny men's pants... Brr... I believe I will see some guys sporting them this summer. As it was said once on Robert Plant's pants: "you could tell his religion" while he was wearing those. Exactly.
Apart from pants, shirts: tight shirts are OK under one condition - guy has to be lanky. We got this over.
The other kind of shirts: V-necks...

Monday, June 07, 2010

Korean MV: part 2

OK, some of them are not new, but since I'm waiting for a new episode of Bad Guy and can't focus on anything, I decided to update myself on Korean girls-bands and boy-bands. Ahahahaaa!! Ekhee, ekhee... Yup, I lost my mind. But I got such a nice brainwash watching this...
And one more thing, this is my first and last time posting anything with SS501 in it. I don't like them, they can't sing, they do not look "hot" in any aspect. But their new MV is so "hot" I had to post it.
Guyliner doesn't make a guy. It makes a guy-princess with a boy. But it makes a smoking hot man with a MAN (Jang Hyuk oppa, are you listening?). Strange, first time I used the word oppa like this. .

Sunday, June 06, 2010

My TOP 10 Period Movies

As stated this list is subjective, biased, and totally unreliable. Ever since I have liked period movies, you know, Three Musketeers, Dangerous Beauty, Ivanhoe, everything that was set before 1789 in Europe. So, naturally, I came to Asian ones. For now, Chinese are way too epic, too long, too...well, epic, as for my small taste. But I have nothing against long Korean ones. Especially with the filtre they use. I just love that all colors are so vibrant, so vivid. It depends of course on the movie, but the using of colors in Korean cinema is another topic. This also applies to the Japanese cinema as well (the random movie I can think about is Border Line, i.e.). I have nothing against the BW movies though. I will not include dramas, because there are only two that captured my head/heart* (* scratch what doesn't sound right): Chuno and Queen Seonduk, and those two are sageuk, taeha, historical dramas. And yes, I have nothing better to do today.

71: Into The Fire - 포화속으로

   War movies have appealing brutality. Especially good war movies. Judging from the trailer it looks like Into The Fire will be a good movie. Hopefully without much pathos. I know, every war movie requires some of it, there's no war history without it, but not too much. Let's not overdo it. This was what irritated me while watching May 18, it was in overall good movie, even Lee Jun Ki was watchable in it, but toward the end it suddenly started becoming sluggish and heavy. The story itself was a horrible truth, the escalation of the conflict well showed, but something was not right.
   One of the greatest new war movies is without doubt Welcome to Dongmakgol, but it's not that typical war movie. No battles, no canons to fire, no big words. Instead - small village, crazy girl and both South and North soldiers trapped in this peaceful, remote place. The one who survives the tragic mistake, an American soldier, brings typical American pathos to the film. But it's his face, sir! Nothing more can be done with a log of wood! There's Shin Ha Kyun (South) and Jeong Jae Young (North), and it's their attitude towards each other and the rest of the characters that counts. War is somewhere behind the hills. But war will approach this small hamlet. The sad thing is, no one will remember the sacrifice though. But I think this is the pivotal thought. Small sacrifices, without fanfares, are put into the oblivion with time. In the village no one cared about Nort-South conflict, they cared about their crops. Death of the soldiers is something as natural as changing of the seasons. But it's for them, for those stranded soldiers, that the last fight counted.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Korean MV

First thing first: some videos are just for pure entertainment. Especially visual. If you are looking in them some depth, please refrain, or your ears/eyes will be hurt. For anyone who likes just funny upbeat sounds, here we are.
But, the first video is from Bad Guy drama, so no funny, upbeat song. It's rather gloomy, but nice. Yes, I'm biased, KNG is in it, that is why, hehe.
Seriously, what's wrong with listening to a cheerful, average music? There's nothing better in giving me energy than a quick shot of mixture of Arashi, Big Bang and 2AM. Hell, I'm having fun, do not disturb.
When I want to listen to anything on a higher level, I listen to Bang Jung Seok, Deli Spice, W& Whale, or Yiruma. Sometimes all of these are on the same playlist. I'm ecclectic.
Or just some OST, like for Chuno. Keke.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jang Hyuk

   Because my every love (there is no such thing as one love, OK, maybe my One True Love would be JJY, but the rest is close) is entitled to have his own post.
Jang Hyuk, ever since Windstruck and Thank You. Then, suddenly, with January Chuno came along, and swept me down. Crushed me. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't focus, so even with my not-on-the-desired-level of Korean I was watching every episode, patiently waiting for the next episode. Two months' break since it ended, and I'm on the rollercoaster again. I'm watching it again. I'm crying again, yelling again, cursing, biting my nails, drooling, loving and hating. Whirlpool of emotions.
Yup, some things in this drama irritate me as hell, but the one, dark presence of Lee Dae Gil makes up everything.



     Fox in Europe serves as an example of shrewdness and cunning, nothing more can be stated on this animal except for that. On the other hand fox in Japan, and also in Korea, is an animal that can be located between worlds – the world of humans, and the otherworld. Fox (kitsune) can be just an animal, a prankster, shape-shifter as well as a mighty demon wrecking havoc in every country.
    Kitsune as a benevolent animal serves at the shrine of Inari. It is Inari’s messenger and protector of the holy ground. Those foxes are beyond any suspicion as they belong to the deity. Stone figures of kitsune stand in front of every Inari shrine in Japan, sometimes decorated with red scarf (red is the color of Inari). 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Kim Nam Gil

Just because he's going to the military. No special affect...
OK, I lied. It's been ever since No Regret hit my screen. I'm helpless. There's always 6-months testing period for all my "flames", if after that time I still can watch movie with someone, it means he's my One True Love (and then Second True Love, Third...). Some don't pass this test. Some just turn out to be as hollow as an empty nut.
But I love Kim Nam Gil for this:
Kim Nam-Gil has stated his role model for an actor is Jeong Jae-Yeong, whom Kim Nam-Gil worked with in "Public Enemy Returns" and also graduated from the same high school.(asianmediawiki, 2010-06-02).
How can't I? Plus, we share the same astrological (*cough*cough*) sign, and I have a weak spot for those people (welcome into my heart Kim Rae Won^^).
At least I found the courage to admit my love for others. For some reason I was very reluctant to do so, stupid as it sounds.
Finally, a "coming-out" moment. The heat with QSD is gone, so no one will point it.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Korean new movies: trailers part 2

As in the previous post, some of these movies had their premiere already, some not. The bad thing is, here in Europe w will get maybe 1% of them, 5% to the most. Let me see, the last year it was The Good, The Bad, The Weird and I guess it was all I can think about in this very moment. Some time back it was Bin Jip, Old Boy, Samaritan Girl, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. And Spring, hm... I guess maybe I forgot about some, but still little. It's the same with new Japanese movies. The last one was Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (??). It's better to show some European/American crap that poses as some sophisticated, elaborated and with such a depth, that even bad Witch in a Little Mermaid story would be afraid of it. Why no Good Doctor? Why no Mother (oh, I guess it was screening but maybe it was in my head). If I have to laugh on stupid comedy, I prefer it to be Asian. When I want to cry, I prefer it to be Asian. And when I want just an entertainment - I prefer it to be, yeah, yeah, we know from where. Hollywood forgot how to make a good entertainment. Even extremely shallow movies (which are good at some times in life, really), tend to have some "hidden meaning", some transcendent values on life. *bullsh*t!!*cough*. Why not to admit: Yes, this is just pure entertainment!