Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weird, weird K-Entertainment

   I thought nothing can surprise me after this time I spent immersed completely in Korean Entertainment. I've seen many things, good, bad and weird as well. But we learn till our last breath, and my Queen of Thorns posted one article that completely shattered my firm belief in the fact that I saw everything.
Allkpoop <-- read this on your own responsibility.
Indiana Jones was wrong saying: "I'm a scientist, nothing can surprise me". This would surprise even him.
So, the situation looks like this: there is a girl group, a rookie group that has yet to prove that is of some value on the music scene in Korea. Which may be hard considering that idols change there faster than the seasons of the year. And of course, as we know, all bands are bound by the rules of nearly slavery, so they appear here and there, making the appearance even at 3 am. And one of those girls said what she said. I mean, who gives a  crap? Omo, actually it sounded appropriately...

The situation is similar to the stripping. This is stripping, verbal and mental. It is showing off one's state of mind. No, I don't think it's an honesty. Honesty is when you talk about your take on Bono's showing off as a big charity asshole! Honesty is not when you say about shit. 
We had "breaking news" that some girl loves another girl's chicken stew. We had idiotic polls like: who has the best "glass skin", "child face", "great legs", "beautiful eyes"... Seriously, I'm not making them up right now. Not a poll on: who is the most talented? Who can remember the easiest physical formula for at least 1 hour? Who dances the best?
   The same day I read this article on So Jisub. I love the man. I admire the man. As an actor and as a human being. I don't need to know everything about him, and it seems like he himself is not willing to reveal everything. Another actor that says what public wants to hear, but keeps as much as possible to himself. So those two articles clashed suddenly so much that I decided to put them here.
This reminded me of another article I read few days ago. 
   Some months ago many Korean artists recorded a single that was to be sold for benefit of some organisation. I bashed the idea then. Around that time I wrote about Kim Namgil's activity as the charity volunteer. In January, He went to Indonesia devastated by the earthquake to help not by giving the autographs, but to carry the bags of food and re-build the houses. Maybe not for few months, but it doesn't matter. He gives substantial help to some organisations, he brings the awareness to some problems, he travels. I could write on and on. few days ago I read that members of JYJ gave 30 million Won for some Children Hospital (I guess) from the profit of their concert. This warmed me so much for them^^. Because this is much better than just recording a song and getting the money from the pocket of common fans.
I don't have that much money myself, but I sometimes give some when I see the need. Those who have more than me, should also be able to share. It's a normal, human responsibility.
This is why I'm against charity concerts, because it's not the artists that help, but normal people. And the glory goes for the Artists.

So we have singers that talk about their sh*ting customs, Artists that don't talk much about themselves, we have those who think they will save the world by making an appearance for a day in the recording studio and singing a crappy song, and those who actually do something more valuable and praiseworthy.
If you don't have anything normal to say, just shut up, I would say it to every aspiring and not only artist. If not, no one will take you seriously. If that happens, don't cry over it.
And yes, if you happen to dress like a disco ball on high, don't expect normal, solid fans will ever appreciate you.

Amazing all this can happen within the same sphere called Korean Entertainment.