Friday, October 08, 2010

Petty Romance

   Don't care how petty it is, every movie with Lee The Voice Seongyun is worth watching. EVERY. There's something not right with today. I'm strangely aroused (perhaps because of JJY/KNG), but completely not in the mood for doing anything useful. That is why I'm on different websites laughing my a$$ off, drooling over some pics from Sungkyunkwan Scandal, drinking another mug of coffee (I can't quite feel my right hand, but it's normal, right? Oh, no, wait! It went numb!).
I just have this urge to ramble and write as much nonsense as possible.
I saw the fragments of this movie in Movie World (or was it I Love Movies? damn, my memory fails me sometimes) and I decided spontaneously, as I always do, that I will watch it. No, scratch that... that I have to watch it!
Lee Seongyun has a good year, a really good year. First, Pasta, then Oki's Movie, now Petty Romance. Ah, it's good to follow a solid actor... Speaking of which... I'm already psyched enough for The Murderer. Bring it on, Mr. Ha^^


Pictures and video credit: Hancinema